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Little Adelaide and big sister Emerson!

I just love to see sweeties enjoying their baskets and liners! And mommy Neely told me that Adelaide’s bunny left her an early present in her basket-and it wasn’t jelly beans! Ugggh! Ah, what us mommies will do for our precious babies! Enjoy them, Neely! And thank you so much again for sharing your sweeties with us!


Hand Painted Wooden Easter Eggs


Only a few left! Click on my etsy shop link on the top right of the page to see! Or convo me at my etsy shop or email me for a custom hand painted wooden egg order! Shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

More liners and baskets 2015! Oh joy!!!!


Berkley’s Liner-updates!!!!



I have been so lucky to do this family’s baskets since Berkley was the only little girlie! She is now the oldest of three sweet girls! I had to share this because I LOVE the fact that I received Berkely’s liner with some obvious child wear on it-WHAT?!  How fantastic is it that this mommy wants her little girlie to use and enjoy her precious basket!!!!! I love that!

Little Berkley had fun with a pen on the inside bottom of the liner-oops! I can so see my boys doing the same thing! The inner bottom fabric was easily replaced with a soft cuddle fleece of a coordinating fabric. There were a few other use spotts-maybe candy?! or a smidge of dirt? Easily cleaned off! In case the dirt is hard to remove, professional cleaning company like TotalClean Southampton can help you. To reach their team, call 01202 50 90 91. So, thank you again to Mommy for letting her girlie enjoy and use her special basket-for that is what these are for!!!

Berkley has also decided that her favorite color is blue. Mommy wanted me to add a litttle something to her basket to reflect that. So, I added a mommy birdie on Berkley’s “y” looking over her three little sissie birdies (all blue!) in their nest. I hear that Berkley loves it!!!

We also replaced Berkley’s original hot pink and white smaller ribbon ties on the sides with larger (and coordinating to her new sisters!) pink satin ribbbon ties with little mini puff balls!

I will add more pics of the other girls’ baskets soon, but I just had to share this one! Oh, and you may notice that the basket is a bit big for the liner-it isn’t Berkley’s original basket. I should have switched it to another basket but I really wannted to show all three girls liners together!!!! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful customers!

Thank you so much again Jessica!

Hand Painted Easter Baskets

What fun to make these! I usually sketch out the scene on fabric then embroider it! How fun to be able to paint my scenes directly onto the basket! Also check out my hand painted items-including personalized hand painted  wooden Easter eggs!


Spring 2015

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Ahhhh! Spring is here and so begins a crop of new baskets! What fun! Check back as I continue to update! Thank you so much to all of my wonderful customers-you make me love what I do even more!

More liners and baskets for Easter 2014

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Marleys Baby Shower Gifts!

Marleys mommy loves Lions! So I hand embroidered a lion with the sweet baby’s name on a mini blanket with some fun African inspired designs framing it among many other gifts for babies from sites as https://top10bestpro.com. Mini blankets are the perfect size for covering a sweetie in a car seat, for a toddler to carry around, or for a beautiful wall hanging.  Purple is going to be the room color too-could you tell?!

I hand painted a small paper mache lion to add to the decor and a little stool as well. This time the stool is in a shade of Imperial Lilac, so as not to blend in with the wall color!  The hand painted wooden Easter Egg ornament shows a bunny amidst flowers with a lion nearby. Aside from baby decorations, developmental toys 3 months old can also help babies in familiarizing numbers, colors, and animals. Just make sure that it’s made from non toxic materials.

For your own custom baby items check out my etsy shop or contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !


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Baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

Well, I have to say what a fantastic time I have had this year making some gorgeous baskets for lots of little ones! How lucky I feel to have such wonderful customers! Just to share a bit…this year I have been lucky enough to make a basket for a newly adopted little boy-his mom even sent me pics of the whole family with the Judge! What a blessing to the family and for me to be able to be involved in some small way in this wonderful family event! This year I got to make lots of liners for new baby brothers and sisters of previous customers who I had already made baskets for for their first child-how exciting to see new families growing!

Another previous customer emailed me from the hospital as she was there preparing to deliver her second baby girl-and she thought of ME because she wanted another liner for her sweet new baby! How special does that make me feel?! Pretty darn special!

I’ve had wonderful pictures shared from customers-some even professional photographers! I just love seeing the little ones enjoy my creations!!

And this year, I can hardly believe that I am saying this, but I even made baskets for the children of a movie star and her famous musician husband! I’ve got so many feathers in my cap it may be enough to take flight! Of course, my husband says I may not be able to fit through the door because my head is getting so big! HA!

But, as usual, I have just LOVED making so many fun special baskets. I truly love what I do and I thank YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! As I tell my husband, I just hope I get to keep doing these fun things! Maybe I really do have a chance!!!!!

Please keep checking back for lots more fun pics of lots of different projects. I am desperately behind updating my blog but hope to continue to update now that the craziness of Easter has abated somewhat. I am still making Easter baskets (and other things!) for next year so if you are thinking about it-it is never too early to inquire!

Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with any questions ! And have lots of fun with those little ones!!!



Mack and Mazie!

What beautiful children you have Katherine! Thank you so much for sharing them with me! Check out Katherine’s site-she’s obviously an amazing photographer! http://www.katherinelandry.com/

Please check back for lots more finished baskets! I will be behind with my updating as I’m working on finishing up as many as I possibly can to get them shipped to California, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina! Thanks so much again to all of my fantastic customers who make what I do even more enjoyable than it already is!!

This year, I’ve also finally branched out to Christmas Stockings! I got one (yes, I know) made last year and am hoping to get a bunch started ahead of time for next season. Believe it or not, I started working last summer on Easter baskets and items! Being a stay at home mom, still, I work on things as often as I can, but my three boys are still my priority! Next year all three will be in school full time! Sad for mommy, but I can’t wait to see how much more I can accomplish!

Please check back to see my fun Easter creations when they are all finished! And, don’t forget to contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for any fun creations for your child!  And check out my etsy shop for lots of fun premade items and gift items for babies and children : https://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeycreations?ref=si_shop

And don’t forget my FACEBOOK page for the most recent updates-it’s just easier and quicker to update, unfortunately!!!!


Thanks again, and Happy Easter!!!