Decorating your little one’s rooms can be daunting. Where do you start?! Check out what this blogger from Jabbour Linens has to say about Baby room decor. They also have some great products to get you started- I love their hand smocked baby boy bedding set- baby boys are just the sweetest! And, of course, don’t forget to contact me for your own personalized Coffey Creations! Check out my fun Ocean Mural , Baby Lyla’s own personalized canvas, little  Hampton’s fun circus items, and lots of other fun baby decorating ideas on my site!


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Baby Bedroom Decor

Soon you’ll be bringing your little one home and everything has to be perfect. You have decided on the color of the baby’s room and picked out a crib, dresser and a changing table. Now it’s time to decorate the room and create a fun, friendly place for the baby to spend time in. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of baby bedroom décor themes.

The Treehouse – This is a fun theme that brings in some warm, natural colors to the bedroom décor. Paint a large tree mural on one of the larger walls and hang some bird houses in front of the branches. Take this décor one step further by adding the Treehouse/ Bookcase Toy Holder by Coffey Creations.

Once Upon A Time – Paint a mural of some of your favorite fairytale characters.  This theme is a wonderful way of introducing your baby to childhood characters at an early age.

Far, Far Away – If a girl, chances are your baby is going to grow up to love princesses and unicorns. You can combine the two themes here to make a beautiful decoration that your daughter will cherish for years to come. Soft pastel colors work best with this theme.

All About Baby – This theme concentrates solely on your baby. Hang up your baby’s birth certificate in the middle of the room and surround it with neat rows of pictures from every age. Coffey Creations has a Hand Print/ Foot Print with a lot of great ideas for this theme.

Animals – This theme has endless possibilities! Try creating a safari or a zoo setting. Jabbour Linens offers some great animal theme pillow cases to help you accessorize your décor.

A, B. C. D..- The alphabet is another theme that can be used in multiple ways for your baby’s bedroom décor. Use painted wood letters to spell out your baby’s name or paint your baby’s name on a wooden coatrack. Blankets decorated with the alphabet are also great ways to implement this theme.

Looking around his/ her room, your baby will see the colors and the gentle images that you used to create an inspirational bedroom for him/ her. Therefore, the most important thing that should go into your baby’s bedroom décor is the love and nurturing feeling that you feel for him/ her.

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