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Make your own custom photo necklace!

I LOVE being able to use pictures in such a fun way! And let me tell you, these were EASY! I save the little index prints that I get from Shutterfly (my absolute favorite photo website) and always find something fun to do with them. They are perfect mini pictures-that you get free when you order prints of any size!

I found these lockets at Michaels for under 10$ each. You open the necklace and insert your trimmed photo. How easy is that?! Not sure about exactly how to trim the photo? Take the sample photo out and use it as your template. With these necklaces you can actually put one photo on the front and one on the back. AND when your little one grows up a little more? Or you get a new favorite photo? Just switch it out! Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Also check out my “micro mini” photo books. Fun to make with scraps of card stock, odds and ends and those great index prints! Here I’ve also used a bit of clip art of some of my guys’ favorite things! Create your own mini photo album, alphabet book, kid brag book (your little one’s favorite things), the ideas are endless. And, let me tell you, the kids LOVE them!

Have fun! E-mail me for your own custom children or baby items or for any questions or tips on how to create your own fun albums. Also check out my Etsy shop!

Steve Spangler Science Kid Art! Forget Tie Dye-try this!

I’d been wanting to try out tie dyeing with my boys for a while when a friend told me about this Steve Spangler science experiment! All you do is make some marks on a t-shirt with permanent markers then drip some isopropyl alcohol right in the middle of it, a drop at a time, till you get the look you want. Easy enough for a four year old and the older kids enjoyed it, too! Check out his website for a video on the exact how-to.

The shirts really turned out cool, too. We found that instead of separating the front from the back of the shirt that we liked the look of keeping both sides together-that way you got a design on the back of the shirt as well!

I’d been worried about the mess with tie-dye, how to clean it up, how to minimize it…uggh….with the sharpie t-shirt dye you should definitely do it on a non porous surface. We did it on a formica table top. Sharpie marks got all over it-and guess what? They came right off with the isopropyl alcohol! Gotta love it!  The alcohol was a bit stinky, though, with 4 kids doing it (mine plus a neighbor friend). I would definitely recommend having good ventilation for this project.

I can’t wait to try out the giant tough to pop bubble recipe!

Double Wide Step Stool

This double wide stool is absolutely one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time! My two guys love to help in the kitchen, serve themselves from the refrigerator and the pantry, and they love being able to do it on their own special stool! I painted this step stool two shades of fun orange-to coordinate with our kitchen walls and chairs. Then we put David (6) and Leonard’s (4&1/2) footprints on the top step, and Cole’s (10&1/2) and Cassie (apprx. 15 human years) and Tiger cat’s (apprx. 3 human years) paw prints on the bottom step on each side of Cole’s footprints. I then sealed the painted prints with an acrylic sealer to help make clean up easier and preserve the prints!

Contact me for your own hand painted step stool-pick your theme and colors, or try it yourself and preserve those little tootsies! E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with questions or custom order information.

Corkboard Name Art

These cork boards are fun to make and look cute, too! I found a pack of four of these 12X12 squares at Walmart for 5$. What a deal! I wrote in the names in bubble letters and set to coloring them in with sharpies. I then drew swirlies and funny shapes to fill in the rest of the cork board area. Leonard wanted his in “rainbow” colors, and David wanted to color his in himself! Next, I’m thinking of cutting these up and making cork squares with kid art on them for coasters (for ourselves Christmas gifts!

This would be a great activity for a birthday party or scout meeting. And, how great for your child to be able to put to use one of his (or her) own creations!

Happy Father’s Day!

This napkin holder has all the others beat-hands down! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)  I traced one of all three of my little guys’ hand prints onto a piece of wood, cut them out, sanded them and let them paint them themselves! David and Leonard’s hand prints are on the top-to hold the napkins in place, and Cole’s is on the bottom (he’s the biggest!) to hold them all together. A perfect father’s day gift! Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!!! We love you!

For your own custom coffeycreations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

New Year’s Clock

This little Grandfather clock was easy to make! Draw on the clock face and paint in! For fun clock ideas I love to check out clip art and adapt to make my own creations. I added on the top pieces and cut out the bottom front “legs” to make it look a bit fancier! We compressed time by counting down the hours every 15 minutes ( to make it a lot faster to reach 12:00)!  I also cut a little slot out from each number on the clock and inserted a slip of paper with two “challenges” on it-from giving this many (the number on the clock) kisses to mommy or spinning around that many times in a row! The kids loved the challenges and getting to turn the clock every “hour”! The hats and noisemakers were made last year and brought out again for even more fun! Keep checking back for more fun things to do with kids!

New Year’s Confetti/Candy Pull

This confetti/candy pull was so easy to make you wouldn’t believe it! I used an oatmeal canister, spray painted it and put on glitter. For the pull part I tied 5 ribbons together and hot glued the knot to the inside center of the lid, then I let each ribbon hang down so that when I put the lid back on the container the ribbons would each hang down for a child to hold. I filled the canister with homemade confetti, bits of candy left over from Christmas, and some fun pens and pencils-nothing too heavy or the lid might not stay put. We counted down from 10 and the kids all pulled the strings at the same time to release the confetti and goodies! They loved it, and it was resuable!  Happy New Year! Keep checking back for more fun ideas for kids!

Snowmen toss game with snowballs!

These three little snowmen are made of cardboard-just like the box they’re sitting on! One holds a snowball-watch out-and another holds a candy cane in each hand. These snowmen are fun to knock over with homemade snowballs (the snowballs are made with left over batting wrapped around a small amount of rice to give it a bit of weight)! The great thing about these snowballs is that your hands never get cold, plus they don’t hurt when they hit you! How can you beat that?! Check back for other fun ideas for kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom children’s creations!

Virginia’s Octopus Pillow

Check out Virginia’s Octopus Pillow that she made all by herself! Using double sided fusible webbing makes it easy to make an applique-and certain that it is going nowhere. Virginia added detail to her octopus and pillow by making several straight stitches and lots of french knots. She also used a fabric pen (with blot off ink) to write her name  on the pillow in a fun font, then she used straight stitches to make it “POP”! What a fantastic job, and a fun project for a crafty little girl!  (Virginia also sewed the front and back of the pillow together by hand and stuffed her pillow to make it nice and fluffy.)

Bunny and Chick Finger Puppets

These little finger puppets were pretty easy to do, and fun too! I found the pattern for the rabbit on Martha Stewart’s website and made just a few little changes:I used a straight stitch up the front of the bunny (easier and the blanket stitch would have made the opening too small for a finger!), and I added whiskers to the bunny by threading a small piece of embroidery floss through the nose area, spreading out the threads and spraying on a smidge of “Stiffen quick”! I also used pill resistant ivory fleece for the bunny bodies and a pinch of stuffing for the head instead of a cotton ball. Ta-da! I made the chicks by cutting basically a rounded off rectanglular shape cut about as tall as 3/4 of your index finger. Using slightly different shapes allow for different looking chicks as you can see in the photos! I used a soft furry yellow cuddle fleece, machine sewed the seam with the material inside out (fold material in half and sew along the top  where your finger tip would be and down along the side), turned out the material, added french knots for the black eyes, cut out a little orange felt beak (diamond shaped then fold in the middle), wing shapes and a tail and attached those with fabric tac!  Keep checking back for more fun ideas for your kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to make your kids party favors or any custom children’s items!