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Happy Thanksgiving! Door Sign revisited 2012

I just love bringing this door sign out every year! Look how big my little guys are getting! This year I had a smidge of extra time and put together several for some friends and family. Here are some tips to make your own:

You will need preferably a thick rectangular piece of fabric-a denim weight or a twill would work well, brown,yellow, red and orange medium point sharpies, fabric pen (the blue kind that blots off with water), an ultra fine black sharpie, trim of your choice, a ribbon for hanging and about 3 of those popsicle kid craft sticks.

I just love the look of the khaki/sand color mixed with the dark browns and oranges of Thanksgiving and fall! I used scrap fabric I had laying around (waiting for just such a use!) and cut it in a rectangular shape-long enough to include all three of my boys hand prints.

First, I used my fabric pen to mark on the “Happy Thanksgiving”. I love the look of the curlz MT font from MS word. You can print it out and then just do your best to copy it as closely as you can. Choose whatever font you like, of course, but it looks so much neater if you can pick a specific font! Or if your child is learning to write it would look adorable in their cute handwriting! Let them use the fabric pen then you can go over it with the other markers. The great thing about using a fabric pen is that if you don’t like how it looks-blot it off with a damp paper towel, wait for it to dry and just redo it!

Once you’ve got your writing on the way you want it go over your letters with a medium or dark brown, highlight parts of the letters with the orange then outline the letters with the fine point black. Be careful not to hold the pens down for too long or they will bleed into the fabric and leave a big spot! Use a “light hand” when doing your lettering!

Don’t forget to put the date somewhere on your sign as well, I chose the bottom right corner.

Put your child or children’s names below where you intend to put their handprints.

Attach your trim of choice with fabric glue.

To do the hanging ribbon, attach the ribbon about say 1 inch down on the back on each side with fabric glue. Fold the fabric over top of the ribbon on the back and secure with fabric glue. Here is where you also use fabric glue to attach the popsicle sticks. I had to cut one in half then attach another over top of the two. That way the sign hangs straight and doesn’t curve inward in the middle.

Then the handprints!!!! Get several wet paper towels ready for after the printing. Squeeze a bit of oranges, reds, browns, yellows on a paper plate. Get a sponge brush and sponge the different colors on different parts of the little hand. Gently place the hand on the sign where you want it to go! Don’t panic if it doesn’t look perfect! That is part of the charm!

After the handprints have dried take your ultra fine sharpie and outline the turkey, add his feet in brown, use red for the comb above and below the head, add the eye and beak with some yellow. Be sure to outline the comb, beak and feet as well. Not sure exactly how you want to do these parts? Check out my silly turkeys!

For more fun Thanksgiving hand print ideas and more check out the rest of my Thanksgiving items here or click on the Thanksgiving link to the left! Check out the Felt Handprint Turkeys, Turkey handprint bibs, Thanksgiving food toss game including food bean bags and more! Have fun!

Not up to doing this by yourself? Want to give a one of a kind gift? Just email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com and I will make you a Turkey Handprint Door Sign kit! Including the sign made and ready to go with little pots of paint and even a spongebrush for the recipient!

Thanksgiving Food Toss Game for Kids-Wooden!

The food toss game was such a hit I decided to “upgrade” it to a wooden toss game instead of the cardboard box! I actually made this last year and forgot to put it on the blog! How nice to be able to pull this out again and let the kids and their friends have a blast throwing “food” into the pilgrim’s tummy, mouth and hat! And “stuffing” the turkey! HA! Then I talked to them about how important is to eat healthy food for you and your pets, and give your dog the best calming treats for dogs.

The board is approximately 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. It is propped up by two hinged angled “legs” in the back so that it lays slanted (like cornhole boards!) when in use. Then when it’s time to put away the legs fold behind making it easy to store.

To check out the play food and the original cardboard Food Toss Game, click here.  For lots of other fun Thanksgiving ideas, click here.  Not the crafty type? Woodworking not your bag? Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com and I’ll make one for you!

Thanksgiving fun!

Oh, my little boys are getting so big! These Felt Turkey Handprints are a joy to bring out year after year-my boys love comparing how their hands have grown and I love looking at how little they were!

Thanks to Craftgossip.com for putting my little Turkey’s on their site! I love to be able to share my fun creations with all! Click on this link Felt Turkey Handprints for the original post with the directions for how to make them for your own lovies!

