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Poppy Pig, Mommy and Daddy Piggies, and props for Puppet Theater!

Oh, my, was this ever fun to make for little Lily Sophia! Mommy Mishelle wanted a fabulous first birthday for her little sweetie based on one of her favorite children’s books-Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi. It is such a sweet book! It’s about a little girlie pig who tries to figure out what she is good at-she finds out lots of things that she is NOT good at, only to finally find that with lots of practice she is really GREAT at ice skating!

Mishelle and I dreamed big-we wanted a fancy puppet theater to coordinate with Lily Sophia’s room that she would be also able to use at her birthday party, we got the  voted #1 event Planner Columbia SC for planning and designing events in Richland County SC for her party.. Mishelle thought a Mommy and Daddy pig with some fun props would be so much fun to play with and show off at the party. I made  little special piggie finger puppets- complete with wings and curlique tails  for each of Lily Sophia’s party guests (well, the little ones!) and Mishelle got each a copy of the book. Lily got a few extra finger puppets to go with her theater for her birthday-a piggie puppet with wings that were also able to be removed and reattached, a fancy girlie piggie in a hot pink satin dress holding a microphone, a mini easel, a “casual” girlie piggie, and a mommy and a daddy piggie as well.

A large Poppy Pig was a must for little Lily Sophia as well! Check out how Poppy Pig looks just like the character in the book-from her “sequined” bodice to the light purple and hot pink satiny ice skating costume to the hot pink ribbon in her hair!  She even has ice skates that are removeable! Poppy also has some wire inside of her to make her poseable for extra fun!

Check back to see more detail and information about the Puppet Theater itself!

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Little Bunny Alli Claire

Check out this little bunny! Is she the cutest, or what?! Thank you Marie so much for sharing your little sweetie with us! Seeing her with her delighted grin just makes me smile!

This basket was custom made for this little girlie, with a white hand embroidered bunny, lots of flowers done in silk ribbon and even a mini bunny in a fancy dress with her very own mini basket! Alli Claire’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch and has two sweet birdies sitting on the “A” and the “e”.  Marie wanted the basket to be a light aqua to go with some of the flowers on the outer liner-it looks fantastic! What fun little Alli Claire will have each year searching for eggs with her special basket! Thank you so much Marie for being so great to work with! Have a Great Easter!!

For more pics and information about Alli Claire’s basket and mini bunny click here. To see lots more fun Easter baskets click here. To order your own custom basket for 2013 e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out a few premade ones left (all they need is your sweeties name hand embroidered on them!) at my Etsy shop.


2012 Finished Easter Baskets

What a privelege to work on these fantastic baskets! I have so enjoyed making these treasures for these special little guys and girlies!

The aqua basket for Eibhleann’s was actually one of my first baskets from last year! I stitched her name in a wrapped straight stitch to give it a bit more depth so it would really stand out against the aqua and white print. I am so happy that this little basket and bunny have found a loving home! Note the little bunny has an “E”  on her little dress, too! I love this little girl’s name-her mommy says it is Gaelic and pronounced “Ave-lynn”-how cool is that?!

Mary Kathryn, Cooper and Maggie are little triplets! Wow! I bet mom Pascha has her hands full with these little ones! I loved doing Coopers basket and adding-if you look closely-a little green inchworm among the eggs! Pascha wanted the buttons on all three with the cording to coordinate all three baskets, as well as the french knot upper border and the broken line botton stitch framing the hand embroidered bunnies and scenes. I LOVE them! I have so much fun doing all the different flowers in silk ribbon and I especially love doing the boy bunnies-having three boys myself!!

Sutton’s basket is the first basket I’ve made with the button “tabs”. I love the look of this basket with it’s light blue fabric edging the bottom of the white exterior liner. Sutton’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch and has a little boy bunny on it’s left with eggs hidden in the grass on either side of his name.

Please keep checking back for lots more baskets this year. I have some really unique ones coming up that I can’t wait to get started on! Thanks to all of my fantastic customers for letting me make your little lovies these baskets. I am so lucky to be able to do what I love!!!

And a special thanks to all of my customers who feel that my baskets and liners are worth the wait! If you would like to order a basket and are able to wait till after Easter this year, I would LOVE to make it for you! Contact me at my e-mail shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or convo me at my Etsy shop.  




First Girl Custom Easter Basket and Liner of 2012-for baby Alli Claire!

Oh my goodness! I swear I think my favorite thing is to be able to make such fun coordinating items! Not only do I love the girlie basket and liner but to be able to make the mini bunny with her own mini basket! Way too much fun!!!

This custom liner for baby Alli Claire has a pretty hot pink and white floral design soft cotton inside and a soft white cotton on the outside. The exterior liner features a mostly white hand embroidered bunny holding flowers and surrounded by lots of flowers as well. Alli Claire’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same hot pink color. Some of the flowers you will see on Alli’s liner include daisies-mommy’s favorite, tulips, roses, lilly of the valley, snapdragons…hmmm..have I forgotten anything?! Oh, I love the purple wild flowers! And don’t forget the little turquoisey blue birds perched on Alli’s name. One is bringing her little bunny a daisy!

Alli’s basket is also hand painted a soft turquoisey aqua and the liner has fabric side ties of the same hot pink and white patterened fabric as the inner liner.

And, oh, the little mini bunny…I think my favorite part is her fabric rose on the back of her dress! Her dress is made of the same fabric as the inner liner of Alli’s basket. The mini bunny’s dress (like Alli’s basket) is trimmed in  mini white puffballs and has gathered soft pleating on the front bodice falling away to a whimsically long sundress.I can just see the little bunny twirling around in her dress!  The bunny’s features are hand embroidered and she has a silk ribbon hot pink flower embroidered in her “hair” right below one of her ears. Little Mini bunny also has her own basket-of course! Her little basket is made of the same fabrics as Alli Claire’s as well, the white soft cotton and the hot pink printed fabric. The mini basket has a silk ribbon flower just like the one in the bunny’s hair right on it’s center front. The bunny’s tail is made of a soft white cotton yarn.

Right now little Alli is a baby-but I can just imagine the fun she’ll have playing with her little bunny and  mini basket when she gets older! This is a great option for a present, don’t you think? Jelly beans will fit perfectly in it! The bunny should get a few treats, too, I think!

Have a great first Easter baby Alli!

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Hadley’s Sweet Birdie Mobile!

Oh, look at this little sweetie with her birdie mobile! I love it! Hadley’s mommy got this gorgeous bedding from Serena and Lily-the Lola pattern-and wanted a pretty mobile to go with it. The center of the mobile is a flower in the same design as the flowers on the bedding, it has lots of hand embroidered accents, chenille puffballs and mini puffballs adorning it. The mobile has little birdies hanging down that coordinate with the bedding as well. Each hand made birdie has embroidered accents on it’s body, wings and head. Both the birdies and the flower of the mobile are made up of several different fabrics to coordinate with Hadley’s bedding.

To see some of baby Hadley’s other coordinating items or the original post of Hadley’s Birdie Mobile with all of the details, click here!

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Thanksgiving fun!

Oh, my little boys are getting so big! These Felt Turkey Handprints are a joy to bring out year after year-my boys love comparing how their hands have grown and I love looking at how little they were!

Thanks to Craftgossip.com for putting my little Turkey’s on their site! I love to be able to share my fun creations with all! Click on this link Felt Turkey Handprints for the original post with the directions for how to make them for your own lovies!

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Penguin Set for Baby Miles

This penguin set was so much fun to make for baby Miles!

The mini blanket shows a silly penguin standing on a hill ready to let loose of his snowball, while another penguin slides on his tummy down the hill. At the bottom of the hill a baby penguin looks up at his Mommy penguin with the snow filled sky all around them. This mini blanket is done in a soft baby blue with a snow bank of white furry cuddle fleece and framed in a linen like khaki material. The whole blanket is then trimmed with mini white puff balls-reminiscent of little white snowballs. The baby’s first and middle name-Miles Garrett- are centered in the middle of the blanket and surrounded by french knot snow flakes.

Miles also received a little hand made coordinating penguin stuffed animal-with the super soft cuddle fleece on his tummy, beak and flippers (the beak and flippers in yellow)! 5 little penguin finger puppets with a card stock hand cut book telling the tale of the 5 little penguins themselves. The last page of the book shows the 5 Little Penguin Rhyme and has Miles’ full name at the top. Miles also got a hand painted note card and a personalized deluxe keepsake box.

Welcome to the world baby Miles!

For your own custom Coffey Creations for Kids gifts sets e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Sophia’s Angel Mobile/Canopy

Sophia’s custom canopy embraces her mommy’s love of angels, coordinates with her floral bedding, and is fit for the little princess Sophia herself! This canopy is made of a soft sagey or dark mint green with a white middle backing hanging from a braided ring of the same green fabric. The canopy opening edges are trimmed with white silk ribbon hand embroidered roses linked with a darker forest green vine in a wrapped dotted stitch. The canopy itself hangs from the ceiling with sage satin ribbons and a softer green mint ribbon.  The ribbons are twisted to add to the braided effect.

Sophia’s angels hang from clear lines to add to the effect that they each have their own cloud! For more pics and information about the hand made angels themselves click on this link. The red haired angel hangs from the top, showing off her crown of white roses that coordinate with the roses on the canopy, the three other angels hang inside of the canopy providing lots of visual interest for baby Sophia! They twist and turn on their lines keeping watch over their little princess. How lucky can you be to have four guardian angels watching over you?!

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Sophia’s Angels

These little angels each have their own personal cloud and are meant to hang from the ceiling and a canopy over baby Sophia’s crib. The canopy is still in the works, so be sure to check back for the completed project!

Each little handmade angel has different colored hand embroidered eyes and features, a different white dress with embroidery(some with satin ribbon on them), one is brunette, two are blonde, and one is a red headed little angel. All have wings and are resting on a cloud or are hanging below a cloud. The red haired angel has a headband of white roses in her hair, one of the blondes has a pretty blue flower in hers, the other blonde holds a bouquet of gorgeous orange flowers, and the brunette angel has a white satin ribbon in her hair.

I LOVE using these little flowers for Sophia’s angels-you will see more of them on the finished canopy! I purchased the millinery flowers at Sugarpinkboutique.com -I love their truly unique and adorable adornments.

Sophia’s mommy wanted an angel theme for Sophia’s nursery, but had already purchased pretty floral bedding. What could be more sweet than angels with flowers?!

Click here to see Sopia’s angel mini blanket, bib, burp cloth, personalized note cards and custom keepsake boxes, and here to see Sophia’s deluxe personalized notecards and custom hand painted coordinating frames.

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Girlie Bunnies

I had to put these little girlie bunnies on here all by themselves! They were too much fun to make-and to be able to coordinate them with their little girls’ baskets-then make them baskets of their own?! Ahhh!!! Thanks so much to Yohonna for allowing me to make these cuties for her sweet little girls!

Each little mini girlie bunny has a silk embroidered hair flower to coordinate with her little girl’s basket. The dresses and mini baskets are made of the same fabrics as the larger basket’s liners. The fun pom poms make the little dresses even more fun! The bunnie’s each also have blue eyes-just like their little girlie owners! Each bunny comes with a soft white cotton yarn pom pom tail-peeking out from their sweet dresses!

I hope you and your girls had a great Easter Yohonna! I loved making their baskets and little girlie bunnies! Thanks again so much!!!

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