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Mini Blanket, Baby Owl and Personalized box

This mini blanket and baby owl set were made especially for baby Anika. Anika’s mother loved the blue green fabric colors AND she loves owls! The mini blanket is framed in a wrapped backstitch of blue green and brown, the tree is done in a dark brown stem stitch with varying shades of  blue green and blue buds sprouting along the limbs. A mommy and baby owl look lovingly at each other as they perch on one of the branches. The owls are worked in soft shades of blues using split and straight stitching, their tummies are white and they each have a goldish brown beaks and black french knot eyes. The baby’s monogram is embroidered using french knots and centered under the tree. The front of the blanket is a soft white cotton and the backing is the same blue green and brown material that the body of the baby owl stuffed animal is done in. The baby owl stuffed animal has the baby’s first initial embroidered on her tummy and has coordinating blue eyes. This set also comes with a coordinating personalized box. The box lid has a brown felt tree on white paper, framed in the same material as the backing of the blanket with coordinating owls perched on the tree’s branches. Both the white paper and the material on the box lid are framed with a dark brown satin ribbon.  Baby Anika’s full name is printed out in a coordinating font in dark brown and centered below the tree.  This set (like any on my site) can be made in different colors or fabrics-check out the mini blankie and owl in brown! Please do keep in mind that all items are hand made and therefore one of a kind. No two items are exactly alike-they are all unique!  For your own personalized children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Lyla Rabbit and Book Set

The Tale of Lyla Rabbit was inspired by the real baby Lyla before she was even born! Lyla’s mother and father picked out fun bunny bedding and loved all Beatrix Potter things. I started by creating some original artwork to go with baby Lyla’s room (click here to see the canvas), and then the inspiration hit! Why not write a story about a girl bunny rabbit?!  Meet Lyla Rabbit and read her very own story! Lyla Rabbit just wants to collect enough flowers to make a ring for her head. However, she is sidetracked by a yellow cat and a stone rabbit. To view and read the Lyla Rabbit Book in its entirety click here. And then, of course, baby Lyla had to have her very own Lyla Rabbit! Lyla Rabbit  is hand made from a soft light brown furry material. Her eyes, nose and mouth are hand embroidered using a darker brown embroidery floss. Lyla Rabbit comes with a pink cape that has hand embroidered flower accents worked using silk ribbon embroidery and regular floss embroidery. An “L” is embroidered in french knots on the top right side of the cape. The cape also has a white satin ribbon tie to allow it to be taken on and off. A basket for picking up Jane Magnolia blossoms and for carrying strawberries also comes with Lyla Rabbit and has a pretty pink ribbon adorning it. The basket comes with pink flower petals with hand painted stamens and four “rather large”  hot pink strawberries with green accents and tops. Lyla Rabbit even has her own mini version of “The Tale of Lyla Rabbit” book. Click here to see the Lyla Rabbit mini blanket, too! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own personalized coffey creations!

Lady Bug! Knee Socks/Hair Clip/Handpainted Box

Who doesn’t love ladybugs?! And “Ladybug Girl”! I saw this book and just loved it-a little girl out to prove that she is not too little. The knee socks each have a hand made ladybug with embroidery detailing, a little hair clip to match,and of course a hand painted personalized box to store everything in! Oh, I’m already thinking of how much fun it would be to make a ladybug tutu, shirt (LBG on it, of course), lady bug wings, how about a fun stuffed dog named Bingo like LBG’s?! Too many fun things to do and not enough time! A mom told me how much she loved knee socks for her daughter instead of tights-easier up and down for pottying and they don’t sag (myself having three boys, I had no idea…). Thanks mom (Debbie)! Hope Samantha loves her lady bug fun stuff! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom kids creations!

Christmas PJ’s and bib fun for Hampton! (Boys)

This pajama set is soft and comfy and made especially for little Hampton. The pants are hand made of a soft  evergreen and white striped cotton and have white piping at the cuffs. The shirt is a  soft cotton t-shirt (purchased from Target) and enhanced with a Christmas tree made out of the same fun green and white striped material of the pants. The tree’s ornaments are made using a triple french knot, the snowflake on top of the tree is made using straight and back stitches, and the framing of the tree is done in a spaced straight stitch. The t-shirt also has Hampton’s name on it in a back stitch. Hampton’s bib has his monogram embroidered on it in lots of french knots, the backing is made of a soft white cotton. The adorable Reindeer Box was purchased at Target and personalized for Hampton using acrylic paint and a permanent marker. I’d say this little guy is ready for Santa! For your own personalized Christmas children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Christmas Pj’s and bib for baby Lyla! (Girls)

Baby Lyla is ready for Santa Claus with this pj and bib set! The shirt is a soft t-shirt cotton onesie (purchased from Target!), the Santa hat is an applique of the same Christmas red material used for the pants. The pompom on the Santa hat and the brim are made using lots and lots of french knots to give it a sumptuous furry look. Lyla’s name is embroidered  on the onesie below the hat in a backstitch. The matching red pants have white piping at the cuffs. The bib is the same red cotton as the pants with Lyla’s monogram done in french knots, the backing of the bib is a soft white cotton. The reindeer box (the box was purchased at Target also) was personalized using white acrylic paint and a permanent marker. For your own personalized Christmas children’s and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Cece the Buckeye Fairy, Pillow Bed, Wand, Box AND Book!

Meet Cece the Buckeye Fairy! What is a Buckeye Fairy you ask? Well, Cece is a special fairy that holds a pacifier in her secret back pocket under her wings, and a Buckeye is what Elena calls a pacifier. “Cece the Buckeye Fairy came into existence knowing that she was Elena’s and that Elena was her mother’s peach.” To view the rest of the Cece the Buckeye Fairy book, click on the following link. Cece was named after Elena’s middle name (Cecelia), and is sporting a dress made of one of Elena’s baby shirts. Cece comes with her own special pillow bed (note the pillow on the bed-also made from Elena’s baby shirt!), her magic wand that contains one special wish for Elena when she decides that she is ready to give up her paci, a personalized keepsake box, and the Cece Book. The Cece book tells the story of Cece, how she gets stuck in a rosebush, helps a lost baby bunny find his way home and then finds her way to Elena to get her wand! The story is peppered with special sayings from Elena’s real mother and herself, contains actual photos of the real Elena, and a special dedication from her mommy. I hope that Elena will cherish her Cece and special book for years to come! For your own personalized children’s gifts e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Baby Boy Notecards/Gift Box

I love the simple circles, squares and rectangles that go together to make these cards fun! These notecards were made to coordinate with baby Hampton’s Baptism Invitation. The circle theme was continued and added upon with multi colored brown ribbons to enhance the sand and white colored cardstock. Depth is achieved by using mounting tape to create multiple layers on each card. The coordinating gift box will be great for keepsakes- and makes a beautiful presentation for the notecards. For your own personalized notecards or paper products e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com .

Personalized Gift Boxes-Baby Girl

These boxes are too pretty to put away in the closet! These boxes were made to match the baby-to-be’s decor. Who knows how mommy will end up using them?!