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Rams Football Canvas

This personalized canvas shows off my football player’s number, team, position, and year that he played. Of course, don’t forget the RAM himself! This canvas can be personalized for your own football player-just contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com .

Pink and Brown-Elephants?!

Look at baby Emerson in her personalized bib (and in her Bumbo chair no less!)! She is just too darn cute! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with me, Neely! I love to see little Emerson in her Coffey Creation!

This baby gift set includes three hand made personalized baby bibs, a coordinating box, notecard and original canvas.

The canvas was done to match baby Emerson’s pink and brown bedding from Restoration Hardware. Baby Emerson has a soft pink and brown elephant mobile in her crib and that’s what inspired this canvas! In the canvas a mommy and baby elephant are holding trunks as they are give each other a flower. The elephants stand on a field of flowers that has the baby’s birth information “hidden” in it. The canvas is done in rich browns and many shades of pink to coordinate with the baby’s room.

Three bibs are done in stripes, dots, and a soft pink and all have personalized hand embroidered stitching. These fabrics were picked to coordinate with the baby’s bedding and room colors also. The multi colored dotted bib has “Emerson” hand embroidered in a wrapped back stitch, the striped fabric has the letter “E” done in a multitude of french knots, and the soft pink bib has baby Emerson’s monogram done in a stem stitch.

The coordinating box makes use of soft pink and brown card stock with hand embroidered  dark brown french knots on the warm pink card stock for added flair. The fun font (Gigi on MS Word) shows off Emerson’s full name on the keepsake box.

Emerson’s monogrammed personalized note card is done with a soft pink satin ribbon wrapped in a stripey effect on dark brown card stock. Emerson’s monogram is done in a warm brown and set on start white card stock in the card’s center.

The fun thing about all of these baby items is that they are useful (fancy bibs-can’t the bib be just as sweet as the dress?!), and can serve more than one purpose (the box makes a beautiful gift presentation and then can be displayed in the baby’s room and used to keep all those precious little keepsakes in!), and the card with the givers best wishes presents another wall art opportunity (or scrapbook addition!). The fact that the baby’s birth information is slightly “hidden” allows for the growth of the baby into a child who will still love that she has personalized artwork with her name on it-but doesn’t feel that it’s too “babyish” because the baby information is not too obvious.

For your own custom baby and children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Three Frogs (for Sam)

This painting was done especially for Sam for his 2nd birthday! If you look closely you can see the “S” on the first frog, the “a” on the second frog, and the “m” on the third frog. These frogs were done based on the book Tuesday, by David Wiesner .

For your own personalized children’s artwork e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Presidential Canvas-With children’s birth info!

This canvas is for a family of three boys who are each named after a President. How cool is that?! And according to MY three boys, “Mr. Hugus is the best!” Mr. Hugus is the shchool gym teacher and has an enthusiasm for kids and fun that cannot be beat. From games like Toilet Tag and the Jump Rope contests, he inspires us all and instills in our children that exercise with a pilates ball URBNFIT can be fun!  He and his wife just added another little guy-Lincoln to their family this fall. This canvas includes all of the Hugus boys’ names and birth information, incorporated into a modified Presidential Seal. This Presidential seal shows off our past presidents and the boys’ namesakes; Lincoln, Carter, and Jackson. Thanks again so much for all you do Mr. Hugus! My little guys can’t wait till you’re their teacher, (big brother Cole has had Mr. Hugus for gym for 3 years now)!

For your own personalized canvas e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

The Tale of Lyla Rabbit Wall Art

This mother loved Beatrix Potter and wanted something unique for her baby-girl-to-be’s nursery. Meet Lyla Rabbit! I feel certain that this little rabbit will be as ornery and loveable as Peter. Personalized note-cards can be made from a photo of the artwork, a special book, oh the ideas are endless-and so much fun!  For your own personalized artwork email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Circus Animals and Wall Art

Oh my! Is this the cutest little baby ever?! The baby blanket, circus animals and “Hampton’s Circus” wall art were made  to coordinate with his bedding and room colors. Hampton also got  personalized notecards and Handprint cards to match his theme (check under Personalized Note Cards to see them!). The “Hampton’s Circus” wall art displays a circus theme as well as gives all of the baby’s birth information.  The blanket is personalized with the baby’s name in a hand embroidered chain stitch, framed with “sand dollar” colored bias tape and more hand embroidery in a combination of a back stitch and french knots. The elephant is a hand made applique with embroidered detailing. The blanket’s bias framing coordinates with the blanket’s backing. The elephant and giraffe stuffed animals are hand made and also have embroidered detailing. The animals have covered wire enclosed in the limbs for posing fun!