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New Year’s Clock

This little Grandfather clock was easy to make! Draw on the clock face and paint in! For fun clock ideas I love to check out clip art and adapt to make my own creations. I added on the top pieces and cut out the bottom front “legs” to make it look a bit fancier! We compressed time by counting down the hours every 15 minutes ( to make it a lot faster to reach 12:00)!  I also cut a little slot out from each number on the clock and inserted a slip of paper with two “challenges” on it-from giving this many (the number on the clock) kisses to mommy or spinning around that many times in a row! The kids loved the challenges and getting to turn the clock every “hour”! The hats and noisemakers were made last year and brought out again for even more fun! Keep checking back for more fun things to do with kids!

New Year’s Confetti/Candy Pull

This confetti/candy pull was so easy to make you wouldn’t believe it! I used an oatmeal canister, spray painted it and put on glitter. For the pull part I tied 5 ribbons together and hot glued the knot to the inside center of the lid, then I let each ribbon hang down so that when I put the lid back on the container the ribbons would each hang down for a child to hold. I filled the canister with homemade confetti, bits of candy left over from Christmas, and some fun pens and pencils-nothing too heavy or the lid might not stay put. We counted down from 10 and the kids all pulled the strings at the same time to release the confetti and goodies! They loved it, and it was resuable!  Happy New Year! Keep checking back for more fun ideas for kids!

Happy New Year! Hats and Noise Makers

These fun New Year’s Hats were made of scraps of wool felt and fabric. The “Happy New Year” was written on in Elmer’s glue and then glitter was shaken on. The noisemakers are recycled cans spiced up with beads, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, chenille balls, small round mirrors, faux jewels, buttons, ribbon, and recycled thread spools, all put together with a hot glue gun. The key is to have the can opener that detaches the lid from the can completely-the lid and the can are also left dull (not razor sharp!) when using this type of can opener. Put beads, beans, rice or whatever you want inside the cans, then hot glue the top right back on! Or, hot glue another can inside the first one for a variety of fun looks! These noisemakers were a hit-I also used some elmers glue and glitter to put the child’s first initial on their very own noisemaker. Not the crafty type? Or you’d like a special gift for a new mom?  E-mail me about custom made children’s items at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com.