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Kitty Mirror and Shelf for Sophia

Little Sophia LOVES kitties! So, when I saw this shelf with the white kitty on it, I knew I had to get it and paint it to coordinate with Sophie’s floral room. Sophie’s Daddy had gotten a good luck Asian cat bank to give her on her first birthday. So, I painted the kitty on the shelf to resemble her special kitty bank from her father.  The flowers are handpainted to coordinate with Sophia’s bedding in her room, with bright pinks, oranges, and lots of greens.

Happy 1st Birthday little Sophia!

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Dollhouse/Bookcase for Hadley

This dollhouse/bookcase for Hadley was so much fun to paint! The top left bedroom is a replica of her actual nursery-I also included the dollhouse! Several of the rooms have paintings from classic children’s story books-can you find them? From Little Red Riding Hood, the Princess and the Pea, Where the Wild Things Are, and many others! What fun it was to create each room and add the little nick knacks. Hadley’s room theme is pinks and greens with little birdies, you can see those themes repeated throughout the entire doll house. The chandelier in the bathroom even has little birdies on it! Look out the hand painted windows and the canvas wall art in the house-do you spy any birds? Squirrels? Don’t forget to check out the address (plus 1/2), too!

I can imagine the fun baby Hadley will have exploring this dollhouse as she grows!

Check out the replica of baby Hadley’s actual room-from her hand made wooden tree playset, birdie on a branch shelving, custom birth canvas, to her sweet birdie mobile, and lots more! Click on this link to view her custom items, then click on the one that you want to view!

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Mommy and baby bird shelf for Hadley

This little shelf was made especially for baby Hadley to coordinate with her beautiful Serena and Lily Lola Baby Bedding! The shelving is approximately 24 inches in width, 7 inches in depth, and about 6 inches apart in height. The front of the shelving has two tree branches offsetting each other with a flowers on the branches and extra flowers sitting on top of them to add more depth. The top branch has a mommy bird looking down at a baby bird in her nest on the lower branch. The birds and flowers were hand painted to coordinate with the colors and theme of Hadley’s bedding. The shelves are painted a soft “shell” to match Hadley’s wall color. Check out baby Hadley’s Bird Mobile, Custom canvas, and other coordinating  items too!

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Tree at Gifted Hands

Thank you so much to Shelley at Gifted Hands for this great opportunity! I LOVED being able to create this one of a kind tree shelving! And being able to display my own items on the tree was the icing on the cake! Shelley has dubbed the upstairs of her shop “The Treehouse” in honor of my creation, and it certainly fits. Right now the tree is in Fall Mode, sporting hand made leaves out of recycled paper grocery bags. I intend to continue the seasonal theme throughout the year, so be sure to stop by Gifted Hands in Wexford, PA to see it for yourself!

The tree was designed, hand crafted and hand painted especially for the Gifted Hands shop. I love that the shop specializes in many local artisan gifts! It is truly unique and a great spot to find a fun gift for someone special!

I was also able to put my Octopus Shelving to good use in Shelley’s shop! My littlest guy is ready for a football room now….Hmmmm…..I’ve still got to figure that one out!

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Tree Bookcase/toy holder

This tree has lots of “hidden” shelves for books, toys, stuffed animals, whatever little Sam wants to put in it! It also has a “burrow hole” at the base of the trunk for a bunnny-or in this case Pooh Bear, and another hole midway up the trunk-where there’s an owl peeking out! Some of the shelves are parallel to the floor, others are slightly skewed with edging at the end to help stack all of those board books of miscellaneous sizes. There are also several “cuphooks” to hang fun things from the branches-like the birdhouse! This tree was sketched by hand, cut, sanded and hand painted just for little Sam. The tree is painted varying shades of brown with some ivory and light moss greens to emulate moss growing on the branches, there are even a few “broken limb” spots. I’m sure Sam will have lots of fun playing with his animals in his tree in his nature inspired bedroom! When choosing a weighted blanket for your kid, find a snug size that’s around 10 percent of their bodies weight. amazon weighted blanket may help adults and children with sensory processing disorder feel calmer and more relaxed. For your own custom children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Claudia’s Pet Shop Palace!

This “Pet Shop Palace” was made for all of Claudia’s Littlest Pet Shop creatures.  The shelving was all handcrafted and hand painted especially for Claudia! There’s a balcony especially for Niku-the littlest hamster who has been with Claudia ever since she was a baby-he even has his own sign “Niku’s Pad”. The Palace is set up as a shelving system with two opening doors attached to the front middle made in the shape of a house. The house doors have six larger windows (two with flower pots and flowers), four circular windows and two mini doors that open at the bottom. There is a fireplace set up with a couch on the left, two additional mantles  or mini shelving, three additional mini shelves (one with a magnetic strip to attach more pet shop guys!), and a magnetic flower on the bottom right. The palace is enhanced with artwork depicting several different scenes to go with all of the different types of Pet Shop animals that Claudia has. Open the large house doors to see an aquarium on the top level (with a mini shelf to place a fish or other sea creature), the next level down sports scatter flat ferns and the flat trees as seen in Africa for Claudia’s safari animals, and the next level down is a desert scene also with a mini shelf to perch a lizard getting warmed up in the sun! On the bottom right of the palace is a flower garden with a magnetic flower to attach a butterfly or ladybug pet shop pet to. Notice when the large doors are opened the additional wooden pieces on the left and right- these were made to perch pet shop creatures on and actually hang them from, Claudia’s name is “hidden” in the swirly designs painted on them. A sign with “Claudia’s Pet Shop Palace” and the address of her palace is hung from the shelving from cathedral chains.  This project isn’t quite yet completed-check back again for more details! For your own custom children’s creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Cole’s Guitar Shelving

This two guitar shelving has a replica of Cole’s first electric guitar and a modified replica(Cole wanted his in greens) of Jimmi Hendrix’s Psychadelic Flying V guitar. Cole picked out which guitars he wanted and mom cut, sanded, primed and painted the whole thing! The guitars are mounted on the front of the shelving to allow Cole to hide a few things from the general population (mainly his two little brothers!), and plenty of exposed shelving to show off all of his fun guy things (did you catch the mold of his teeth from the Orthodontist?!). I’ve been promising this one for quite a while, so Iknow Cole is thrilled to finally have it up! For your own custom made children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com ! (Cole has informed me that his “teeth” are behind the green guitar!)

TJ’s Guitar Wall Shelf

Made to match TJ’s new electric guitar, this shelf will hold (and hide) lots of fun stuff! The shelf is made to hang horizontally with the main body of the guitar on the right side. The shelf  is 7 inches in depth, the perfect size for all of those books TJ is reading! This handcrafted, handpainted guitar is actually the mirror image of TJ’s original. Happy Birthday TJ!

Octopus Shelf

Leonard and his octopus shelf! Leonard and his Octopus shelf!

I made this shelf to go with Leonard’s ocean themed room. He has the smallest bedroom so I wanted him to have some extra storage for books and toys that didn’t take up too much space. The Octopus has little round mirrors for  “suckers”  and hooks to hang toys on the arms as well as underneath. The shelf was made with the Octopus in front to allow Leonard to reach into the Octopus to put things in and take them out.  It adds fun and allows you to hide things!

Spiderman City/Bookcase/Desk

Well, here it is! A desk/bookcase/toy holder for the action figure lovers in our household. Made especially for Spiderman (note the Daily Bugle), but Batman, the Hulk, Power Rangers and lots of other Super Heroes and/or Villians have enjoyed jumping from building to building already. There are several holes cut out for action figure get aways, as well as several windows, a door and a parking garage opening. These allow for maximum play time! The cubby doors all have magnetic closures to (hopefully) keep some of those action figures put away. The buildings include a “Coffey House” and a UPS store. Check out the buildings to see who may be getting ready to cause some trouble! I carefully cut out some stickers (Black Cat, The Vulture, Sandman and a Spiderman) and attached them to various parts of the building. The figures were then sealed using an acrylic matte finish. For your own custom Coffeycreationsforkids e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !