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Penguin Set for Baby Miles

This penguin set was so much fun to make for baby Miles!

The mini blanket shows a silly penguin standing on a hill ready to let loose of his snowball, while another penguin slides on his tummy down the hill. At the bottom of the hill a baby penguin looks up at his Mommy penguin with the snow filled sky all around them. This mini blanket is done in a soft baby blue with a snow bank of white furry cuddle fleece and framed in a linen like khaki material. The whole blanket is then trimmed with mini white puff balls-reminiscent of little white snowballs. The baby’s first and middle name-Miles Garrett- are centered in the middle of the blanket and surrounded by french knot snow flakes.

Miles also received a little hand made coordinating penguin stuffed animal-with the super soft cuddle fleece on his tummy, beak and flippers (the beak and flippers in yellow)! 5 little penguin finger puppets with a card stock hand cut book telling the tale of the 5 little penguins themselves. The last page of the book shows the 5 Little Penguin Rhyme and has Miles’ full name at the top. Miles also got a hand painted note card and a personalized deluxe keepsake box.

Welcome to the world baby Miles!

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Finished Bunny Set for Baby Gus

This little bunny set was personalized especially for baby Gus.  Mommy’s always want special things for their lovies and this certainly fits the bill. Gus has his own mini blanket with his name on it, a personalized mini accordion album to record those special firsts-photos, footprints, handprints,  and a place to write special memories, and a keepsake personalized box to keep them all in. This gift set also came with a handpainted matching boy bunny card with Gus’ name on it.

The hand embroidered bunny is centered right in the middle of the white cotton blanket with Gus’ name stitched underneath in a dotted wrapped stitch. The blanket is framed with lines of dotted stitches in a an aqua blue.

The hand made box and accordion album also show off Gus’ name and coordinate with the mini blanket.

For your own  custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my premade items at Etsy.com . Also check out this amazing website that has all your baby needs http://www.babyidesign.com.

Angels for baby Sophia

Rebecca wanted angels for her little angel-to-be Sophia! These hand embroidered angels show off their bums while holding a pretty pink silk ribbon rose with mint green leaves. The mini blanket has the angel framed with a baby soft pink and pretty white mini puff balls. The back of the blanket is the soft pink cotton. The coordinating bib has Sophia’s name done in lots of french knots, and the burp cloth has Sophia’s monogram also done in french knots. The blanket and burp cloth also have dotted wrapped stitch detailing.

Sophia’s gifts also came with hand made personalized gift cards and gift boxes.

We are so excited for baby Sophia to be a part of our family! Aunt Shannon can’t wait to make lots of special little gifts for her!

For your own custom coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Mommy and Baby Bird

This Mommy and Baby bird are hand crafted and hand painted to nestle lovingly together. The mini canvas (a 2X3 size) shows the Mommy and Baby bird in a swirly tree as does the hand painted keepsake box (apprx. 4X4 size). The Mommy and Baby bird were inspired by fun bedding by PBK. Also check out the matching Mommy and Baby bird bib. The bib shows off the birds in a split stitch and french knots for eyes, the tree in a dark brown stem stitch with small soft green leaves using silk ribbon embroidery. The bib is intended to be personalized with the child’s first name or monogram. The wooden hand painted birds retail at 10$, the mini canvas at 10$, the hand painted wooden box 15$, and the hand embroidered bib at 17$ (this includes personalization). To purchase these items using paypal e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com, stop by the Gifted Hands gift shop in Wexford, PA, or check out my Etsy shop! I can envision a large canvas to go with these fun items and lots of other fun things! E-mail for your own custom children’s creations-shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Personalized box and Flower Hair Band

This blue stretchy hairband shows off a single blue and purple hydrangea blossom. The flower has french knots for it’s stamen that attach it to the hairband. The mini round personalized box has hand painted coordinating dots around the rim and card stock paper decorating the lid in a three dimensional effect that set off the child’s monogram. This set sells for 16$. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this item, or purchase the personalized box and headband separately on my Etsy shop.

Hair band and personalized box

This hair band shows off pretty little green and ivory flowers with hand stitched french knotted stamens of the same colors. The flowers are attached to a soft white cotton headband with elastic in the top portion to allow for fit. The box’s top rim is hand painted with little matching flowers and the top of the box has coordinating card stock paper layered to give a 3D effect. The lid is intended to have the child’s monogram, first initial or first name printed on it. This small round box set retails for 16$. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this product.

Daisy box, Hair band and clip

What a fun gift for a little girl! This hand made daisy hair band and clip come in a personalized daisy box to match. The daisy hair band is made of a soft cotton and has elastic in the top portion under the daisies for adjustability. The daily clip is set on a sage velvet ribbon. The Daisy box can be personalized with the child’s name or monogram. This set can be purchased for 22.50$. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this item and to provide me with your personalization! Or check them out at my Etsy shop!

