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Hand Painted Rocking chairs for Sabine and Rumi heirloom pond and forest themed-custom

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What a joy it was to make these heirloom rocking chairs for little Sabine and Rumi! Rumi’s was done in blues, greens, and cool colors, reflecting the colors of the pond themed flora and fauna depicted on her rocking chair. Sabine’s chair was a forest theme that shows off the bright reds, oranges and golden yellow’s of fall and incorporating the flora and fauna of the forest. I then got to add in some of the family’s own pets-chickens, a cat and a goat!

Check back for lots more detailed pictures of the chairs themselves! Thank you again so much Bettina and family for sharing these gorgeous pictures of your priceless grand babies!


Santa cape!

imageWhat fun for Christmas! Made of a soft cuddly pill resistant fleece, these are made to order in sizes from 3-8T. They can be made without the Santa fur as a great Red riding hood cape, too! And what is all this I hear about Super Why?!

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Dave’s Christmas Stocking (Family Christmas Stocking)

I just love that this stocking represents everyone in the family! Daddy (Dave) represented by Santa Claus loves poker-note the cards and die in his hands and on the table. Mommy (Joan) is represented by Mrs. Claus-she holds the large red sack of presents with more scattered around it and on the floor.

One of the girls is nick named “Birdie”-note the little birdie on the shelf holding the Santa Hat? “Come on Santa!” she seems to be saying, “You’ve got to get ready to go!”.  Also on the shelf is a NY Yankies baseball cap-Daddy is a big fan, and a Wii remote-the whole family loves to play.

There is a window showing a wintry scene to set the Christmas mood-a tree with snow on the limbs and snow falling in the sky-and, what? A rainbow-another fun family reference! I can see the kids pointing and talking about the things that they like or represent them and everyone having fun talking about it! What else? A lacrosse stick, jacks (for nick name Jack Pack!), tennis shoes from Vessi Footwear  (mom and the girls like to run!), beans with one sprouting (nick name Bean!), a basketball, a camera, a pail, shovel and starfish to represent the seaside, an artists palette and brush, a toy sword, and a theater mask-oh what fun!

Joan, what a great keepsake for the whole family! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this fun project!

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Ethan’s Christmas Stocking

Little Ethan and his family live near the shore-you may have noticed the Palm Christmas tree and the ocean with sailboat, waves and a jumping fish out of the window! I just love the aqua color and the fun bright red accents of this stocking!

Ethan’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch, but double wrapped for added dimension. The hand embroidery on his stocking includes a representation of Ethan himself, in Christmas red and white pajamas, wearing a cowboy hat, and holding a drum with drumsticks. The family dog, Madison, watches Ethan from behind. The Palm Christmas tree has lots of presents underneath waiting to be unwrapped, but there are a few other toys throughout the room for Ethan: his favorite night time book-Goodnight Moon, a set of blocks spelling his name, a red wagon with a teddy bear in it, and a toy car. Another little “ode” to the Goodnight Moon book is the little mouse on the bottom right corner of the stocking!

Thank you so much again Brandy for thinking of me to make this special stocking for your little guy!

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Fingerprint/Handprint Snowmen!

I  just love being able to preserve little fingerprints in a way that I can enjoy again and again! The fingerprint snowmen shown in the pictures are made from my 2year old niece’s little hand print. I used a sharpie to write the date and her name on the bottom of the jar for her Daddy to keep and bring out every year-my boys always love comparing how their hands have grown with their fingerprint/keepsake items!

I added a little pink scarf to each snowperson, a black hat, an orange nose, blue eyes (like Sophie’s!), stick arms, and even put little snowballs in some of the snowgirls hands! I dotted some white paint “snow” throughout the background of the jar, swirled some on the bottom and then sprinkled white glitter all over the jar so that it would stick to the white paint to make it even more snow like.

I also love to be able to recycle and reuse, this jar was actually a pasta sauce jar. I put a little battery operated votive inside of it and it is ready to go for holiday decorating!

There are so many variations on this theme you could do, too. My 8 year old just used his fingertip to create his snowmen and he loved making the scarves, hats, and the rest of the snowmen himself. I thought how fun it would be to get a fingerprint from each member of the family and have a snowperson represent everyone! We’ll see if we can get everyone to cooperate with that one!

And, I’m thinking as a teacher gift to have all of the kids put their own fingerprint on a jar with their name above the snowman. We can fill the jar with homemade white chocolate pretzels! One of my favorite treats to make with the kids!

Make this craft on your own or purchase my premade kit-for yourself, a new mom, or a mom who loves to do fun things like this with her kids! Click on this link to view the kit from my Etsy shop!

Check out some of my other fun holiday crafts and fun things to do with kids! Click on the Thanksgiving link on the left or here, and the Christmas link or here.

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Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of my favorite customers gave me the idea to make an Advent Calendar-I’d been wanting to get one for years, just hadn’t found the “right” one. Karen loved one that was a bunch of different little mittens hung on a line.

I had gotten rid of a lot of my Christmas ornaments over the years-all of the glass ones due to worry about one of the boys getting hurt. So, the thought of doing an Advent Calendar as Tree Ornaments was perfect for us. Not to mention the “teaching” aspect of it as an added bonus!

Each number has a little pocket to place a small candy (or three).  I made Christmas trees, stockings, mittens, presents, and Santa Hat shapes, of different colors of green,  tan, and red. I embellished each item with embroidery floss, ric rac, mini puff balls, ribbon, ultra cuddle fleece and white pom poms.

For more extensive directions to make these yourself e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com. Not the crafty type? I’d be happy to make you a set for next Christmas!

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Snowmen toss game with snowballs!

These three little snowmen are made of cardboard-just like the box they’re sitting on! One holds a snowball-watch out-and another holds a candy cane in each hand. These snowmen are fun to knock over with homemade snowballs (the snowballs are made with left over batting wrapped around a small amount of rice to give it a bit of weight)! The great thing about these snowballs is that your hands never get cold, plus they don’t hurt when they hit you! How can you beat that?! Check back for other fun ideas for kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom children’s creations!

Merry Christmas! Green and White PJ’s!

These hand made green and white striped pajamas are made of a soft cotton and have piping detailing at the cuffs of the shirt and pants, on the collar, and along the front of both sides of the shirts. We’re just about ready for Santa now! For your own custom made children’s and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Christmas Baby Bibs!

These little guys and gals are ready for their Christmas feast! The little girl bibs are done in a bright Christmas red and their monograms are hand embroidered in french knots. The little boy’s bib is made in a striped evergreen and white material and his first name is embroidered in dark green french knots. All bibs have a soft white cotton backing. These bibs are sure to set off their special Christmas outfits and help protect them, too. For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Handmade Felt Stockings

I started making these felt stockings years ago when I had only one little guy’s to make. Through the years I’ve added “Uncen Shaun’s”, and two more little boys’ stockings! These stockings are made by sewing a 3/4 inch edge around the felt in a red thread and finishing it off with a blanket stitch. The cuff is also finished off in a blanket stitch. The names are embroidered using a chain stitch, and the snow flakes are made using straight stitches. The representative snowmen/women are made using white felt and scraps of material for the hats and scarves. The snowpersons’ buttons and eyes are made using french knots and the arms and hands are made using straight stitches.  For your own custom personalized children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !