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Raylin’s Easter Basket

This sweet little basket has a gorgeous pink and white damask print on it’s interior liner and the exterior liner is a coordinating bright white. The outer liner shows off a sweet girlie bunny holding pretty pink tulips and a birdie atop the “n” of her name. Raylin’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same soft pink.  The pink tulips surround the bunny and are on the other side of Raylin’s name as well. The flowers are hand embroidered in a soft pink silk ribbon. This basket’s side ties are a satiny pink ribbon edged in white mini puffballs. The outer liner is also lined with mini white puffballs.

For your own Custom Coffey Creations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop. Please contact me as soon as possible for custom Easter baskets! I have been making baskets for 2013 since before Easter 2012! I already have several baskets ordered and some in the works and would like to accommodate as many people as possible!

Lily Sophia’s Basket Mini Bunny and Mini Basket

This large basket for Lily Sophia has a lots of hand embroidered special memories for little baby Lily and her family. The inner liner is made of a soft pink chenille and has an exterior liner of a soft white cotton muslin. Due to the handle placement on this basket the liner is reconfigured so that half of the front exterior liner and the same back half have velcro closures to allow removal of the liner. The design still allows for the incorporation of the fun mini white puffball trimmed pink ribbon side ties.

Lily Sophia’s name is done in lots of little pink french knots and has a white bunny holding some flowers to it’s left. On the far left is a white birch tree with a monkey hanging from one of it’s limbs (daddy’s nickname when he was little!) and under the tree is the likeness of the family dog Tippy who passed away just before little baby Sophia was born, so we wanted to get one of those fou fou puppues for the family.  Among the multitude of silk ribbon hand embroidered flowers is a lilac bush which was mommy’s grandmother’s favorite flower.

The mini bunny and her basket have the same soft fun chenille fabric and also have Lily’s monogram hand embroidered on them!

I can’t wait to see all of the fun baby basket pictures next year! Thanks so much Mishelle for being such a great customer!

For your own custom coffeycreations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out some of my premade items by clicking on my Etsy shop on the link on the top right of this page.


Adelaide’s Easter Basket!

I just love the color combinations on this sweet basket for baby Adelaide! The pretty yellow damask floral print paired with the hot pinks of the silk ribbon flowers are a beautiful commemoration to springtime fun!

The liner has side ties of the same fun yellow print and a dotted wrapped stitch trim edging the outer liner. Adelaide’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same pretty yellow as the basket and shows off a hand embroidered bunny holding a flower surrounded by lots of other fun and bright flowers done in regular embroidery floss as well as silk ribbon. There is also a sweet birdie in flight bringing a bloom to Adelaide’s bunny and another birdie sitting atop the “d” at the end of her name.

For your own custom coffey creations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or click on the link on the right to my Etsy shop to see some of my premade items!


Will and Natalie with their Easter Baskets

Thank you mommy Karen for sharing pics of your lovies with their Easter Baskets! Will is just totally adorable-that smile and are those the cutest freckles ever?! I heard Natalie did not like the grass-she’s already a girlie girl!!! What fun they must be! I hope they enjoyed egg hunts and the treats from the Easter bunny with their special baskets!

Click here for more details about Natalie and Will’s custom Easter Baskets. Also check out Natalie’s hand painted “Mad about Madeline” step stool, her hand painted rocking chair with hand embroidered coordinating Peacock cushion (here to see the little darling on her rocking chair!), and Natalie and Will’s custom pillow name signs!

Thanks so much again Karen for being such a great customer and for sharing pictures of your sweeties with me! I love seeing how your little girl has grown!


Catherine’s basket

I love the soft feminine colors of this basket and liner! The soft mint green inner liner paired with the stark white exterior liner and accented with warm pinks and greens just scream spring!

Catherine’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in a warm pink. The little bunny is surrounded by pink tulips done in silk ribbon. The tulips extend to the other side of Catherine’s name as well. Catherine’s  liner has side ties of a soft pink ribbon with mini white puffballs along it’s edges. The outer liner is framed in a green leafy trim.

Catherine’s little mini bunny has a dress made of the same soft mint green and edged in pretty tulips, her bunny tail is made of a soft white cotton yarn. A ribbon is attached right above her tail to hold her to the basket to prevent her from being lost.

For your own custom coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for some of my premade items.

McGuire and her Easter Basket!

Here is little baby McGuire with her special Easter Basket and beautiful Easter dress! What a little sweetie! Thank you so much Shandy for sharing pictures of your little lovie!

McGuire’s Easter Basket is a larger basket measuring 14 inches in diameter and in a medium to dark brown color. The inner liner is a special order soft pink damask twill and has light green french knot trim right above where the inner liner meets the outer liner. The exterior part of the liner has a sweet bunny holding pink tulips and surrounded by lots of flowers done in silk ribbon in beautiful pastels.

