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Hand painted Personalized Wooden Easter Egg Ornaments

I will personalize these hand painted https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/cialis-christine-le-duc/ Easter Egg ornaments with your child’s first name and the year. Each egg has a different hand painted scene including a bunny and a variety of chicks, flowers, birds, sometimes a tree, cattails, carrots, Easter eggs and more!

You can purchase one of these eggs on my etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeycreations?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Or convo or email me about having me hand paint a custom Easter egg that coordinates with your custom Easter Basket Liner! Shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com



Christmas Fun!

So, I just made about 17 of these little Gingerbread houses yesterday for a cub scout project for my 7 year old and had to share them! They were so easy to do and I can’t wait for us to decorate them! I plan to use the puffy paint for the “icing” on the  houses! We have fake “snow” to sprinkle on it after putting on glue in fun designs…green paint for the grass, who knows what else we may add? You may note that mine has a little snowman and a pine tree out front.

All you need to make the house are scissors, a cardboard box, and a glue gun! I cut the “house shape” first, two square shapes with a triangle shape on top. Then two small rectangles for the sides, hot glue these four pieces together for the base of the house. Then cut out the two larger rectangles for the roof-I liked mine a bit long to have some overhang. Hot glue the roof on. Cut out a door shape, windows, pine trees, bushes, mini “wreaths” for the door, whatever you want! I also added a half circle for the platform or “front yard” of the house and a couple of little half circle strips for the “Gingerbread” along the edge of the roof. The red and white striped additions are cut paper straws.

I love to be able to have fun decorations that are homemade, that the kids themselves can decorate, and that I can bring out again year after year! Have fun!

Have fun and check back to see our finished houses!


Happy Thanksgiving! Door Sign revisited 2012

I just love bringing this door sign out every year! Look how big my little guys are getting! This year I had a smidge of extra time and put together several for some friends and family. Here are some tips to make your own:

You will need preferably a thick rectangular piece of fabric-a denim weight or a twill would work well, brown,yellow, red and orange medium point sharpies, fabric pen (the blue kind that blots off with water), an ultra fine black sharpie, trim of your choice, a ribbon for hanging and about 3 of those popsicle kid craft sticks.

I just love the look of the khaki/sand color mixed with the dark browns and oranges of Thanksgiving and fall! I used scrap fabric I had laying around (waiting for just such a use!) and cut it in a rectangular shape-long enough to include all three of my boys hand prints.

First, I used my fabric pen to mark on the “Happy Thanksgiving”. I love the look of the curlz MT font from MS word. You can print it out and then just do your best to copy it as closely as you can. Choose whatever font you like, of course, but it looks so much neater if you can pick a specific font! Or if your child is learning to write it would look adorable in their cute handwriting! Let them use the fabric pen then you can go over it with the other markers. The great thing about using a fabric pen is that if you don’t like how it looks-blot it off with a damp paper towel, wait for it to dry and just redo it!

Once you’ve got your writing on the way you want it go over your letters with a medium or dark brown, highlight parts of the letters with the orange then outline the letters with the fine point black. Be careful not to hold the pens down for too long or they will bleed into the fabric and leave a big spot! Use a “light hand” when doing your lettering!

Don’t forget to put the date somewhere on your sign as well, I chose the bottom right corner.

Put your child or children’s names below where you intend to put their handprints.

Attach your trim of choice with fabric glue.

To do the hanging ribbon, attach the ribbon about say 1 inch down on the back on each side with fabric glue. Fold the fabric over top of the ribbon on the back and secure with fabric glue. Here is where you also use fabric glue to attach the popsicle sticks. I had to cut one in half then attach another over top of the two. That way the sign hangs straight and doesn’t curve inward in the middle.

Then the handprints!!!! Get several wet paper towels ready for after the printing. Squeeze a bit of oranges, reds, browns, yellows on a paper plate. Get a sponge brush and sponge the different colors on different parts of the little hand. Gently place the hand on the sign where you want it to go! Don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect! That is part of the charm!

After the handprints have dried take your ultra fine sharpie and outline the turkey, add his feet in brown, use red for the comb above and below the head, add the eye and beak with some yellow. Be sure to outline the comb, beak and feet as well. Not sure exactly how you want to do these parts? Check out my silly turkeys!

For more fun Thanksgiving hand print ideas and more check out the rest of my Thanksgiving items here or click on the Thanksgiving link to the left! Check out the Felt Handprint Turkeys, Turkey handprint bibs, Thanksgiving food toss game including food bean bags and more! Have fun!

Not up to doing this by yourself? Want to give a one of a kind gift? Just email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com and I will make you a Turkey Handprint Door Sign kit! Including the sign made and ready to go with little pots of paint and even a spongebrush for the recipient!

Olivia and Rhys’s name paintings

These two name paintings were a give away for Missy K Photography in Naples, Florida. I sure hope Olivia and Rhys enjoy them, Norma! Thanks so much!

Olivia loves horses and all things purple and pink. At 8 years old, she wanted something a little sophisticated, not too little girlie! These horse sillhouettes are framed by pink and purple flowers and show off Olivia’s name in a fancy french font.

Rhys loves fire trucks and has fun bright red, yellows and blues in his room. Rhys’s painting shows off a fire truck with some fire in the background and his name on the road underneath. Rhys’s name is done in an Andalus font by MS word-much more masculine for this little guy!

These paintings were done with acrylic paints with a watercolor effect on watercolor paper and set on two layers of cardstock backgrounds, ready for framing!

For your own custom children’s or babies artwork or other coffey creations  e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com  or check out my Etsy shop for premade items (click on the link to the right).

Sam’s Stepstool-Artwork by David!

This fun bright stepstool is unique in many ways-first and foremost the artistry is done by my 6 year old David! He drew Uncle Mel and Aunt Kathy “dreaming” of having a little boy on one side of the step stool, and on the other side he drew Uncle Mel, and Aunt Kathy with little Sam himself! Also on the step stool are a variety of trees, birds, mushrooms, a sun, a rainbow, and their house-all drawn by David himself! Mommy (that’s me) was mainly the colorist-I painted David’s drawings and even consulted him on whether or not to add stripes and dots to the brightly colored color blocked areas. Aunt Kathy wanted bright fun colors for Sam’s step stool-I think we have accomplished that for her!

The steps of the step stool were left mainly solid colors to allow for good visibility of adding in Sam’s actual footprints! Kathy liked the double wide step stool that we made for ourselves with my boys footprints-and both cats paw prints as well! Click here to see our step stool, and here to see little baby Natalie’s Mad about Madeline one as well!

For your own hand painted custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop. I can reproduce your own child’s artwork onto a step stool, or pick a theme and colors and let me do it for you. The options are endless!

A collection of stories

When Todd Tewksbury set out for his routine daily jog back in August of 2014, everything about it felt normal
from lacing up his cross-trainers to the feel of his old t-shirt, nothing stood out as odd to him as he said goodbye to his
mother and set out along his route. He couldn’t have known that in just a few minutes and a few miles, his life was
about to change forever and if not for some quick thinking onlookers, he may have lost it entirely. Of course, how could
he have known? There was no reason to consider that as he approached JFK by the art museum on his typical path, he
would suffer joggerfrom cardiac arrest and fall to his knees. After all, Todd, a 27-year-old athlete, had no reason to consider
something like heart failure could even happen to him, let alone that it would find himself suddenly slumped on all fours
that summer day along the waterfront.
According to the Mayo Clinic, “Cardiac Arrest is the unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and
consciousness. Sudden cardiac arrest usually results from an electrical disturbance in your heart that disrupts its
pumping action, stopping blood flow to the rest of your body.” Although there is potential to survive an attack it
becomes incredibly minimal if emergency medical treatment is not performed immediately. Because the heart is no
longer pumping blood and vital organs are deprived of oxygen, it is imperative that the individual suffering the attack
receives CPR or treatment with a defibrillator within seconds. Although only 11% of people survive an attack nationally,
that number could greatly improve to 38% if more people to knew CPR from Toronto Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR. Lucky for Tewksbury, he fell into the 11%
survival rate thanks to a group of strangers who also had a mind to enjoy the Schuylkill River Trail that day.

Dr. Aaron Mendelson and his wife were a few yards away when they rushed to Todd’s side upon seeing him fall to the ground, they assumed he was having a seizure given that he was a fairly young and athletic man. Once they reached him however, it became evident that he did not have a pulse and they knew it had to be a heart issue. Arron, a resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and his wife, an ER doctor were very well trained in the emergency care of Cardiac Arrest and began to administer CPR in attempt to provide Tewksbury’s vital organs the oxygen they desperately needed. Meanwhile, another concerned individual, part of the small crowd that had gathered around, used Todd’s phone to call his mother Louis, alerting her to what was happening to her son. As Louis and her family rushed to the hospital to meet Todd upon his arrival, the group with him on the waterfront administered CPR for a total of 11 minutes at which point two women brought over a defibrillator from a nearby recreational center, delivering a lifesaving dose of electric current in order to start his heart back up. Todd is alive and well today and he along with his family are incredibly grateful to the Mendelson’s and others that stepped in and took action that day. It was incredibly lucky that there were trained medical professionals within the general vicinity of where the incident occurred, however, Dr. Mendelson says that anyone could have done what he did to save Todd’s life. The doctors treating him in the days following the attack, noted that CRP was the main factor in his survival and his ability to walk out of the hospital, without it Todd surely would have died. No small detail to Tewksbury who noted he would be learning CRP and educating himself in emergency care and other subjects, so he would be able to pay it forward and save another’s life.

Thanksgiving fun!

Oh, my little boys are getting so big! These Felt Turkey Handprints are a joy to bring out year after year-my boys love comparing how their hands have grown and I love looking at how little they were!

Thanks to Craftgossip.com for putting my little Turkey’s on their site! I love to be able to share my fun creations with all! Click on this link Felt Turkey Handprints for the original post with the directions for how to make them for your own lovies!

Also, check out my other fun Thanksgiving ideas-Take a Feather From Tom Turkey (hide and seek game), Turkey Pancakes, Turkey handprint bib, Thanksgiving Kid Art, Thanksgiving Handprint Door Banner, and the Thanksgiving food toss game! Click on “Thanksgiving” here or on the left under “Categories” to view them all!

Penguin Set for Baby Miles

This penguin set was so much fun to make for baby Miles!

The mini blanket shows a silly penguin standing on a hill ready to let loose of his snowball, while another penguin slides on his tummy down the hill. At the bottom of the hill a baby penguin looks up at his Mommy penguin with the snow filled sky all around them. This mini blanket is done in a soft baby blue with a snow bank of white furry cuddle fleece and framed in a linen like khaki material. The whole blanket is then trimmed with mini white puff balls-reminiscent of little white snowballs. The baby’s first and middle name-Miles Garrett- are centered in the middle of the blanket and surrounded by french knot snow flakes.

Miles also received a little hand made coordinating penguin stuffed animal-with the super soft cuddle fleece on his tummy, beak and flippers (the beak and flippers in yellow)! 5 little penguin finger puppets with a card stock hand cut book telling the tale of the 5 little penguins themselves. The last page of the book shows the 5 Little Penguin Rhyme and has Miles’ full name at the top. Miles also got a hand painted note card and a personalized deluxe keepsake box.

Welcome to the world baby Miles!

For your own custom Coffey Creations for Kids gifts sets e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Sophia’s Deluxe Notecard Set with Custom Painted Frames

This deluxe set of notecards also includes three custom painted coordinating frames-2-5X7’s and 1-8X10. All of the notecards are intended to coordinate with the theme of baby Sophia’s room and have a combination of her first name, full name, and monogram on each one. All notecards are hand cut, and lovingly handmounted. The set includes 25 personalized hand made note cards. Welcome to the world baby Sophia!

Hand painted Frame/matting and Paper Mache Birdies for Hadley

Baby Hadley’s room has Serena and Lily’s Lola bedding and these hand made items continue with that theme. The hand painted paper mache birds are all painted differently, with ornate designs of pinks, greens, and yellow. The 11X14 frame (matted to fit a 8X10 photo) has been accented with pink along the wooden beaded edge and green along the inner part of the frame. The matting has been custom painted with Hadley’s full name along a flowering tree branch. The painted mat also includes the mommy and baby bird theme that is present in her room.

Oh! I can’t forget the personalized notecard! This little hand cut card shows a mommy and baby birdie each on their own branch looking at each other. The branches show off the same fun pink and green flowers as Hadley’s bedding. Hadley’s first name is “framed” at the bottom of the card in coordinating cardstock. The branches, birdies, flowers and Hadley’s name are all set on mounting tape to give a sense of depth the the card.

Check out baby Hadley’s other custom items-the mommy and baby bird mini blanket, onesie trio set, custom flower and bird mobile, mommy and baby bird shelving, custom coordinating canvas (all on one link) and the hand made wooden tree play set (link number two)!  Oh, I can think of so many more fun things to make for little Hadley!

For your own custom creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids or check out my items on my Etsy shop !