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Baby Girl Bibs

These little bibs are fit for a princess! These bibs were made to coordinate with baby Valan’s room and bedding colors. The bright pink bib has a “V” hand embroidered in a stem stitch using silk embroidery ribbon, the backing of the bib is a soft white cotton. One of the lighter pink bibs has a flower accent (made to match her bedding and baby pillow), the flower is worked using a lazy daisy stitch, a few straight stitches, and french knots. The monogram on this bib is done in a french knot. The other light pink bib has Valan’s name done in a back stitch that then name is framed in a wrapped backstitch and two little flowers made using lazy daisy stitches and french knots. Both light pink bibs have the darker pink backing. To see baby Valan’s matching pillow click here. For your own custom made children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Christmas PJ’s and bib fun for Hampton! (Boys)

This pajama set is soft and comfy and made especially for little Hampton. The pants are hand made of a soft  evergreen and white striped cotton and have white piping at the cuffs. The shirt is a  soft cotton t-shirt (purchased from Target) and enhanced with a Christmas tree made out of the same fun green and white striped material of the pants. The tree’s ornaments are made using a triple french knot, the snowflake on top of the tree is made using straight and back stitches, and the framing of the tree is done in a spaced straight stitch. The t-shirt also has Hampton’s name on it in a back stitch. Hampton’s bib has his monogram embroidered on it in lots of french knots, the backing is made of a soft white cotton. The adorable Reindeer Box was purchased at Target and personalized for Hampton using acrylic paint and a permanent marker. I’d say this little guy is ready for Santa! For your own personalized Christmas children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Christmas Pj’s and bib for baby Lyla! (Girls)

Baby Lyla is ready for Santa Claus with this pj and bib set! The shirt is a soft t-shirt cotton onesie (purchased from Target!), the Santa hat is an applique of the same Christmas red material used for the pants. The pompom on the Santa hat and the brim are made using lots and lots of french knots to give it a sumptuous furry look. Lyla’s name is embroidered  on the onesie below the hat in a backstitch. The matching red pants have white piping at the cuffs. The bib is the same red cotton as the pants with Lyla’s monogram done in french knots, the backing of the bib is a soft white cotton. The reindeer box (the box was purchased at Target also) was personalized using white acrylic paint and a permanent marker. For your own personalized Christmas children’s and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Nickname Bib-Hammie Pie!

Don’t you just love those silly little nicknames parents come up with?! And little “Hammie Pie”-you could definitely eat him up he’s so cute! The pie pan was embroidered using a wrapped back stitch and some straight stitching to fill in the main part of the pan. The pie itself was made of a combination of backstitches, french knots, split backstitches, straight stitches and even a lazy daisy stitch. The front of the bib is a light khaki color and the backing is white, both in a soft easy to wash and dry cotton. Hammie Pie’s fun nickname was made using a multitude of french knots. For your own special little guy or girls hand made bib e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Turkey Handprint Baby Girl Bib

Baby Lyla’s handprint makes this little girlie turkey too cute to stand! I enhanced the turkey with some corally pink shades to match her adorable Thanksgiving outfit! Of course, I had to add a french knotted scripted “L” to personalize it for baby Lyla! What a great way to protect those pretty little clothes and preserve how tiny that baby hand was. For your own personalized coffey creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Green Bib!

This little bib is one of my favorites! I made this bib out of one of Dad’s old workshirts-he had “blown out” the elbow. I carefully cut around the pocket to use it as the center of the bib and used white bias tape to finish it off. This bib survived my now 4 year old and still looks great! For your own green creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Baby Girl Bibs

Isn’t baby Lyla the sweetest?! I just want to squeeze her! My favorite part of any project is getting to see the little ones in their coffey creations later! Thanks so much for sharing the photo Melissa!

These special baby bibs are made using some extra bits and pieces of the baby’s original bedding!  Why let any of that go to waste?! ( To see pillows using the same bedding material click here.) The white bib with the see-sawing bunnies has Lyla’s monogram on it in french knots, the hand-made applique is framed using white embroidery floss in a backstitch and then by wrapping silk embroidery ribbon around it. The front of the bib is a soft white cotton and the back is a soft contrasting baby blue cotton. The blue bib has little Lyla’s carousel theme on it.(Click here to see Lyla’s custom carousel!) The carousel applique is framed using white silk ribbon in a stem stitch. The blue on this bib is a soft cotton and the backing is a soft bumpy cuddle fleece. The white bib with Lyla embroidered in a soft blue chain stitch has a mommy bunny picking flowers on it. (Check out Lyla’s mommy bunny embroidered baby pillow!) The applique is framed in a wrapped backstitch using the same blue embroidery floss. This bib has a soft white cotton front and baby blue cotton backing. The pink bib also has a mommy bunny applique on it, the applique is framed in a darker pink silk ribbon in a stem stitch and baby Lyla’s name is worked in the same silk ribbon in a backstitch. The backing of the pink bib is a soft ultra cuddle fleece. All bibs have several dot velcro closures-so they can be made a bit bigger or a bit smaller! Check out some of baby Lyla’s other coordinating items: Lyla Rabbit Canvas, Lyla Rabbit mini blanket, Hot Air Balloon Bunny Mobile, Lyla Baby Name Blocks. Lyla even has some coordinating baby dresses-the Soft White Flower Dress and Headband , and her Party Dress and Hat! Don’t forget the hand made paper products! Click here to see Personalized notecards, Baby Shower invitations, Notecards using the baby’s bedding fabric, and even  Personalized Gift Boxes. For your very own custom made Coffey Creations For Kids e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Personalized Easter Bib and Carrot Rattle

img_8421This Easter bib sports a hand made applique boy bunny with the baby’s first initial backstitched onto his short-all’s! The carrot “rattle” has little bells inside that make it jingle!