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Natalie and Will’s Pillow Name Signs!

These little pillow name signs were mommy Karen’s  fabulous idea! She wanted Natalie’s little pillow to resemble Natalie’s big girl bedding, and Will’s to show off his love of sports (lacrosse, baseball, and football) and reading. Will’s also has a smidge of the same fabric that coordinates with his bedding and was used to make his custom Easter Basket (the green/yellow and navy plaid bias trim).

Natalie’s mini pillow has four sets of flowers-one in each corner around Natalie’s name. Natalie’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in a warm pink. The flowers are made using a combination of straight stitches, back stitches, lazy daisy stitches, and french knots. The flower sets are connected with a stem stitch framing. The outer framing is a bias tape in the same warm pink.  The edging of the mini pillow is finished in a warm pink piping and the top two corners of the pillow each have pink gross grain ribbon used to tie a pretty bow and hang on little Natalie’s door!

William’s mini pillow has a football in one corner, two lacrosse sticks, a baseball and bat, and an open book in the other corner. The sports icons and book are all done in a combination of straight stitches and split stitches. The icons are tied together in a wrapped dotted stitch of green, then framed again by the bias tape of green/navy/pale yellow/ and white plaid. William’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in navy. The pillow is edged in a navy piping and hung with two navy gross grain ribbons to tie on Will’s door.

For your own custom Pillow Signs e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for other fun Coffey creations!

Marlee’s Painted Rocking Chair and Cushion

What a joy to do this chair and cushion for little Marlee Ann! Marlee’s parents have had Olive in the family and Aunt Suzanne wanted to incorporate her into the chair somehow-what could be cuter than a bigger Marlee with her dog Olive in a doghouse?

Marlee’s room is done in soft greens and yellows, so we decided on the soft minty green for the chair color and the coordinating soft green with polka dots for the cushion. The chair has a tree with a yellow rose bush at it’s base, with roses trailing along the tree itself. White daisies with yellow centers adorn the base of another tree. The tree middle on the left arm of the chair has a hole for a squirrel to nest in. The front back of the seat has trees branching inward to show off “Marlee Ann” right in the middle and one of these branches contains an owl looking out. The branches below contain two birds and a bird nest with baby birds in it! Other things are “hidden” throughout the chair and as Marlee gets older I trust she will delight in finding them! There is a bee’s nest with bees scattered throughout the whole chair (let’s count the bee’s Marlee!), a little rabbit, an owl, and hmmm..have I forgotten anything?

Oh! My favorite part of the whole chair-except for the cushion!-is the “hidden painting” on the seat of the rocking chair. The scene shows an older Marlee holding a dog bone in one hand and a flower in the other. Marlee is wearing a soft green dress with white polka dots.  To the left of Marlee sits Olive in her dog house, a pretty pink flowering tree, and a hydrangea bush. To the right of Marlee are yellow tulips and a pink rose bush. The grass underneath this scene holds a special message for Marlee herself: “With love from Uncle Jared and Aunt Suzanne”. What a special little girl and how lucky to be so loved!

The cushion of the chair is hand embroidered to match the scene on the seat bottom.  The cushion is made of a soft minty green polka dotted cotton fabric and has piping along it’s edges and is held in place with fabric ties at the back of the cushion.

How fun to see little Marlee Ann sitting in her chair-and also to see Olive herself with her! Thank you so much Suzanne for sharing your precious photos and for allowing me to make such a special little chair!

To see some of my other kids rocking chairs click on the following links: Lyla’s chair-all pink and flowers, girlie girlie! David’s chair-blue and yellow with Skippyjon Jones’ writing on it! Sam’s chair– his “Tuesday” chair with flying frogs and lots of fun nature things to “spy”. And Kylee’s cushion and chair that started it all!

For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Velvety Sage “Tree” Cushion for Rocking Chair

This girlie tree for Kylee is done on a soft velvety sage material. The tree trunk is done in a stem stitch in varying colors of brown, while the mulitcolored green leaves are done using silk ribbon embroidery. The tree also has soft pink buds done in french knots, a pink bird using straight stitches, french knot eye, and silk ribbon for the wings, an owl also using split stitches, and straight stitches. Underneath the tree is Kylee’s name done in a soft coordinating green in a wrapped back stitch, beside the tree are several tulips done in several different shades of yellow silk ribbon, with busy bee’s also with a brighter yellow silk ribbon and accented with black embroidery floss. Ohhhhh! How could I forget to mention the little gray squirrel in the tree? He holds an acorn in his paws and sits in his little burrow in the hole in the middle of the tree trunk.  This adorable little cushion is as soft and cushy as it looks! The cushion attaches to the chair with little straps (made of the same material) with velcro tabs. The best thing about this cushion (from a parents standpoint!) is that is it machine washable! Just be sure to hook the velcro tabs together so they don’t attack the embroidery work! Don’t forget to check out more pics of the hand painted rocking chair itself-click here! For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Baby Grayson’s Football themed Pillow

This custom made pillow sham and pillow for baby Grayson was made to coordinate with his baby blue and tan colored sports themed room. The sham has a baby blue football helmet applique attached with fusible webbing in it’s center that is enhanced with straight stitches, french knots, and dotted wrapped stitches. The applique is attached to a soft white cotton framed in a tan/sand colored border with baby blue “hash marks” identifying the yards and the end zones (with baby blue embroidered TOUCHDOWN in wrapped back stitches). The back of the sham is done in the same soft baby blue of the helmet. This one of a kind sham was made especially for little Grayson! The matching note card shows off baby Grayson’s full name.For your own custom coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com .

Tooooooooooth Fairy…..Skippyjon Jones has something for you!

This little Tooth Fairy pillow is for the Skippyjon Jone’s lover in our house! The little Skippy is hand embroidered using split stitches, straight stitches, back stitches and a few french knots. This little Skippy is holding out the tooth for the tooth fairy-the little tooth is really a pocket for my little guy’s tooth and for money left by the tooth fairy!  Check out our other fun Skippyjon Jones stuff! My little David sure loves “Kippyjon Jones”! For your own personalized tooth fairy pillow or other custom childrens creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Girlie Tooth Kit

This little girl tooth kit has all you need to keep track of when those teeth come in-and when they come out! The Tooth Pillow has a perfect sized pocket for a lost tooth and for money from the Tooth Fairy! This set combines a soft mint green with light purples and lavender. The set includes a personalized gift box, tooth pillow, and memory card. The gift box shows off the child’s name or monogram on the front, and contains the tooth pillow and memory card. The card has a tooth diagram to allow the parent to write in the dates of tooth arrival as well as tooth loss. The memory card also has places to put photos of that “Gap-toothed smile”, and space to write in memories of losing or getting those first teeth. This personalized set sells at 30$. To purchase this set, or to have a custom tooth kit made especially for your little one, e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com.

Virginia’s Octopus Pillow

Check out Virginia’s Octopus Pillow that she made all by herself! Using double sided fusible webbing makes it easy to make an applique-and certain that it is going nowhere. Virginia added detail to her octopus and pillow by making several straight stitches and lots of french knots. She also used a fabric pen (with blot off ink) to write her name  on the pillow in a fun font, then she used straight stitches to make it “POP”! What a fantastic job, and a fun project for a crafty little girl!  (Virginia also sewed the front and back of the pillow together by hand and stuffed her pillow to make it nice and fluffy.)

Baby Doll blanket and pillow

Three year old Julia LOVES to play with her dolls-and they’re always named Abby! She also loves Hello Kitty. I made an applique from a little bit of the Hello Kitty material left over from the pillow and centered it on the baby doll blanket, then I backstitched “Abby”  (in a funky font) on it for Julia’s favorite dollies. The blanket is framed with a gingham pink and white ribbon.  The pillow is the perfect size for getting  little dolls to sleep! For your own custom children’s creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Round Pillow and Shams

This round pillow and the two large pillow shams were made using the same material as the baby’s bedding.  The round pillow is framed with white piping and the letter “L” is hand embroidered in a chain stitch. The shams both have galloon lace framing and baby Lyla’s monogram is hand embroidered using french knots.

Baby Pillow-Baby Girl

This sweet floral paisley accented pillow was custom made to match these PBK sheets. The outer framing of the pillow is made using ribbon embroidery in a stem stitch with silk ribbon in a soft pink color, the inner framing is made using a lavender silk ribbon. The flowers are worked using a combination of a modified lazy daisy stitch and french knots. The paisley designs have a backstitch in addition to the flower embroidery in their centers, and all the flowers stamens are a french knot of silk ribbon. The baby-to-be’s name is embroidered in a feminine font in a succession of french knots.