The flowers on McGuire’s liner include tulips, roses, lily of the valley, daffodils, lilies, daisies and more all done in soft yellow, aqua, pinks, and lavenders with green leaves of varying shades.  These flowers are all worked with silk ribbon of varying widths, embroidery floss stems and stamens and silk ribbon leaves.

You will also see two little birdies on McGuire’s liner-one is bringing her little bunny a flower, and the other sits atop the “e” at the end of her name.

The fancy font for McGuire’s name was a font actually purchased by her mommy from an outside source. I used tons of little french knots to stitch her name in a soft pink. The french knots give a three dimensional effect and really set off this exquisite font!

The outer liner has a framing of a dotted wrapped stitch done in a soft green and has the soft baby pink silk roses in each corner. This framing is done on the front and back of the liner.

The liner is trimmed in soft pink mini puffballs and has beautiful pink wired ribbon with mini white puffballs along it’s edges as side ties.

Shandy also wanted her little girlie to have a matching mini bunny to go with her basket. This little bunny is hand made of the same soft cotton muslin and is wearing a fancy dress of the coordinating pink damask. The little dress also has the same green french knots accenting it as well as the little pink puffballs along it’s edges. Little Caroline (McGuire’s middle name!) Bunny has a soft cotton yarn puffy tail and a pretty pink satin ribbon right above her tail to tie her to the basket so she doesn’t get lost! Caroline bunny has a silk ribbon rose right below her ear and her features of green eyes and pink nose and mouth are all hand embroidered.

What a fantastic Easter present for little McGuire! I hope she will enjoy this treasure every year for many years to come. Thank you Shandy for being so great to work with and enjoy that little girlie!!!

For more pics of McGuire’s basket and Caroline Bunny click here.

For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for some of my premade items.




Sophia and her basket!

How cute is this little girlie?! Always a sweet smile from this one! Here little Sophia sits next to her special basket made just for her by her Aunt Shannon (that’s me!)!

Sophia’s mommy loves the dandelions and the fun of making wishes-so guess what Sophia’s little bunny is holding in her paw?! A dandelion that she has made a wish on! You can see the little pieces flying over top of Sophia’s name (which is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in a pretty coral shade).

On the other side of Sophia’s name is a “big brother bunny” (modeled after her big brother Coleman!) trying to pick a rose from the rosebush for his little sister. I love seeing the back side of this cute bunny with his puffy tail sticking out for all to see!

The girlie bunny sits among lots of other dandelions and on the outskirts of both sides of the outer liner are bunches soft coral tulips done in silk ribbon.

This basket is a smaller basket with a diameter of 9 inches in a medium brown, the inner liner is a heavy linen weave of tiffany blue with a gorgeous coral lace accenting the side openings where the coral satin ribbon ties secure the liner to the basket.

I’ve included some pictures of the unfinished basket to give you a feel for the “before” and “after”!

Happy Easter baby Sophia!

For your own custom coffeycreations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop and convo me there.

Finished Easter baskets and more 2012

Easter is almost here and most of the baskets are finished! Only two left to go-one for my baby niece and one for a local customer.

Keep checking back for more baskets after Easter. I’ve got  some really unique ones coming up! Thank you so much to all of those customers who think my baskets are worth the wait for next year.  I really look forward to making them for your little ones!!!

Just a few notes on some of the neat baskets above-McGuire’s basket has a completely unique font-one that her mommy had purchased just for her! I love the scrollish extra swirls on it-it looks elegant and certainly feminine! The french knot stitches certainly give it justice! Also McGuire’s little bunny has a pretty pink satin ribbon that ties just above her soft cotton yarn tail-this ribbon also allows McGuire’s mommy to tie the bunny to the side of the basket. Since little McGuire is a baby it will ensure that the bunny does not get lost or misplaced till she is ready to play with it!!!

David’s basket is actually my middle guy’s basket that I made him last year! I made these little finger puppet  chicks to give out to my youngest little one’s preschool class. They loved them! David’s basket looked so cute with them, though, his had the most cute little yellow chicks on it!

Connor and Cole’s baskets were so much fun with the funky fabric and the dotted wrapped stitch names done in two different coordinating colors. Perfect for older boys! Cole’s mom has opted to send me his basket back after the holiday so that I can add lots more embroidery-a guitar, a bunny on the sand (they live near the ocean!), oh how much fun will that be?!

Lexi’s basket has the soft pink chenille inner liner with the outer liner in white with her name done in french knots, trimmed in mini white puff balls, with the side ties a pretty baby pink with mini white puffballs along the edges. Lexi is a new baby-only born early March! Lexi’s mommy also wants lots more embroidery added to this classically feminine liner.

Addi’s First Easter will be comemorated with this fun limey mint hand painted wooden egg personalized just for little Addi! Also, check out the one for little Avery done on the pink egg.

Claire’s basket has the prettiest polka dotted fabric on the inner part of the liner-it reminds me of the swiss dotted fabrics as a little girl! The outer liner shows off Claire’s name done in french knots and surrounded by pink lilly of the valley flowers. The little bunny holds a lilly of the valley herself!