Tan fuzzy bunny and mini blanket

This light brown fuzzy bunny has dark brown embroidered eyes, nose and mouth-plus he comes with a fun turquoise polka dotted tie! The matching mini blanket shows the little bunny hand embroidered in the soft brown colors of the bunny with a framing of light turquoise dotted lines extending outward toward the edges of the blanket, the blanket is meant to be personalized with the child’s first name or monogram underneath the bunny. This set comes with a personalized box and mini accordion album. The mini accordion album allows you to enter special memories for the child, photos, and even a hand print or footprint of the child at the time. (The album comes with a coordinating pot of paint and sponge brush.) The box and mini accordion album are meant to have the child’s name and the date on them. This entire set can be purchased for $95. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this product and give me your personalization information! Or check out these items and more on my Etsy Shop!

Pink and Brown-Elephants?!

Look at baby Emerson in her personalized bib (and in her Bumbo chair no less!)! She is just too darn cute! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with me, Neely! I love to see little Emerson in her Coffey Creation!

This baby gift set includes three hand made personalized baby bibs, a coordinating box, notecard and original canvas.

The canvas was done to match baby Emerson’s pink and brown bedding from Restoration Hardware. Baby Emerson has a soft pink and brown elephant mobile in her crib and that’s what inspired this canvas! In the canvas a mommy and baby elephant are holding trunks as they are give each other a flower. The elephants stand on a field of flowers that has the baby’s birth information “hidden” in it. The canvas is done in rich browns and many shades of pink to coordinate with the baby’s room.

Three bibs are done in stripes, dots, and a soft pink and all have personalized hand embroidered stitching. These fabrics were picked to coordinate with the baby’s bedding and room colors also. The multi colored dotted bib has “Emerson” hand embroidered in a wrapped back stitch, the striped fabric has the letter “E” done in a multitude of french knots, and the soft pink bib has baby Emerson’s monogram done in a stem stitch.

The coordinating box makes use of soft pink and brown card stock with hand embroidered  dark brown french knots on the warm pink card stock for added flair. The fun font (Gigi on MS Word) shows off Emerson’s full name on the keepsake box.

Emerson’s monogrammed personalized note card is done with a soft pink satin ribbon wrapped in a stripey effect on dark brown card stock. Emerson’s monogram is done in a warm brown and set on start white card stock in the card’s center.

The fun thing about all of these baby items is that they are useful (fancy bibs-can’t the bib be just as sweet as the dress?!), and can serve more than one purpose (the box makes a beautiful gift presentation and then can be displayed in the baby’s room and used to keep all those precious little keepsakes in!), and the card with the givers best wishes presents another wall art opportunity (or scrapbook addition!). The fact that the baby’s birth information is slightly “hidden” allows for the growth of the baby into a child who will still love that she has personalized artwork with her name on it-but doesn’t feel that it’s too “babyish” because the baby information is not too obvious.

For your own custom baby and children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Keepsake Box and Mini Blanket for Baby Lyla’s Christening

The personalized keepsake box is made to hold all of those precious little things from baby Lyla’s Christening. The outside lid of the box gives Lyla’s full name and the date of the Christening, and is framed in the same beautiful champagne silk as the mini blanket inside of it. The interior lid has a small puffy pocket with an “L” for Lyla embroidered on it’s center, the pocket can hold small treasures and hold them securely due to the white satin ribbon closure. The middle of the lid holds an accordion album all set for mommy and daddy to add photos and hand written memories of Lyla’s special day and is alto held in place by a white satin ribbon tie. The accordion album is personalized with Lyla’s full name, christening information and has titles on each page for mommy and daddy to record special guests who attend her Christening, gifts that she receives, information about the minister, the church, her godparents and even the Christening party-with plenty of room for favorite photos. The right side of the interior lid has a mini memory board made of the champagne silk (showing off it’s shiny satiny side) and white satin ribbons on the diagonal. The ribbons are held in place with champagne colored french knots. This mini memory board is the perfect size for small cards, photos or little mementos of Lyla’s special day. The bottom part of the box is filled with a soft cushiony champagne padding-oh, the luxury! The left side of the bottom of the box holds an invitation to Lyla’s Christening and will hold other special cards received. The Christening invitation is held in place by a champagne colored ribbon. The middle of the bottom of the box has two more champagne ribbons-for other small items that Lyla may receive such as a silver rattle or fork and spoon. The right side of the bottom portion of the box holds the special mini blanket made especially for Lyla.

This mini blanket is made of a light shantung silk-the front is the slightly nubby textured side and the back is the satiny smooth side. The champagne color is intended to coordinate with baby Lyla’s great grandmother’s christening gown. The mini blanket has Lyla’s monogram embroidered in a stem stitch in the center of the blanket. A stem stitch frames the outer edges of the blanket and the interior of the framing shows off a multitude of flowers done in varying shades of champagne-from ivory, light brown, a khaki and even a slight pink champagne. The flowers are worked using the lazy daisy stitch, french knots, back stitches, wrapped back stitches, stem stitches,  among other hand crafted embroidery stitches. For your own custom made children’s and baby’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !