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Penguin Set for Baby Miles

This penguin set was so much fun to make for baby Miles!

The mini blanket shows a silly penguin standing on a hill ready to let loose of his snowball, while another penguin slides on his tummy down the hill. At the bottom of the hill a baby penguin looks up at his Mommy penguin with the snow filled sky all around them. This mini blanket is done in a soft baby blue with a snow bank of white furry cuddle fleece and framed in a linen like khaki material. The whole blanket is then trimmed with mini white puff balls-reminiscent of little white snowballs. The baby’s first and middle name-Miles Garrett- are centered in the middle of the blanket and surrounded by french knot snow flakes.

Miles also received a little hand made coordinating penguin stuffed animal-with the super soft cuddle fleece on his tummy, beak and flippers (the beak and flippers in yellow)! 5 little penguin finger puppets with a card stock hand cut book telling the tale of the 5 little penguins themselves. The last page of the book shows the 5 Little Penguin Rhyme and has Miles’ full name at the top. Miles also got a hand painted note card and a personalized deluxe keepsake box.

Welcome to the world baby Miles!

For your own custom Coffey Creations for Kids gifts sets e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Sophia’s Deluxe Notecard Set with Custom Painted Frames

This deluxe set of notecards also includes three custom painted coordinating frames-2-5X7’s and 1-8X10. All of the notecards are intended to coordinate with the theme of baby Sophia’s room and have a combination of her first name, full name, and monogram on each one. All notecards are hand cut, and lovingly handmounted. The set includes 25 personalized hand made note cards. Welcome to the world baby Sophia!

Hand painted Frame/matting and Paper Mache Birdies for Hadley

Baby Hadley’s room has Serena and Lily’s Lola bedding and these hand made items continue with that theme. The hand painted paper mache birds are all painted differently, with ornate designs of pinks, greens, and yellow. The 11X14 frame (matted to fit a 8X10 photo) has been accented with pink along the wooden beaded edge and green along the inner part of the frame. The matting has been custom painted with Hadley’s full name along a flowering tree branch. The painted mat also includes the mommy and baby bird theme that is present in her room.

Oh! I can’t forget the personalized notecard! This little hand cut card shows a mommy and baby birdie each on their own branch looking at each other. The branches show off the same fun pink and green flowers as Hadley’s bedding. Hadley’s first name is “framed” at the bottom of the card in coordinating cardstock. The branches, birdies, flowers and Hadley’s name are all set on mounting tape to give a sense of depth the the card.

Check out baby Hadley’s other custom items-the mommy and baby bird mini blanket, onesie trio set, custom flower and bird mobile, mommy and baby bird shelving, custom coordinating canvas (all on one link) and the hand made wooden tree play set (link number two)!  Oh, I can think of so many more fun things to make for little Hadley!

For your own custom creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids or check out my items on my Etsy shop !

Stella’s Pillow sign and Hanpainted Card

New baby Stella’s room is done in light green and has a lamp with owls on it! This little pillow sign should fit right in! The pillow has a hand embroidered owl with Stella’s name to the right of it. The owl and name are framed by silk ribbon embroidered flowers and a dotted wrapped light green stitch connecting them. The handpainted card is mounted on two different colors of card stock with mounting tape to give extra depth and is perfect for framing.

Check out my mini blankets and other fun accessories, how about a matching mini owl? a keepsake box? a birth canvas? a coordinating notecard set? handprint/footprint set? the possibilities are endless!!

For your own custom baby or children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsyshop!

Finished Bunny Set for Baby Gus

This little bunny set was personalized especially for baby Gus.  Mommy’s always want special things for their lovies and this certainly fits the bill. Gus has his own mini blanket with his name on it, a personalized mini accordion album to record those special firsts-photos, footprints, handprints,  and a place to write special memories, and a keepsake personalized box to keep them all in. This gift set also came with a handpainted matching boy bunny card with Gus’ name on it.

The hand embroidered bunny is centered right in the middle of the white cotton blanket with Gus’ name stitched underneath in a dotted wrapped stitch. The blanket is framed with lines of dotted stitches in a an aqua blue.

The hand made box and accordion album also show off Gus’ name and coordinate with the mini blanket.

For your own  custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my premade items at Etsy.com . Also check out this amazing website that has all your baby needs http://www.babyidesign.com.

Pumpkin Baby Brennan Gift Set

Brennan’s mommy LOVES orange and pumpkins! This set was custom made just for baby Brennan in honor of his mommy’s favorites. The mini blanket has a tree with silk embroidered green and orange leaves, the tree also has a squirrel holding an acorn sitting atop one of the branches, and one down below in it’s hollow base. The framing of the white part of the blanket is done in a forest green dotted wrapped stitch and each corner shows off a little pumpkin with silk embroidered leaves.  The center of the blanket shows off Brennan’s monogram in a dark brown. The outer edge of the mini blanket is a soft khaki and the blanket’s back is in the same white cotton as the blankets’ center front.