Charlotte’s basket shows such a colorful display of spring flowers that it just makes me smile! And do you see the little pumpkin off to the left? That’s baby Charlotte’s sweet nickname from her mommy and daddy!

Christian’s basket is a soft blue and has a bunny under a tree on one side with a piggie by a fence on the other. Both sides have pretty blue and yellow spring flowers and little birdies checking out the scene. The little bunny in his baby blue short alls has a “C” on his shorts to show that he belongs to Christian! He also comes with his own little mini basket!

Lachlan’s basket is the first one I’ve sent overseas! Little Lachlan and his family are currently living in Australia but still have family back here in the States.

Amanda’s basket and liner was the first girl basket liner that I made this season. I couldn’t wait to use the fun fabric on the inner liner. I even edged the outer white liner with some of the same fabric.

Katie and Amanda’s names were both done in a French Script font-it’s cursive, a bit formal, but  fun for girls that are a little older! Katies liner is done in a gorgeous aqua damask and has beautiful truquoise/aqua flowers with the little bunny on it’s outer liner.

So many people were kind enough to allow me to send them their liner “half finished” this year! This way their little one could have their basket and yet I would have more time to finish extra embroidery. Thank you so much! And thank you again to all of the great customers who have already placed orders for post Easter Easter baskets. I am so lucky to be able to work with such wonderful customers to create such unique baskets.

For your own custom Easter baskets email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or convo me at my Etsy shop.

Have a happy and healthy Easter Holiday!!!!









Even more finished baskets!


What fun baskets this year! Winston’s basket is so far the largest boy basket I’ve made at a diameter of 14 inches, AND the first one to have a little lamb on it! I also included some fun spring flowers in blue, yellow and white, what is spring without Lilly of the Valley, Dafodils and crocuses?!

Jemma’s basket-oh, where to begin?! Jemma’s mommy had an unusual shaped basket-the handles go from front to back insted of side to side. So, to get the most of the bunny and scene on the liner I made the exterior liner detachable. The outer liner still has side “ties” in this case of a beautiful wired pink satin ribbon with white mini puffballs, but it also has button holes along the upper edge so it can be attached to the inner liner with little pink satin bows. Jemma’s mother knew she wanted an extra special basket and liner for her little girl-and was willing to wait to get it till this year when I wasn’t able to do it last year. Thank you so much Rebecca for remembering me and for letting me make your little sweetie’s basket!!!  Jemma’s basket is much bigger than the standard baskets and oval in shape. It measures 19inches from side to side, 14 inches from front to back and is 9 inches deep. Lots of room for presents from the Easter Bunny!

Ah, Ellington’s basket! Ellington is Berkely’s new baby sister! Their mommy purchased one of my baskets last year for big sister Berkley and were wonderful enough to come back to me for another one for baby Ellington! Thank you so much!!! I was so excited to use this adorable pale blue satin ribbon with mini white puffball edging and be able to coordinate it  with the robins egg blue interior liner. The multi colored flowers on this liner really set off the pretty blues, and there is no doubt that it is girly!!!

How fun to do the baskets for all three children! Esme, Oisin, and Oliver. Esme’s is in a soft pretty pink cotton and shows off a little bunny playing in pink lilly of the valley flowers, Oisin’s inner liner is in a soft blue with his bunny holding an Easter egg with other Easter eggs hidden in the grass, Oliver’s inner liner is a forest green with his little bunny holding a carrot and more carrots along the scene by his name. All three liners have button side closures of coordinating colors and also coordinating mini puffball trim.

Thank you again to all of my fantastic customers. I truly am blessed being able to make such special baskets for your little lovies!!!!Happy Easter to all and please keep checking back for more finished baskets!

If you’d like a custom heirloom basket I would love to make your special little guy or girl one for 2013! Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or convo me at my Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeycreations



More finished Easter Baskets 2012


Here are some of my finished baskets and liners for 2012! Please keep checking back to see more and for more details! I’ve got lots more in the works and some fantastic ones already lined up for after the holiday for those great customers who think my baskets are worth the wait! Thank you SOO much! I am so excited and priviledged to be working on such special baskets. Each one is truly a treasure.

So far this year I’ve made the biggest baskets ever! Several 14 inch ones, one 16 inch one and a couple that will be coming out that are more oval and 19X13-but with the handle front to back not side to side! I’ve also got a basket that will have a pumpkin, one with a monkey, and even one with another little piggie! On a few previous posts from earlier 2012 baskets I’ve got a guitar, the new family puppy and lots more fun things to look at! Click on Easter Baskets on the left to view lots more examples and some fun Easter ideas!

For your own custom coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop.

I’d love to make a special basket for your lovie for 2013!

Thank you again to all of my great customers out there. You truly are the best and I hope you treasure your Coffey Creation as much as I do, and enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!!!