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Haunted Castle-Cardboard Creations

What a blast this was! I had saved these huge boxes knowing that eventually we would find something fun to do with them. We got out our Halloween decorations and the inspiration hit! The kids loved hanging the lights and spider webs across the top of the Haunted “castle” (I had cut pieces out to give it a castle effect).  I also cut out several windows and left a space for the door. In one window we hot glued a raven, in another a dragon’s head  (cardboard cut out and colored in with markers, we attached the dragon head with duct tape on both sides of the bottom of the head so he could be “defeated” and knocked down with nerf gun darts-then propped back up again for more defeats!), another window was made to open and close by leaving one edge uncut.

Keep checking back for more fun ideas of stuff to do with your kids!

Golden Power Ranger Costume

Go Go Power Rangers! Ahhhh, why is it the Power Ranger they want to be is one that isn’t made?!!!!  Making this costume was definitely worth it to see the look on my little guy’s face.  As I typically don’t use patterns to make my children’s items I was able to look at a picture and make this pretty closely resemble the actual golden ranger’s costume.  One problem I had was not being able to find a gold material that was a little bit stretchy…that would have made this costume perfect-and much easier to make.  Alas, last minute Halloween costume making has me using what is available and stretchy gold fabric is not.

So, the big tip for Halloween Costume making is this, use stretchy fabric wherever possible! It allows the fit to be more comfortable for the child and enables you to not to have to have the fit exactly perfect. Also, velcro closures are easy for kids and moms. The velcro dots are great but be sure to get the NON sticky kind!  Want a costume for your child that is unavailable? I will be happy to help or make it for you!  Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Ghost Footprints

These ghosts are a perfect way to preserve how little those feet were! I love being able to use footprints (or hand prints) for seasonal decorating! The first ghosts are just tracings of a foot on white cardstock paper, eyes drawn on for fun, and a label printed out for future identification. The ghosts are made 3D using mounting tape (love that stuff!). The second set of ghostly footprints is an actual print made using white paint on black paper. E-mail me at shannon
@coffeycreationsforkids and I’ll make a personalized kit just for your little ones feet!

Frankenstein Golf

This Frankenstein was perfect for preschool and lower elementary school kids! The preschool kids just loved rolling the “eyeballs” into Frankenstein’s mouth, and the older kids loved seeing who could putt the eyeballs right into his mouth using plastic golf clubs! Made with a box, craft paint, construction paper for hair, and crayola model magic (available at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics, even WalMart and Target have smaller packets of it!) for the teeth and eyeballs-this guy was pretty easy to do! I attached the head to a “golf hole” that we had gotten with a kids golf set, and the eyeballs and teeth with a glue gun.  I drew the pupil, eye color, and some blood vessels to make the ping pong balls nice and bloodshot. I also used some soft foam golf balls-they were yellow-good for monster eyes! For other craft and fun ideas for you and your kids check out Fun Crafts for kids.