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Ghost Footprints

These ghosts are a perfect way to preserve how little those feet were! I love being able to use footprints (or hand prints) for seasonal decorating! The first ghosts are just tracings of a foot on white cardstock paper, eyes drawn on for fun, and a label printed out for future identification. The ghosts are made 3D using mounting tape (love that stuff!). The second set of ghostly footprints is an actual print made using white paint on black paper. E-mail me at shannon
@coffeycreationsforkids and I’ll make a personalized kit just for your little ones feet!

Handprint/Footprint Kit for Baby Boys

This set of three notecards is made for a baby boy who already has style! Each note card comes with two watercolor papers (in case a footprint or handprint gets smudged) and adhesive squares to attach the paper to the cards. The handprint/footprint kit comes with coordinating paint to make the print and a sponge brush to paint your little ones hand or foot. The notecards can be framed to show off your little guy’s growth, or saved in a scrapbook in which case you can note on the inside of the card your child’s progress at that point. Each card has either the baby’s full name, his monogram, or his first name. The cards also indicate 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of age.   To purchase this set of noetcards for your little guy now  click on my ETSY shop link.

Pink and Green Baby Handprint/Footprint Cards

img_7833This set of three hand print cards are specially made for that new baby girl you need to buy a gift for! Personalized with a combination of the baby girl’s monogram, first name and full name, these adorable pink and green cards are made to show the baby’s hand prints/foot prints at 3, 6, and 12 months of age. This set comes with two pieces of watercolor paper per card (in case a little hand or foot moves and smudges the print!), adhesive squares to attach the prints to the cards, coordinating pink paint and a sponge paint brush for the new little girl! The cards are tied together with a coordinating  pink grossgrain  ribbon.  This Handprint/Footprint kit retails for 15$. (Sorry, this set has sold.)

Pick your own colors or theme and have custom Hanprint/Footprint cards made especially for your little one! Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com  !

St. Patrick’s Hand Print Kit

This kit is personalized with your child’s name and the date of this year’s St. Patricks day! It contains three cards-one for you to keep, and one for each set of grandparents (or other special family or friends). Create your own “five leaf clover” by capturing your child’s handprint on watercolor paper and using coordinating paint. This kit even comes with a paint brush, two pieces of watercolor paper per card (in case your little one moves his hand and smudges the print!), envelopes for the cards, adhesive squares to attach the print to the card and a keepsake box (also personalized with your child’s first name).  The St. Patrick’s Hand Print kit is best purchased for children ages 0-4 (in order for their little hand to fit on the print card!)

Baby Handprint/Footprint Cards

img_7236This set of three notecards are for preserving those precious footprints and/or handprints! The first card is for the baby’s foot (or hand) at 3 mos, the second at 6 mos and the third is for the baby at 12 mos. Each card has a version of the baby’s first name, full name, or monogram. The set comes with matching paint for little piggie toes or baby fingers (non-toxic, water washable kids paint!), two water color papers per card (in case the print gets smudged!), and adhesive squares to attach the finished print to the card. You can frame these keepsakes, put them in a baby book or photo album and note what the baby was doing at that age, or send them to a special family member or friend. Too much fun!

Felt Turkey Handprints

img_8514How about a new twist on Turkey Handprints?! These little turkeys represent each one of my little turkeys! Simply trace your child’s handprint on a piece of paper, use that handprint as a pattern on a piece of brown felt (be sure to cut two pieces), then sew together leaving a small spot at the bottom part of the handprint open to stuff.  After stuffing your turkey fashion his legs out of stem wire and cover with brown stem tape. Insert legs into turkey and hot glue to close opening. Cut out beak from yellow felt, the comb from red felt (I used a dark burgandy), and hot glue  in place. The eyes are embroidered in a yellow french knot, but you can glue on googly eyes if you like! And Voila! A precious keepsake to remember just how little those hands were!  Not to mention fun Thanksgiving decorations-why are those so hard to find?!!! Seem too complicated, or you just aren’t the crafty type? Maybe you want to give a precious keepsake gift to a new mom?! Send me your handprints and I’ll do the turkey for you! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !