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Girlie Bunnies

I had to put these little girlie bunnies on here all by themselves! They were too much fun to make-and to be able to coordinate them with their little girls’ baskets-then make them baskets of their own?! Ahhh!!! Thanks so much to Yohonna for allowing me to make these cuties for her sweet little girls!

Each little mini girlie bunny has a silk embroidered hair flower to coordinate with her little girl’s basket. The dresses and mini baskets are made of the same fabrics as the larger basket’s liners. The fun pom poms make the little dresses even more fun! The bunnie’s each also have blue eyes-just like their little girlie owners! Each bunny comes with a soft white cotton yarn pom pom tail-peeking out from their sweet dresses!

I hope you and your girls had a great Easter Yohonna! I loved making their baskets and little girlie bunnies! Thanks again so much!!!

For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreations for kids or convo me at my Etsy shop!

Happy Easter 2011

Happy Easter! What a fun Easter it has been! Check out my guys new Easter baskets-made by mommy just for them! Cole’s (his full name is on the basket-Colborn) has a gorgeous dark green linen weave inner liner with the exterior liner in white showing off his full name with a bunny holding a blue bird in his paw and two more blue birds hanging around his name. David’s basket is done in a soft khaki linen weave interior and a white cotton muslin exterior liner. David’s bunny is holding a carrot and has several little chicks, carrots and a special rainbow Easter egg hiding in the grass! Leonard’s basket has a warm chocolate brown interior linen liner with his white exterior liner sporting a bunny holding an egg amidst more eggs, carrots and chicks. The liners have brown button closures on the sides secured with a brown cording. The white exterior liners are all framed in a different colored dotted straight stitch and the linen above the white shows off dotted french knots on each of the boys’ liners.

You may have noticed the adorable Easter bunnies in these baskets! My mother-in-law and I spent an Easter break several years ago knitting these little guys! Knitting is definitely not my forte. I did, however, make one all by myself and then felted all three! I also made the little blue jackets (with brass buttons, quite new), carrots, and sandals for the little bunnies. I love bringing these little guys out every year!

Here are lots of fun Easter baskets to view from this year-Easter Baskets 2011. Check out even more by clicking on the Easter tab to the left-or this link!

For your own custom Easter basket e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for more information!

Sweet Bird and Flower Mobile, Mini Blanket and more!

This sweet Bird and Flower mobile was made to coordinate with the Lola Baby Bedding by Serena and Lily. This mobile and birds are all hand made with lots of hand embroidered accents. The main part of the mobile is the flower in the Lola design and has some white satin rope cording and soft pink chenille balls on it’s edge. The flower also has several smaller flower appliques with borders of hand embroidered chain stitches, wrapped dotted stitches, and stem stitches. The birds have appliques on their tummies and back, embroidered stem stitching, and some pink mini puff balls on their backs. The birds wings are attached separately and have a dotted straight stitch accenting them. The flower hangs from the ceiling with a clear plastic line as do the birds so they appear to be flying!

The custom hand painted canvas was also meant to coordinate with the baby-to-be’s bedding and is intended to be personalized with the baby’s birth information. The adorable little wooden birdhouse is also hand painted to coordinate with the bedding and decor and shows off a mommy and baby birdie along with the colors and theme of the Lola bedding.

Oh, the mini blanket! I love the smaller size of these blankets-perfect for sitting that little one on or covering up the car seat from the weather with a touch of flair! This mini blanket has two hand embroidered birds-a mommy and baby bird with some appliques on the mommy bird. The birds are detailed with stem stitches in several different colors and a dotted wrapped stitch.  The inner framing of the blanket is edged in mini ballet pink puff balls, and the outer framing of the blanket is the same soft corally rose pink (punch!) of the bedding. The mommy and baby bird are set on a soft white cotton, as is the backing of the blanket. The blanket has a light batting interior to give it a bit of puff!

The trio of sweet little onesies also reflect the colors and theme of the Lola bedding. The soft pink one has white silk ribbon roses hand embroidered on the front with a stem stitched soft green stem with little white rose buds interspersed between the roses. One of the white onesies has a mommy bird and baby bird embroidered in the same colors and theme as the bedding, the other white onesie has the large flower design from the bedding with two smaller flowers on either side.

It  was so much fun to make these things for Adrea’s new baby-to-be! I loved being able to get a sneak peak of the bedding and getting to create something fun and whimsical! Oh, if only I hadn’t run out of time! Have fun Adie!

For your own custom coordinating baby or children’s items contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Baskets and Bunnies for Boys!

What? Never anything fun for boys, just tons of girl stuff? Not on my watch! With three boys I got tired of never finding anything unique or truly fun for little boys! So, I got busy!

Check out the little Plaid Bunny with brown button eyes and his chocolatey brown collar with the large brown button on the side. The matching basket has a soft furry tan inside, with the plaid lining the outside of the basket. The chocolate brown velvet ribbon adorns the edge of the liner with a button on each side. This bunny and basket can be personalized for your very own special guy. These baskets are apprx. 6 inches in diameter and 4 inches in depth-perfect for egg hunting!

Next enter Suede bunny with soft furry edges and a soft green silk ribbon tie around his neck. His coordinating basket is made of the same soft furry material on the inside and the tan suede on the outer liner with edging of the ivory fur. Above the edging of fur is a wrapped back stitch of ivory embroidery floss with the pretty limey green silk ribbon. This bunny and basket can also be personalized for a special little boy!

These bunnies and baskets can be purchased at my Etsy shop or at the Gifted Hands shop in Wexford, PA. The baskets retail for 30$ each, and the bunnies for 20$. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to have your very own custom basket and bunny made!

Check out more baskets, bunnies, Easter finger puppets, Easter egg crafts, Mini bunny blankets and more here! And don’t forget to check back -I’ve got several more in the works! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom creations!

Arthur’s Ocean Critter Blanket

This Ocean Critter blanket was hand made especially for Arthur. Arthur’s room is decorated in the same blues and greens shown in the blanket.  Each white square has a sea animal applique that is enhanced with hand embroidery. Each of the colored squares shows off a mini stuffed animal in it’s own habitat. Each habitat has a pocket, zipper, or ribbon tie, and a velcro dot to hold the animal in it’s place. The seahorse can be tied onto his habitat alongside the coral or placed into a pocket elsewhere on the blanket. All of the animals-the sea turtle, star fish, octopus, blue crab and sea horse can be removed and put into different pockets, enclosures or attached to a velcro dot.  This interactive blanket was made specifically for baby Arthur to play with!  The sea critters are all hand made and have hand embroidered accents. Arthur’s name is stitched in a wrapped back stitch in the center of the blanket. The front of the blanket is made of soft cotton and trimmed in apple green chenille balls. The back of the blanket is a soft white bumpy cuddle fleece framing a soft furry bright green cuddle fleece. Have fun with your blanket baby Arthur!

For your own personalized custom items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Tan fuzzy bunny and mini blanket

This light brown fuzzy bunny has dark brown embroidered eyes, nose and mouth-plus he comes with a fun turquoise polka dotted tie! The matching mini blanket shows the little bunny hand embroidered in the soft brown colors of the bunny with a framing of light turquoise dotted lines extending outward toward the edges of the blanket, the blanket is meant to be personalized with the child’s first name or monogram underneath the bunny. This set comes with a personalized box and mini accordion album. The mini accordion album allows you to enter special memories for the child, photos, and even a hand print or footprint of the child at the time. (The album comes with a coordinating pot of paint and sponge brush.) The box and mini accordion album are meant to have the child’s name and the date on them. This entire set can be purchased for $95. E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this product and give me your personalization information! Or check out these items and more on my Etsy Shop!

Owl, Card, matching bib, hand painted box and Hand/footprint kit

All of these items come with personalization: from the hand painted box, the bib, the mini stuffed owl, the card and especially the handprint/footprint kit. The mini stuffed owl is made from a fun aqua and brown color with hand embroidered eyes and embroidery accents on the appliqued tail feathers. The card features the owl in a tree and the child’s monogram, the hand painted box as well as the bib are intended to be personalized with the child’s monogram or first name. The handprint kit comes in coordinating colors and shows off either the child’s handprint or footprint at 3 mos, 6 mos and 12 mos (these dates can be adjusted). This set retails for 65$. To purchase this set e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com. You can also purchase the items separately-check them out in my Etsy shop-the Mini Owl, owl bib, and Handpainted owl box! Also check out the coordinating handprint/footprint kit!

Orange and white kitty cat/blanket/bib/dress and onesie

I love this fun orange and white stripey print! This little girl dress (sun dress for summer or pair it with the cute onesie for fun fall wear!) was made out of a repurposed men’s shirt. Talk about fun “Green” wear! The dress front shows off a bit of lace with an adjustable orange gross grain ribbon tie. The back has the original “button down” portion of the mens shirt with a slightly longer back. The Carter’s onesie has matching orange french knots along the neckline and cuffs. The onesie is a size 18-24 months, the sundress can fit up to 2T or be used as a swing halter top up to a 3T size.

The matching Orange Kitty has green french knot eyes with orange outlines and an orange straight stitched and back stitched nose and mouth.

The Orange Kitty Mini Blanket has a kitty appliqued in the center with hand embroidered accents. The kitty is placed on a soft white cotton and framed in the orange stripey material, then framed again with an outer border of white accented with white french knots for added texture.

The Orange Kitty Bib has an applique to coordinate with all of the above! The mini blanket and bib are meant to personalized with your child’s monogram or first name.  Sorry, the little dress, onesie, and hairband from this set have sold! The mini blanket,orange and white kitty,and bib are still available-and actually my favorite of the whole set!  You can email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to purchase this product or stop by the Gifted Hands store in Wexford, PA.

The Orange Kitty Collection

All the fun Orange Kitty items were made from an orange and white striped repurposed men’s shirt! What fun it was turning one men’s shirt into so many girly little items!! My personal favorite, though are the bloomers! Girly bloomers with fun springtime blooms to match the fun dresses! The blooms are made of the orange and white striped shirting material and the stamens are hand embroidered orange and blue (to match the little Polo insignia) french knots, the green stems are done in a stem stitch and the little leaves are done in backstitches.  The little ruffly dress shows off the original “Polo” insignia and  is approximately a 6-12 month size. It has elastic on the shoulder ruffly straps, the back of the dress and under the arms. The halter dress has a ribbon that can be tied at the back of the neck or on one side or the other in the front (or back for that matter)-the halter used as a dress will fit sizes approximately 12-18 months or as a halter swing top from sizes 2-3T. The back of the halter dress shows off the original buttons of the men’s shirt, and the back of the dress is a bit longer than the front of the dress due to the nature of the Halter dress itself.  The orange kitty has hand embroidered eyes, nose and mouth. The matching bib also has hand embroidery accents and velcro dots to allow for a growing little girl!  The two coordinating hair bands are both made of elastic bands for stretch and comfort. This collection is one of a kind as I do not use patterns to make my childrens clothing.

Sorry-the only items left on this set are the adorable orange and white kitty, bib, and matching mini blanket. To purchase these items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check them out in person at the Gifted Hands shop in Wexford, PA.  If you’d like this collection in a different print contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com.

Fun Hippo and Wagon

For all of you Sandra Boynton fans-this is a must have! Your very own mini hippo with his own “Bee-Bo”! He also has the little wagon shown in the Belly Button book. This little wagon has little Aldo’s name on the back hand embroidered in triple french knots in bright green, yellow and orange. The hippo also has hand embroidered accents-the eyes, nose and belly button are worked in french knots, back stitches and straight stitches. The hippo and his wagon are made of a soft fleece for cuddling and washability. Have a great 1st birthday Aldo!

Check out Sandra Boynton’s Belly Button Book-my personal favorite of her many children’s books! And here’s her official website!

For your own custom children or baby’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !