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Spring 2015

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Ahhhh! Spring is here and so begins a crop of new baskets! What fun! Check back as I continue to update! Thank you so much to all of my wonderful customers-you make me love what I do even more!

More liners and baskets for Easter 2014

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Dave’s Christmas Stocking (Family Christmas Stocking)

I just love that this stocking represents everyone in the family! Daddy (Dave) represented by Santa Claus loves poker-note the cards and die in his hands and on the table. Mommy (Joan) is represented by Mrs. Claus-she holds the large red sack of presents with more scattered around it and on the floor.

One of the girls is nick named “Birdie”-note the little birdie on the shelf holding the Santa Hat? “Come on Santa!” she seems to be saying, “You’ve got to get ready to go!”.  Also on the shelf is a NY Yankies baseball cap-Daddy is a big fan, and a Wii remote-the whole family loves to play.

There is a window showing a wintry scene to set the Christmas mood-a tree with snow on the limbs and snow falling in the sky-and, what? A rainbow-another fun family reference! I can see the kids pointing and talking about the things that they like or represent them and everyone having fun talking about it! What else? A lacrosse stick, jacks (for nick name Jack Pack!), tennis shoes (mom and the girls like to run!), beans with one sprouting (nick name Bean!), a basketball, a camera, a pail, shovel and starfish to represent the seaside, an artists palette and brush, a toy sword, and a theater mask-oh what fun!

Joan, what a great keepsake for the whole family! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this fun project!

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Ethan’s Christmas Stocking

Little Ethan and his family live near the shore-you may have noticed the Palm Christmas tree and the ocean with sailboat, waves and a jumping fish out of the window! I just love the aqua color and the fun bright red accents of this stocking!

Ethan’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch, but double wrapped for added dimension. The hand embroidery on his stocking includes a representation of Ethan himself, in Christmas red and white pajamas, wearing a cowboy hat, and holding a drum with drumsticks. The family dog, Madison, watches Ethan from behind. The Palm Christmas tree has lots of presents underneath waiting to be unwrapped, but there are a few other toys throughout the room for Ethan: his favorite night time book-Goodnight Moon, a set of blocks spelling his name, a red wagon with a teddy bear in it, and a toy car. Another little “ode” to the Goodnight Moon book is the little mouse on the bottom right corner of the stocking!

Thank you so much again Brandy for thinking of me to make this special stocking for your little guy!

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Baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

Well, I have to say what a fantastic time I have had this year making some gorgeous baskets for lots of little ones! How lucky I feel to have such wonderful customers! Just to share a bit…this year I have been lucky enough to make a basket for a newly adopted little boy-his mom even sent me pics of the whole family with the Judge! What a blessing to the family and for me to be able to be involved in some small way in this wonderful family event! This year I got to make lots of liners for new baby brothers and sisters of previous customers who I had already made baskets for for their first child-how exciting to see new families growing!

Another previous customer emailed me from the hospital as she was there preparing to deliver her second baby girl-and she thought of ME because she wanted another liner for her sweet new baby! How special does that make me feel?! Pretty darn special!

I’ve had wonderful pictures shared from customers-some even professional photographers! I just love seeing the little ones enjoy my creations!!

And this year, I can hardly believe that I am saying this, but I even made baskets for the children of a movie star and her famous musician husband! I’ve got so many feathers in my cap it may be enough to take flight! Of course, my husband says I may not be able to fit through the door because my head is getting so big! HA!

But, as usual, I have just LOVED making so many fun special baskets. I truly love what I do and I thank YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! As I tell my husband, I just hope I get to keep doing these fun things! Maybe I really do have a chance!!!!!

Please keep checking back for lots more fun pics of lots of different projects. I am desperately behind updating my blog but hope to continue to update now that the craziness of Easter has abated somewhat. I am still making Easter baskets (and other things!) for next year so if you are thinking about it-it is never too early to inquire!

Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with any questions ! And have lots of fun with those little ones!!!



Mack and Mazie!

What beautiful children you have Katherine! Thank you so much for sharing them with me! Check out Katherine’s site-she’s obviously an amazing photographer! http://www.katherinelandry.com/

Please check back for lots more finished baskets! I will be behind with my updating as I’m working on finishing up as many as I possibly can to get them shipped to California, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina! Thanks so much again to all of my fantastic customers who make what I do even more enjoyable than it already is!!

This year, I’ve also finally branched out to Christmas Stockings! I got one (yes, I know) made last year and am hoping to get a bunch started ahead of time for next season. Believe it or not, I started working last summer on Easter baskets and items! Being a stay at home mom, still, I work on things as often as I can, but my three boys are still my priority! Next year all three will be in school full time! Sad for mommy, but I can’t wait to see how much more I can accomplish!

Please check back to see my fun Easter creations when they are all finished! And, don’t forget to contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for any fun creations for your child!  And check out my etsy shop for lots of fun premade items and gift items for babies and children : https://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeycreations?ref=si_shop

And don’t forget my FACEBOOK page for the most recent updates-it’s just easier and quicker to update, unfortunately!!!!


Thanks again, and Happy Easter!!!





Mazie and her basket

What a beautiful little girl!!!! Thank you so much Katherine for sharing your gorgeous little sweetie with me! Mazie got this basket on her first Easter when she was a baby! Click here to see sweet baby Mazie! Now Mazie has a baby brother and I am so lucky to get to make another basket for Katherine’s sweet baby boy!

Have fun with those lovies, Katherine! And, thanks again for thinking of me for your special basket!

****For your own custom Easter basket liners (and baskets) email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for some premade ones!!!!


Easter Baskets (and more) 2013

Here are some of this season’s completed Easter Baskets! Keep checking back to see more and check out my Etsy shop for some premade ones ready to be personalized for your sweetie!

Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with any questions-Thank you to all of my great customers for letting me make some fantastic Easter baskets for you and your families!




Storage Basket Liners for baby Lilah’s nursery

What fun to do these storage baskets for baby Lilah! I loved Mommy Susie’s whimsical titles for the baskets, too! “Sweet and Sassy”, “Pampered”, “Book Worm” and “Life Gets Messy” for the laundry basket! Too much fun!

The pretty purples and green stripey fabric coordinates with Lilah’s bedding and room and was provided by Mommy. LOVE it and I loved being able to do lots of fun shades of purple flowers along the baskets rim. The wording was done in a wrapped dotted stitch in a fun Curlz font. The flowers were hand stitched in a combination of silk ribbon and regular embroidery floss.

The “Pampered” and “Sweet and Sassy” storage basket liners were both trimmed in a mini white puffball edging. The interior liners lines were sewn with the lines going in a vertical direction with the exterior portion being laid horizontally to add more whimsy! The “Book Worm” basket’s trim has the larger chenille balls and the basket itself is a bit deeper to hold all of Lilah’s fun books.

The laundry basket already had an ivory interior liner, so I created a panel for the front that can be removed by unbuttoning it from the inside for cleaning, etc. This panel has a trim of a coordinating beautiful plum purple satin ribbon.

Oh what fun was it to do this gorgeous lamp! I got to try my hand at ribbon roses-and I LOVE them! I love the green it just brings everything together!

Thank you SO MUCH Susie for thinking of me for this project! I just loved being able to do all of these baskets to make your sweet little girlie’s room even more special!

For your own custom children’s items email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my premade items at my Etsy shop!





Finger Puppet Theater for Lily Sophia

I so loved being able to make this finger puppet stage! I had been wanting to do one for ages when Lily Sophia’s mommy mentioned wanting to do something extra fun for her little girlie’s first birthday! She mentioned how much she loved the Dream Big Little Pig book by Kristi Yamaguchi and I saw the perfect opportunity! Little piggy finger puppets- a mommy, daddy, Poppy pig and other piggies to show all the fun things that Poppy pig tried out while she was dreaming big!

I wanted the puppet theater to resemble the amazing theaters of the past. I made the soft baby pink curtains pleated with lots of draping and finished them off with mini puffballs. The theater itself is trimmed with a lime green satiny rope piping-along the edges and along the inside of the opening of the theater itself.  Jewels adorn the stage along it’s parapets and underneath the opening of the stage (resembling the lighting of the stages of days past). Lily Sophia’s monogram is hand embroidered in a dotted wrapped stitch on the middle front of the stage, and hand embroidery accents the top front of the stage as well as along the scroll designs on the sides.

Now, you can have a great looking puppet theater, but to make it even better, I wanted it to be portable! For a growing little girl, mommy’s love to be able to take things along for their little ones! So, I made lots of pockets for the puppets to go in on the back-with plenty of room to add more finger puppets for Lily Sophia’s growing collection!

The puppet theater is held together by a pretty ribbon tied in a bow, and then is held by a gorgeous chevron striped baby pink and white ribbon handle.

Mishelle, thank you so much again for thinking of me for this great project! I LOVED doing it and hope to get to do more fun puppet theaters in the future! Speaking of which, I’ve finished off two since doing this project! Check back to see my updates as I am slowly trying to catch up!!

For your own custom coffeycreations email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my premade items at my etsy shop!