On Etsy

Art Kits-by your own artist-CHEAP!

A friend told me about this super cheap art set at Walmart-5$ for all of these great supplies! You couldn’t buy 1/4 of these supplies for that price! My guys all love to draw, color, paint-they love it all. So, I figured I’d at least buy the kits for the supplies.

When I got it home I started thinking…hmmmmm…bet if I took a utility knife and just cut a sliver here (cut a small line, but be sure to press down where your knife is on top of the paper showing underneath), then slide the utility knife along the side to open the rest. Voila! You can now take out the advertisement and insert your own artist’s artwork! Now, your little artist has their own portfolio as well as supply case. And, the case has the advertisement on both sides so you can put art on both sides as well, AND change the drawings/artwork whenever they’re finished with their latest masterpiece!

How easy is that? Imagine the pride of carrying along their own portfolio and supplies with their own artwork showcased on the outside of it! And, another great idea of what to do with all of that artwork!

Corkboard Name Art

These cork boards are fun to make and look cute, too! I found a pack of four of these 12X12 squares at Walmart for 5$. What a deal! I wrote in the names in bubble letters and set to coloring them in with sharpies. I then drew swirlies and funny shapes to fill in the rest of the cork board area. Leonard wanted his in “rainbow” colors, and David wanted to color his in himself! Next, I’m thinking of cutting these up and making cork squares with kid art on them for coasters (for ourselves Christmas gifts!

This would be a great activity for a birthday party or scout meeting. And, how great for your child to be able to put to use one of his (or her) own creations!

Frame it!

What better way to save some of that art that by showing it off on your walls?! I pick a few favorites here and there and my guys just beam to see their art displayed so proudly! This would also make a great gift for a grandparent or even for mom or dad for the office!

Thanksgiving Art

This is one of my favorite hand prints! Cole traced his own hand and made his own turkey-he even signed and dated his work! My favorite holiday decorations are things like this that  I look forward to bringing it out again every year! This is another great way to preserve some of your favorite kids art. You don’t have to have it out all year long and the kids love seeing their old artwork every Thanksgiving (or other holiday!).

David’s Art Portfolio

Wow! What to do with all that art that comes home from preschool?! I found this great little notebook at Target-it has lots of clear plastic sleeves that are perfect for sliding the art down into. I put one of my favorite photos of my little guy doing a painting on the front and labeled it David’s Art 2008. Then I cut a little bigger piece of laminating paper and put it right over the photo and label to keep it smudge free. David loves his Art book and he loves to show it off! Keep checking back for more fun ideas of what to do with all that kid art!