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Paris Painting for Grandma

Grandma wanted to share her passion of Paris with her family-especially the grand kids! And what a trip it was! With Grandma as a personal tour guide (a retired French teacher and fluent in French) we got to see and learn so much about Paris! From the Eiffel Tower to the church of  the Sacre Coeur and lots more.

I was able to snap this pic of the grandkids imitating the street performers by pretending to be statues in front of the Sacre Coeur. Grandma got a kick out of her grandchildren being so darn cute and imaginative-and, of course, LOVING  Paris!

I’ve included two pics of the painting and one of the original picture.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the trip of a lifetime. Eloise, we hope you enjoy your painting for your birthday!  We love you!

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Sophia’s Name Canvas

Sophia’s room has a lovely pale yellow picket fence with flowers painted on her walls. This little “window” will continue the theme with two little blue birds carrying her name through the sky!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

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Peacock Painting

This peacock painting was done for Aunt Lori. She loves the blues and greens and the peacock offset a bit. This painting is done in layers of acrylic paint and permanent markers for a bit of a 3D effect. Enjoy Aunt Lori!

Fun Canvases

These canvases all have personalization of some sort. I love being able to make a canvas unusual and personalize it in some way for it’s recipient.

The first canvas is Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Florida. With the central feature being the new fountain that Grandpa put in all by himself! Making the fountain the center focus made the painting of the house seem a bit more whimsical as you see most of the house as the background, not the central focus.  This painting was done by “morphing” two photos together.

The second painting shows off Virginia and TJ scaling the double black diamond trail “True Grit”! Whew! I know I would have gone down the “No Grit” one myself. This painting was done by morphing three different photos together and using a bit of imagination to incorporate both kids on the same trail in different locations. I envisioned Virginia swooshing back and forth down the trail with TJ ahead a bit and launching himself off of the snow ramp into the air!

The third painting was a request from Lori for sunflowers.  Hidden inside each of the flowers is a different name-Elizabeth and Elijah, her twins, and Joshua, her oldest child. The middle two larger sunflowers are for herself-Lori, and her husband Brad. I loved the quote from Helen Keller, and found it a perfect fit for this canvas.

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Penguin Canvas-to be personalized for baby or child

Oh, the fun of a snow day! These penguins are having a blast! One holds a snowball ready to let fly-watch out! A baby penguin looks lovingly up at his mommy as the melee all around them ensues. Several other penguins are sliding down the hills on their tummies as the snow laden clouds let a little more snow fall onto the scene. Personalize this canvas for your little one or have it personalized as a perfect baby, child, or nursery gift!

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Personalized Birth Canvas for Hadley

This birth canvas was hand painted to coordinate with baby Hadley’s Serena and Lily Bedding and room decor. To see more of little Hadley’s items click on the following links: Coordinating onesies, mini blanket, bird mobile and personalized note cards, Mommy and baby bird shelf, Handpainted wooden tree playsetand Handpainted frame and matting and Handpainted paper mache decorative birds .

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Sweet Bird and Flower Mobile, Mini Blanket and more!

This sweet Bird and Flower mobile was made to coordinate with the Lola Baby Bedding by Serena and Lily. This mobile and birds are all hand made with lots of hand embroidered accents. The main part of the mobile is the flower in the Lola design and has some white satin rope cording and soft pink chenille balls on it’s edge. The flower also has several smaller flower appliques with borders of hand embroidered chain stitches, wrapped dotted stitches, and stem stitches. The birds have appliques on their tummies and back, embroidered stem stitching, and some pink mini puff balls on their backs. The birds wings are attached separately and have a dotted straight stitch accenting them. The flower hangs from the ceiling with a clear plastic line as do the birds so they appear to be flying!

The custom hand painted canvas was also meant to coordinate with the baby-to-be’s bedding and is intended to be personalized with the baby’s birth information. The adorable little wooden birdhouse is also hand painted to coordinate with the bedding and decor and shows off a mommy and baby birdie along with the colors and theme of the Lola bedding.

Oh, the mini blanket! I love the smaller size of these blankets-perfect for sitting that little one on or covering up the car seat from the weather with a touch of flair! This mini blanket has two hand embroidered birds-a mommy and baby bird with some appliques on the mommy bird. The birds are detailed with stem stitches in several different colors and a dotted wrapped stitch.  The inner framing of the blanket is edged in mini ballet pink puff balls, and the outer framing of the blanket is the same soft corally rose pink (punch!) of the bedding. The mommy and baby bird are set on a soft white cotton, as is the backing of the blanket. The blanket has a light batting interior to give it a bit of puff!

The trio of sweet little onesies also reflect the colors and theme of the Lola bedding. The soft pink one has white silk ribbon roses hand embroidered on the front with a stem stitched soft green stem with little white rose buds interspersed between the roses. One of the white onesies has a mommy bird and baby bird embroidered in the same colors and theme as the bedding, the other white onesie has the large flower design from the bedding with two smaller flowers on either side.

It  was so much fun to make these things for Adrea’s new baby-to-be! I loved being able to get a sneak peak of the bedding and getting to create something fun and whimsical! Oh, if only I hadn’t run out of time! Have fun Adie!

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Ski Lodge Canvas

This canvas shows off a beautiful ski lodge with the family car in the front, Sparkles, the family dog, looking out the window, and the family themselves as specks in the distance (though different colored ones) on the ski slopes! Merry Belated Christmas Carolyn, John, TJ and Virginia!

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Pink and Green Birdie canvas and Bird!

This fun canvas and birdie were made especially for little Amelia’s first birthday! The canvas, bird, and card all coordinate with her Pottery Barn bedding. The canvas shows off Amelia’s birth information as well as the playful theme and colors of her bedding. The birdie is made of a soft pink chenille with a dark brown felt beak and feet and dark brown french knots for eyes. The bird’s feet have pipe cleaners (rolled up at the ends to prevent any pokes!) to allow for positioning. The card also shows of the little birdie theme with a mommy and baby birdie looking at each other. The card also has Amelia’s full name printed out in a fun font on the bottom. Check out my other fun Mommy and Baby bird items-the wooden nesting birds, mini canvas, hand painted box, and bib! For your own personalized Coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Mommy and Baby Bird

This Mommy and Baby bird are hand crafted and hand painted to nestle lovingly together. The mini canvas (a 2X3 size) shows the Mommy and Baby bird in a swirly tree as does the hand painted keepsake box (apprx. 4X4 size). The Mommy and Baby bird were inspired by fun bedding by PBK. Also check out the matching Mommy and Baby bird bib. The bib shows off the birds in a split stitch and french knots for eyes, the tree in a dark brown stem stitch with small soft green leaves using silk ribbon embroidery. The bib is intended to be personalized with the child’s first name or monogram. The wooden hand painted birds retail at 10$, the mini canvas at 10$, the hand painted wooden box 15$, and the hand embroidered bib at 17$ (this includes personalization). To purchase these items using paypal e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com, stop by the Gifted Hands gift shop in Wexford, PA, or check out my Etsy shop! I can envision a large canvas to go with these fun items and lots of other fun things! E-mail for your own custom children’s creations-shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !