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Play Wedding Dress

This little wedding dress is intended for lots of fun pretend play! The dress was fashioned out of scraps left over from the cutting down of an old wedding dress. The bodice of this dress is actually made of one of  the former dress’s cap sleeves, the front body of the dress is made up of scraps of wonderfully heavy satin, pieced together vertically in the front. The back of the dress has lots of elastic gatherings under the arms and on the back top to hold the little dress up, and allow for lots of different little girls sizes! The back bottom of the dress is made up of horizontally placed scrap satin, with the back bow from the original wedding gown, and the “train” is made up of a lighter, filmier, satin. To have your old bridesmaids dresses or a wedding dress (from a consignment store?) turned into multiple fabulous pretend play items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !  (The original dress has made two mini  wedding dresses, a long skirt, and a ruffly shirt (wedding outfit!), and a purse! See the ruffly shirt and long skirt here!)

“Green” Tulle Skirt

I love this fun froofy skirt! It was made to coordinate with the girly Ruffly Satin Shirt. The skirt was fashioned out of layers of tulle and lining material. These materials were leftover scraps from the resizing of a wedding dress. This outfit was made for lots of fun pretend play! Here comes the bride!!! (Hopefully not for another 20 years or so!) For fun green wear email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Green Bib!

This little bib is one of my favorites! I made this bib out of one of Dad’s old workshirts-he had “blown out” the elbow. I carefully cut around the pocket to use it as the center of the bib and used white bias tape to finish it off. This bib survived my now 4 year old and still looks great! For your own green creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Green-What?! White filmy satin shirt for girls!

Honestly, I want this shirt for myself! The ruffles are slightly asymmetrical slivers of sumptuous thick white satin, the filmy part of the shirt is made out of two layers of a soft white lining material, and the ties on the back are also the satin material. This lovely little blouse was made out of scraps left over from a resized wedding dress! Don’t you love being green?! Send me your scraps or old bridesmaids gowns to make something fabulous for your child! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Bleach Pen Craft for Kids-Art Shirt

My 9 year old son loved doing this “craft”! He needed an Art Shirt for school-they recommend one of Dad’s Old Shirts. So, I let Cole decorate his however he wanted with a Clorox Bleach Pen. Just remember to put something between the layers of the shirt so it doesn’t soak through!

Dad, “What Happened to my pants (and shirt)?!”

These fun appliques and pants were made from Dad’s old pants and shirt. I love the fun pants with the original pockets from Dad’s pants-how cool is that?! Appliques are fairly easy to do, try Light Steam-a-Seam 2 double sided fusible webbing (available at JoAnn Fabrics). Trace or draw your shape onto the paper, peel off top layer of paper, attach sticky part to fabric, and cut out your shape. Iron as directed. You really don’t need to do any embroidery, this stuff works really well! I added some straight stitching, back stitching, and french knots to add a bit of dimension to the animals. The first set( with the puppy) are made from the mens pants. These kids pants are great for toddlers-no zipper, just elastic!  So, easy up and easy down. The second set ( with the dinosaur) are made out of a mens t-shirt and are soft and comfy, perfect for PJ’s! Then, oh my-the purse! Something for daddy’s little girl! The four large pockets are perfect for making pockets inside and on the outside of the purse. Two more pockets are made from the placement of the pockets themselves, then add a side pocket for glasses or a cell phone (velcro closure), fun “what are those tiny pockets for?” from the pants added to the side, and I even used the adjustable belt from the pants to make the purse handle adjustable also.  I embroidered a backstitched “H” for Hailey, a few french knots to fancy it up, and a magnetic closure for the middle so you don’t lose your fun stuff, and she is ready to go! Sorry, Dad! Too much fun with those pants of yours!  For your own custom made Green Wear e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Radioactive Spider on Shorts and Hat

img_8588-400-x-600A hand embroidered radioactive spider adorns this hat and shorts set-for the ultimate Spiderman fan! The spider is made using a combination of back stitches, straight stitches, and french knots. The spider has red and blue detailing just like the one that bit Spiderman! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for more information about making something special for your child!

Girls Swing Sun Blouse and Long shorts

This fun stripey outfit has a fun blousy swing shirt with adjustable satin bows in the back and a fun pocket in the front. Claudia is enjoying the little handmade dragonfly that comes with it and fits perfectly in the pocket. The hat and long shorts also have satin ribbons to adjust the fit-not to mention add to the girliness. All of this-the hat, shirt, shorts and dragonfly-was made from a slightly worn men’s dress shirt. To have your own Green Stuff made email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com ! For more information check under Pricing and Green Stuff.

Boys shorts and Funky Hat

This short and hat set was made out of a pair of Dad’s old pants!!!! The hat shows off a pant pocket with button detailing which allows for a fun place to store small treasures! Email me at shannon@coffeycreations.com for Green wear for your own child!

Boys Plaid Shorts, Shirt, and hat-with Turtles!

This shorts set is made of one of Dad’s old dress shirts! The buttons and button holes make adorable detailing on the hat and the shorts have pockets in the back sporting buttons also. The shirt has hand made appliques of fun turtles. The head, legs, tails and part of the shell are detailed with straight stitch hand embroidery. Turn an old men’s dress shirt into a fun outfit for your child! email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com. See pricing for general pricing guidelines.