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Tan fuzzy bunny and mini blanket

This light brown fuzzy bunny has dark brown embroidered eyes, nose and mouth-plus he comes with a fun turquoise polka dotted tie! The matching mini blanket shows the little bunny hand embroidered in the soft brown colors of the bunny with a framing of light turquoise dotted lines extending outward toward the edges of the blanket, the blanket is meant to be personalized with the child’s first name or monogram underneath the bunny. This set comes with a personalized box and mini accordion album. The mini accordion album allows you to enter special memories for the child, photos, and even a hand print or footprint of the child at the time. (The album comes with a coordinating pot of paint and sponge brush.) The box and mini accordion album are meant to have the child’s name and the date on them. This entire set can be purchased for $95. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this product and give me your personalization information! Or check out these items and more on my Etsy Shop!

Micro-Mini Accordion albums/books

These micro-mini albums and books are a delight to all who view them! Not only is this a great way to utilize those index prints that you get when you order photos, but they make great gifts. Tie them on a gift box for an extra surprise! They’re small enough that you could put several in your purse (or Dad’s wallet) to show off your little sweeties wherever you go! My little guys love them and carry them around to show their friends. Simply cut out the little index prints, attach to card stock, bend accordion style to make the accordion album, or cut several mini “pages”, bend in the middle and secure with a staple. Decorate with ribbon, adhesive ribbon (to make the book have a “spine”), buttons -whatever you feel like! For your own custom paper products/art e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Mini Accordion Album-Baptism Gift

This mini accordion album shows off a fabulous baptism gift of a Noah’s Ark and all the animals that go with it! The album has pages to insert photos of the little guy, family and friends on his baptism day, pages to write notes of special memories, a page to tell all about his family, and even a page to preserve his little foot prints! This album comes with a small container of coordinating  paint, a sponge paint brush, two pieces of watercolor paper (in case a small foot makes a smudge-or you wanted an extra!) and even the adhesive squares to attach the print to the album. For your own special occasion mini accordion album email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Special Occasion Accordion Mini Album-Easter

This mini album is made of cardstock white paper and features a fun little boy bunny eating a carrot on the front! The accordion album opens to show “pages” for mommy (or daddy) to fill out for Baby’s first Easter! Such as…Where did I spend my first Easter? Who was there? What did the Easter Bunny bring me? What my mommy wants me to remember about my first Easter…. The album also has several pages for displaying photos of your special guy on his first Easter, and a footprint page to show how small those piggie toes were!  The album has eight pages total counting the front and back.  The Bunny also has hand embroidered french knots for his blue eyes, and straight stitching in pink for his nose and mouth. This album comes with a small container of coordinating paint and sponge brush to preserve those small piggie toes. Have your very own Special Occasion Mini Album created for your little guy or girl! (First Easter, July 4th, First Vacation, First Halloween, oh my-the possibilities are endless! ) Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to give me the details of your little one’s “first” !