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Poppy Pig, Mommy and Daddy Piggies, and props for Puppet Theater!

Oh, my, was this ever fun to make for little Lily Sophia! Mommy Mishelle wanted a fabulous first birthday for her little sweetie based on one of her favorite children’s books-Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi. It is such a sweet book! It’s about a little girlie pig who tries to figure out what she is good at-she finds out lots of things that she is NOT good at, only to finally find that with lots of practice she is really GREAT at ice skating!

Mishelle and I dreamed big-we wanted a fancy puppet theater to coordinate with Lily Sophia’s room that she would be also able to use at her birthday party, we got the  voted #1 event Planner Columbia SC for planning and designing events in Richland County SC for her party.. Mishelle thought a Mommy and Daddy pig with some fun props would be so much fun to play with and show off at the party. I made  little special piggie finger puppets- complete with wings and curlique tails  for each of Lily Sophia’s party guests (well, the little ones!) and Mishelle got each a copy of the book. Lily got a few extra finger puppets to go with her theater for her birthday-a piggie puppet with wings that were also able to be removed and reattached, a fancy girlie piggie in a hot pink satin dress holding a microphone, a mini easel, a “casual” girlie piggie, and a mommy and a daddy piggie as well.

A large Poppy Pig was a must for little Lily Sophia as well! Check out how Poppy Pig looks just like the character in the book-from her “sequined” bodice to the light purple and hot pink satiny ice skating costume to the hot pink ribbon in her hair!  She even has ice skates that are removeable! Poppy also has some wire inside of her to make her poseable for extra fun!

Check back to see more detail and information about the Puppet Theater itself!

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Raylin’s Easter Basket

This sweet little basket has a gorgeous pink and white damask print on it’s interior liner and the exterior liner is a coordinating bright white. The outer liner shows off a sweet girlie bunny holding pretty pink tulips and a birdie atop the “n” of her name. Raylin’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same soft pink.  The pink tulips surround the bunny and are on the other side of Raylin’s name as well. The flowers are hand embroidered in a soft pink silk ribbon. This basket’s side ties are a satiny pink ribbon edged in white mini puffballs. The outer liner is also lined with mini white puffballs.

For your own Custom Coffey Creations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop. Please contact me as soon as possible for custom Easter baskets! I have been making baskets for 2013 since before Easter 2012! I already have several baskets ordered and some in the works and would like to accommodate as many people as possible!

Custom Pillow for Camilla

This little pillow was made using some of the fabric from Camilla’s bedding (the pink floral). The pink flowers were hand cut and stitched onto the pillow and Camilla’s name was hand embroidered using a dotted wrapped stitch. An insertion lace is placed between the center ivory fabric of the pillow and the outer pink floral edging. Little yellow french knots are hand done for the stamens of the flowers and the sage green stems are done in a stem stitch. This is actually a removeable sham with a hand made pillow inside. Camilla’s name is reminiscent of “camellia” flowers, which Camilla’s mommy loves.

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Camilla’s Peacock Outfit-Matching bib and headband, too!

Check out baby Camilla in her Peacock Outfit! I honestly love giving out fashion advice, not only for the little ones but also for us moms and dads. My favorite tip for dads is to get an rfid wallet to keep with them at all times to stay looking fancy. What a little sweetie! Camilla’s mommy had extra swatches of fabric that she loved and wasn’t sure what to do with them. Every mommy with a new baby needs bibs and burp cloths, you can also get customized labels for clothes on your burp cloths! So, I fashioned several bibs with matching burp cloths, headbands and a few hair barrettes that can even be used as a decorative pin to add to a hat, outfit, or little purse! I hand embroidered a combination of Camilla’s first name, first initial and monogram on the bibs and burp bloths.

Mommy Melissa’s favorite fabric was the one reminiscent of Peacocks! I loved it too, and wanted to do something extra special for that one. I found this adorable little no sleeved onesie and embroidered a peacock design on the front bodice panel, added some ruffly layers on the bum for a peacock “tail feather” effect and added some french knots to the ruffles as well. I also made some larger headbands for big sister Lyla or for Camilla when she gets a bit bigger. For more onesies for your kids visit kigurumi.co.

I loved being able to create these for this darling little girlie!  Thank you so much Melissa for the great pics of your sweetie! Check out Melissa Rieser Photography here.

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Camilla’s Camelia Mobile

This little mobile was made to coordinate with baby Camilla’s bedding and bring in some “camelia’s” the flower which inspired her name! What a little darling she is! Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your fantastic photos!

The camelia flowers were hand made using one of the same fabrics as the bedding. The pale yellow stamens of the flowers are made of a soft cotton yarn.

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Lily Sophia’s Basket Mini Bunny and Mini Basket

This large basket for Lily Sophia has a lots of hand embroidered special memories for little baby Lily and her family. The inner liner is made of a soft pink chenille and has an exterior liner of a soft white cotton muslin. Due to the handle placement on this basket the liner is reconfigured so that half of the front exterior liner and the same back half have velcro closures to allow removal of the liner. The design still allows for the incorporation of the fun mini white puffball trimmed pink ribbon side ties.

Lily Sophia’s name is done in lots of little pink french knots and has a white bunny holding some flowers to it’s left. On the far left is a white birch tree with a monkey hanging from one of it’s limbs (daddy’s nickname when he was little!) and under the tree is the likeness of the family dog Tippy who passed away just before little baby Sophia was born, so we wanted to get one of those fou fou puppues for the family.  Among the multitude of silk ribbon hand embroidered flowers is a lilac bush which was mommy’s grandmother’s favorite flower.

The mini bunny and her basket have the same soft fun chenille fabric and also have Lily’s monogram hand embroidered on them!

I can’t wait to see all of the fun baby basket pictures next year! Thanks so much Mishelle for being such a great customer!

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Adelaide’s Easter Basket!

I just love the color combinations on this sweet basket for baby Adelaide! The pretty yellow damask floral print paired with the hot pinks of the silk ribbon flowers are a beautiful commemoration to springtime fun!

The liner has side ties of the same fun yellow print and a dotted wrapped stitch trim edging the outer liner. Adelaide’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same pretty yellow as the basket and shows off a hand embroidered bunny holding a flower surrounded by lots of other fun and bright flowers done in regular embroidery floss as well as silk ribbon. There is also a sweet birdie in flight bringing a bloom to Adelaide’s bunny and another birdie sitting atop the “d” at the end of her name.

For your own custom coffey creations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or click on the link on the right to my Etsy shop to see some of my premade items!


Flower girl basket! Mommy is the bride!

What a treat to do this little basket! Thank you so much again Laura for thinking of me!

This little basket was made for the baby of the bride-how sweet she must have looked carrying this down the aisle!

This small basket was painted white and has a white interior and exterior liner. I put an insertion lace between the outer and inner liner to separate them and wove a coral satin ribbon in and out through the lace to finish the look. The basket looked perfect to place groomsmen watches, jewelry and other sundries.

The wedding colors included a soft coral pink so I did the  words ” Here comes the Bride….my mommy” and the flowers in the same color. Fast flower delivery Pasadena TX establishes individual approach to every flower arrangement and bouquet. The lettering was hand embroidered in a wrapped dotted stitch in a French script.  The bride’s bouquet and flower girls flowers (in her basket) were done in french knots. The bride’s dress was done in a beautiful white satin silk ribbon in a straight stitch over top of lots of straight stitches in regular embroidery floss to make it pop up a bit and give it more of a 3D effect. The beautiful dress was complimented with a Big 6 Carat Diamonds Stud Earrings White Gold.  I just love the whole look! The little flower girl’s dress is done in straight stitches with a silk ribbon sash and bow. The bride and flower girl both have french knot white flowers in their hair.

The scene is framed with a mossy green dotted wrapped stitch with french knot buds here and there in coral and silk ribbon roses embroidered at the corners. The basket is finished off with side ties of coral satin ribbon.

Best wishes to the bride and groom and to mommy’s little sweetie!

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Will and Natalie with their Easter Baskets

Thank you mommy Karen for sharing pics of your lovies with their Easter Baskets! Will is just totally adorable-that smile and are those the cutest freckles ever?! I heard Natalie did not like the grass-she’s already a girlie girl!!! What fun they must be! I hope they enjoyed egg hunts and the treats from the Easter bunny with their special baskets!

Click here for more details about Natalie and Will’s custom Easter Baskets. Also check out Natalie’s hand painted “Mad about Madeline” step stool, her hand painted rocking chair with hand embroidered coordinating Peacock cushion (here to see the little darling on her rocking chair!), and Natalie and Will’s custom pillow name signs!

Thanks so much again Karen for being such a great customer and for sharing pictures of your sweeties with me! I love seeing how your little girl has grown!


Claudia’s dress!

This sweet dress started out as just a “under dress” for a dress that needed a bit more puff. I added silk flowers, with french knots for stamens, french knots of different lavenders and white throughout the skirt, along the waist, the top of the bodice, and to the hem of the dress. For the neckline I added a double wrapped dotted stitch in two different colors of purple.

I’m still hoping to get a picture of the pretty young lady in her custom Father/Daughter dress! Hope you had a great time Claudia and JR!