This special gift set includes the mini blanket, handprint/footprint kit, deluxe custom keepsake box, coordinating onesie and hat, and handpainted personalized notecard.

The Handprint/footprint kit comes with three personalized notecards, 5 embellished watercolor papers (in case one or two get smudged), two pots of coordinating paint, and a sponge brush. The embellished water color papers are to put the little guy’s handprints or footprints on. They each have a handpainted pumpkin or squirrel with leaves and or acorns to coordinate with all of Brennan’s fun things!

The onesie has a little squirrel holding an acorn and several pumpkins along it’s collar, and a fun orange dotted wrapped stitch around the cuffs. The matching hat has a larger pumpkin on the left, a few acorns atop a forest green dotted wrapped stitch leading to a squirrel sitting atop a pumpkin holding his own acorn.

All of Brennan’s gifts were contained in a personalized custom keepsake box. Brennan’s box shows the same squirrels and tree scene as on his mini blanket, and his full name is framed off to the side in a fun font.   A handpainted personalized card was also included in little Brennan’s set.

For your own custom hand made children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out some of my premade items at my Etsy shop.

Little Boy Summer Fun Crab Gift Set

Ahh, little boys and summer-what could be more sweet? This adorable Birthday Gift Box for Her set comes with a mini blanket, a coordinating onesie and hat, a footprint/handprint set and a hand painted personalized notecard. I found many such gift sets on a website online. But I wouldn’t imagine that everyone would be looking for the same gift sets. I’ve found many different kinds of gift sets. You can find them here.

The onesie has a crab and some bubbles along it’s neckline and a crab crawling up the bum on the back of the onesie! The hat has a few crabs and bubbles to match. The crabs are done in a light aqua with a darker teal a bit of lime green and orange.

The coordinating mini blanket has Lincoln’s name done in a dotted wrapped stitch right in it’s center. The framing of the blanket is a soft cotton fabric with blue and the occasional tan dot.The same material is used on the the back of the blanket. Mini blankets are the perfect size for new babies and later as lovies for little ones.

The handprint/footprint set comes with three notecards, 5 watercolor papers-with little hand painted crabs and bubbles on each one, a pot of coordinating paint and a sponge brush.The extra watercolor papers are for-oops-smudges of little hands or feet, or to share extra prints with family members and friends. Each notecard has Lincoln’s name or monogram on it and a label that says 3 months, 6 months and 1 year old, to keep track of just how small those little feet were.

This gift set also includes a hand painted personalized note card with Lincoln’s name on it. The crab was painted in the same colors as the blanket, onesie and hat, and as the handprint/footprint cards.

Welcome to the world little Lincoln!

For your own custom baby gift sets e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Pink and Green Birdie canvas and Bird!

This fun canvas and birdie were made especially for little Amelia’s first birthday! The canvas, bird, and card all coordinate with her Pottery Barn bedding. The canvas shows off Amelia’s birth information as well as the playful theme and colors of her bedding. The birdie is made of a soft pink chenille with a dark brown felt beak and feet and dark brown french knots for eyes. The bird’s feet have pipe cleaners (rolled up at the ends to prevent any pokes!) to allow for positioning. The card also shows of the little birdie theme with a mommy and baby birdie looking at each other. The card also has Amelia’s full name printed out in a fun font on the bottom. Check out my other fun Mommy and Baby bird items-the wooden nesting birds, mini canvas, hand painted box, and bib! For your own personalized Coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Baby Grayson’s Football themed Pillow

This custom made pillow sham and pillow for baby Grayson was made to coordinate with his baby blue and tan colored sports themed room. The sham has a baby blue football helmet applique attached with fusible webbing in it’s center that is enhanced with straight stitches, french knots, and dotted wrapped stitches. The applique is attached to a soft white cotton framed in a tan/sand colored border with baby blue “hash marks” identifying the yards and the end zones (with baby blue embroidered TOUCHDOWN in wrapped back stitches). The back of the sham is done in the same soft baby blue of the helmet. This one of a kind sham was made especially for little Grayson! The matching note card shows off baby Grayson’s full name.For your own custom coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com .

Girlie Tooth Kit

This little girl tooth kit has all you need to keep track of when those teeth come in-and when they come out! The Tooth Pillow has a perfect sized pocket for a lost tooth and for money from the Tooth Fairy! This set combines a soft mint green with light purples and lavender. The set includes a personalized gift box, tooth pillow, and memory card. The gift box shows off the child’s name or monogram on the front, and contains the tooth pillow and memory card. The card has a tooth diagram to allow the parent to write in the dates of tooth arrival as well as tooth loss. The memory card also has places to put photos of that “Gap-toothed smile”, and space to write in memories of losing or getting those first teeth. This personalized set sells at 30$. To purchase this set, or to have a custom tooth kit made especially for your little one, e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com.