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St. Patrick’s Onesie

This video was just sent in by a mom of the cutest little girl ever! This little sweetie is wearing one of my St. Patrick Onesies at the St. Patrick’s Day parade-they show her about halfway through the video! Thanks so much for sharing Rebecca!!! St. Pat’s Parade Video

This sweet little 12 mos onesie is adorned with hand embroidered shamrocks for a special little guy or gal. The shamrocks are made using a  modified lazy daisy stitch and a few straight stitches for the stems. French knots finish off the trio of shamrock’s border. The neck of the onesie shows off a wrapped dotted stitch with a darker and a lighter green embroidery floss. For your own custom onesies e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

St. Pat’s Hats! 2011 Version!

These St. Pat’s Hats are too fun not to share! Each hat was designed, hand sewn, and hand embroidered with a little leprechaun in mind! The hats are made of a sage soft pill resistant fleece and all have unique shamrocks and embroidery accents. The hats range in sizes from apprx. 18 mos and up. For your own custom St. Pat Hat e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com . Check out my Etsy shop, Gifted Hands in Wexford, or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase one of the fun hats shown here! For other silly styles click on this link to see the St. Pat’s Hats from last year. The St. Pat’s hats retail at 20$ a hat. Also check out the St. Pat’s Handprint kit, St. Pat’s ornament kit, and St. Pat’s Hair clips!

St. Pat’s Ornaments


These St. Pat’s ornaments are so cute you can save them and bring them out again every year! Not to mention they are really easy to do. Purchase some Plaster of Paris at your local craft store (less than 4$ at Michael’s-for a huge bucket of it!). Mix according to directions (1 part water, 1&1/2 part plaster of paris) and pour into a mold of your choice. I used shamrock cookie cutters sprayed with Pam and placed them directly onto my countertop. Let the molds sit for at least 10 minutes then gently push them out. They’re still damp for a bit, it’s probably better to do the shapes the day before you paint them if you can. I then used a small drill bit and put a hole in the shamrock near the top in approximately the center. After my child painted the shamrock, I let it dry then sprayed it with a matte finish acrylic sealer (purchased at Walmart, Michaels, or even Lowes). Then I used a permanent marker to note the child’s name and year, and hung them in the window using clear fishing line. What fun! The little ones love to paint and then to see their creations hanging in the window for all to see! “I made that!” my little guy says!

St. Pat’s Clips

These fun St. Pat’s clips can be worn in the hair or clipped to a shirt to show your St. Pat’s Day spirit! A french knot secures the shamrock a sage satin ribbon that is attached to the silver hair clip.

St. Pat’s Hats!

St. Patrick’s is just a darn good excuse to have fun! Check out these fun green hats-made out of pill resistant snuggle fleece in a sage green. And let me tell you these hats are really soft-my guys LOVE to wear them ( and that is saying a lot as I have a hard time even keeping keep them dressed).  I attached the shamrocks to the hats with embroidery floss using a french knot.

St. Patrick’s Hand Print Kit

This kit is personalized with your child’s name and the date of this year’s St. Patricks day! It contains three cards-one for you to keep, and one for each set of grandparents (or other special family or friends). Create your own “five leaf clover” by capturing your child’s handprint on watercolor paper and using coordinating paint. This kit even comes with a paint brush, two pieces of watercolor paper per card (in case your little one moves his hand and smudges the print!), envelopes for the cards, adhesive squares to attach the print to the card and a keepsake box (also personalized with your child’s first name).  The St. Patrick’s Hand Print kit is best purchased for children ages 0-4 (in order for their little hand to fit on the print card!)