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Take a feather from Tom Turkey!

This fun turkey has 12 removable feathers that are perfect for hiding and finding! The feathers are numbered from 1-12 to help with number recognition. Let each child choose a feather, then  tell you his or her number. Hide the feathers and the hunt begins! You can make your own version of this game by adapting an already made stuffed turkey-simply cut out felt “feathers”, attach velcro to the tail end of the turkey and to the feathers. Still too much trouble? Print out a fun turkey and cut out the paper feathers. It’s all fun! For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Turkey Pancakes!

Forget those pancake molds! Those things never seem to work well, if at all. You just get a gloppy mess and a pancake that looks like a blob. Make your pancakes in smaller circles (about 3 inch circles), and cut one in strips to make the turkey’s feathers and head/neck. Cut a teeny triangle for his beak ,  two smaller pieces for his legs, add some chocolate chip eyes (you can leave out the turkey poop if you want…), and some powdered sugar for snow. Your pancake turkey is enjoying the season’s first snowfall and your child is actually eating his turkey-what?!

Turkey Handprint Baby Girl Bib

Baby Lyla’s handprint makes this little girlie turkey too cute to stand! I enhanced the turkey with some corally pink shades to match her adorable Thanksgiving outfit! Of course, I had to add a french knotted scripted “L” to personalize it for baby Lyla! What a great way to protect those pretty little clothes and preserve how tiny that baby hand was. For your own personalized coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Thanksgiving Art

This is one of my favorite hand prints! Cole traced his own hand and made his own turkey-he even signed and dated his work! My favorite holiday decorations are things like this that  I look forward to bringing it out again every year! This is another great way to preserve some of your favorite kids art. You don’t have to have it out all year long and the kids love seeing their old artwork every Thanksgiving (or other holiday!).

Thanksgiving Door Sign

Show off your little lovies handprint turkeys and bring them them out again year after year! I love being able to look back and see how small those little hands were.  The kids love it, too-comparing the size of their hands and how they’ve grown! This sign was made using a heavy duck cloth type material, permanent markers, satin ribbon, two buttons and embroidery floss, fabric tac, and a little piece of cardboard to keep the backing straight. That fabric tac stuff is great! Here are some fun Felt Handprint Turkey decorations, a  Thanksgiving food toss game, and a Handprint Turkey T-shirt! Know someone that would love this?  Purchase your very own Thanksgiving Door Sign Kit-the hanging already made with the paints and sponge brush included just waiting for your own little one’s handprint! Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom coffeycreations!

Thanksgiving food toss game!

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This pumpkin pie is sure to delight-but not by eating it! These little “bean bag” foods are actually stuffed with bulk corn and fashioned out of scrap pieces of felt and other materials. The food pieces include a piece of pumpkin pie, a dinner roll, a carrot, a corn on the cob, a turkey drumstick and a green bean. A little embroidery enhances the look of the corn and the carrot. My favorite, though is the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie! As for the toss box-yes, it’s made from a cardboard box! I took a fun picture from clipart (I love clipart!!!!) and turned it into a fun toss game for my little guys preschool Thanksgiving party! With holes for the pilgrim’s mouth and tummy, one in the turkey’s tummy, and one for the sun and the pilgrim’s hat-the kids are sure to make some food go in somewhere!  The toss box stands just a little over two feet high and is approximately two feet wide. It is made to sit at an angle to allow kids to get as much in the box as possible!  I could easily make this out of wood, for lots of fun use over the years! (check out some of my fun wooden creations here: Wooden Noah’s Ark, and the Octopus Shelf are just a couple!  Want your own custom coffey creation? Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Handprint Turkey Shirt

Here are a couple of little turkey’s sporting their own Turkey Handprint Shirts! I traced my little guys hands onto some brown fabric, attached some fusible webbing and cut it out. Next, I ironed it on, then secured it in place with a machine stitch. I added some embroidery detail-a beak, feet, eye, and rooster’s comb (on David’s I added a wing and a little more detail to the feathers)! I had to put my guys name on their shirts (in a backstitch) and the year-so I won’t be wondering later who’s handprint was who’s! Check out these Felt Turkey Handprints-fun for decorating and remembering just how little those handprints were! For your own custom children’s gifts e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !