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Christmas Fun!

So, I just made about 17 of these little Gingerbread houses yesterday for a cub scout project for my 7 year old and had to share them! They were so easy to do and I can’t wait for us to decorate them! I plan to use the puffy paint for the “icing” on the  houses! We have fake “snow” to sprinkle on it after putting on glue in fun designs…green paint for the grass, who knows what else we may add? You may note that mine has a little snowman and a pine tree out front.

All you need to make the house are scissors, a cardboard box, and a glue gun! I cut the “house shape” first, two square shapes with a triangle shape on top. Then two small rectangles for the sides, hot glue these four pieces together for the base of the house. Then cut out the two larger rectangles for the roof-I liked mine a bit long to have some overhang. Hot glue the roof on. Cut out a door shape, windows, pine trees, bushes, mini “wreaths” for the door, whatever you want! I also added a half circle for the platform or “front yard” of the house and a couple of little half circle strips for the “Gingerbread” along the edge of the roof. The red and white striped additions are cut paper straws.

I love to be able to have fun decorations that are homemade, that the kids themselves can decorate, and that I can bring out again year after year! Have fun!

Have fun and check back to see our finished houses!


Haunted Castle-Cardboard Creations

What a blast this was! I had saved these huge boxes knowing that eventually we would find something fun to do with them. We got out our Halloween decorations and the inspiration hit! The kids loved hanging the lights and spider webs across the top of the Haunted “castle” (I had cut pieces out to give it a castle effect).  I also cut out several windows and left a space for the door. In one window we hot glued a raven, in another a dragon’s head  (cardboard cut out and colored in with markers, we attached the dragon head with duct tape on both sides of the bottom of the head so he could be “defeated” and knocked down with nerf gun darts-then propped back up again for more defeats!), another window was made to open and close by leaving one edge uncut.

Keep checking back for more fun ideas of stuff to do with your kids!

New Year’s Clock

This little Grandfather clock was easy to make! Draw on the clock face and paint in! For fun clock ideas I love to check out clip art and adapt to make my own creations. I added on the top pieces and cut out the bottom front “legs” to make it look a bit fancier! We compressed time by counting down the hours every 15 minutes ( to make it a lot faster to reach 12:00)!  I also cut a little slot out from each number on the clock and inserted a slip of paper with two “challenges” on it-from giving this many (the number on the clock) kisses to mommy or spinning around that many times in a row! The kids loved the challenges and getting to turn the clock every “hour”! The hats and noisemakers were made last year and brought out again for even more fun! Keep checking back for more fun things to do with kids!

Snowmen toss game with snowballs!

These three little snowmen are made of cardboard-just like the box they’re sitting on! One holds a snowball-watch out-and another holds a candy cane in each hand. These snowmen are fun to knock over with homemade snowballs (the snowballs are made with left over batting wrapped around a small amount of rice to give it a bit of weight)! The great thing about these snowballs is that your hands never get cold, plus they don’t hurt when they hit you! How can you beat that?! Check back for other fun ideas for kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom children’s creations!

Skippyjon Jones!

If you haven’t read any of the Skippyjon Jones books-you really should put them on your list! I mean, a naughty siamese cat who likes to pretend that he’s a chiuaua?!  They are a riot for adults as well as children. My four year old has fallen in love with Skippyjon and wanted to make him a “King Hat”, pants and a pillow. Talk about a fun way to make reading come to life! David made his own king hat out of scraps of faux leather by taping it onto Skippyjon, he also made a little outfit for him. Unfortunately, he also decided to decorate his own face with markers the same day……Anyway, the next day he wanted to make a real king hat with jewels! So, we cut out a bit of cardboard, fit it to Skippyjon’s head (cut out some wedges for those big ears), and David glued on jewels and glitter. Mommy made the pants and the pillow with some scraps of material and, of course, personalized the pillow for Skippy. Next, the Skippyjon bed-with a mattress and his own special blankie. (In the book he gets wrapped up as a burrito in his little white blankie!) The bed is fashioned out of cardboard and spray painted a dark brown and has a secret compartment underneath to hide secret stuff in!   Then, of course, we had to make Skippy his very own house. We named it Le Casa Purrito (from the book where the chiuaua’s carried the “Purrito” all the way back to his room!), and painted it in fun green colors to match his cape. Skippy’s cardboard house has two balconies, a lot of windows, a door with his very own doorknob, and even a little doghouse up on the roof. The roof has a “skylight” to allow my little guys to climb in and out and the back of the building is open on the bottom half  for lots of fun play. Oh, the fun things you can do with cardboard boxes! Check out this fun website for lots of fun Skippy games and information about his books! Keep checking back for more fun ideas of things to do with your kids or e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom baby and children’s items !

Valentine Candy Toss Game

This big box of candy is literally that-made out of a cardboard box! The cardboard has been cut, bent, hot glued and painted to look like a huge box of candy. The candy paper “holders” are made out of coffee filters and are glued to holes in the bottom of the box for a fun toss game. The candies include two chocolate kisses, a milk chocolate candy with a white chocolate swirl on top, a dark chocolate candy with a swirl on top, a light pink conversation heart with “BE MINE” on it, and a lavender conversation heart with “I (heart) U” on it. The box itself measures approximately 2&1/2 feet tall by a little over 2 feet wide. The game leans back at a about a 45 degree angle to allow for better tossing luck!  Keep checking back for more fun ideas for kids and e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own custom made children and babies items!

Thanksgiving food toss game!

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This pumpkin pie is sure to delight-but not by eating it! These little “bean bag” foods are actually stuffed with bulk corn and fashioned out of scrap pieces of felt and other materials. The food pieces include a piece of pumpkin pie, a dinner roll, a carrot, a corn on the cob, a turkey drumstick and a green bean. A little embroidery enhances the look of the corn and the carrot. My favorite, though is the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie! As for the toss box-yes, it’s made from a cardboard box! I took a fun picture from clipart (I love clipart!!!!) and turned it into a fun toss game for my little guys preschool Thanksgiving party! With holes for the pilgrim’s mouth and tummy, one in the turkey’s tummy, and one for the sun and the pilgrim’s hat-the kids are sure to make some food go in somewhere!  The toss box stands just a little over two feet high and is approximately two feet wide. It is made to sit at an angle to allow kids to get as much in the box as possible!  I could easily make this out of wood, for lots of fun use over the years! (check out some of my fun wooden creations here: Wooden Noah’s Ark, and the Octopus Shelf are just a couple!  Want your own custom coffey creation? Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Frankenstein Golf

This Frankenstein was perfect for preschool and lower elementary school kids! The preschool kids just loved rolling the “eyeballs” into Frankenstein’s mouth, and the older kids loved seeing who could putt the eyeballs right into his mouth using plastic golf clubs! Made with a box, craft paint, construction paper for hair, and crayola model magic (available at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics, even WalMart and Target have smaller packets of it!) for the teeth and eyeballs-this guy was pretty easy to do! I attached the head to a “golf hole” that we had gotten with a kids golf set, and the eyeballs and teeth with a glue gun.  I drew the pupil, eye color, and some blood vessels to make the ping pong balls nice and bloodshot. I also used some soft foam golf balls-they were yellow-good for monster eyes! For other craft and fun ideas for you and your kids check out Fun Crafts for kids.

Cardboard Building’s-Oscorp and More!

Got some unused boxes? I created a whole city for Spiderman and his other action figure friends! With some extra boxes, spray and craft paint, a box cutter, duct tape and some imagination I made Oscorp, a  factory where the bad guys hang out (complete with smokestacks), a restaurant for Peter and Mary Jane to meet in, Peter’s apartment building and the large building where Spiderman rescues Mary Jane. The building where Mary Jane is recued (Spiderman 1, I think), actually has a detachable balcony. The balcony can actually hang (just like in the movie!) with an action figure on it (Mary Jane is hard to find) that Spiderman can save. The baclony literally hangs by a string and is easily put back in place when the play changes. The other large building has a break-through wall. I cut out a “broken” pattern and carefully fit it back into place. The action figures can literally break through the wall over and over! Wow are they strong! My boys loved these buildings!

Cardboard Sandman and Venom/Goblin Glider

At this Spiderman Birthday Party the kids webbed up Sandman and Venom (using silly string), and got to ride the Green Goblin’s Glider!  The Sandman and Venom’s torso’s were created using cardboard boxes, the heads were made with a gallon milk container for Venom and a large juice bottle for Sandman. The kids loved being able to squirt the silly string into  Sandman and Venom’s heads and into the hole that Spiderman had punched through Sandman’s stomach! I painted Sandman with craft paint and added puffy paint to Venom for a bit of dimension. The plastic jugs are best painted with spray paint and enhanced with permanent markers and craft paint. The “goblin glider” is a scooter with wings attached with duct tape and “fire” coming out the back! The only limitation to what you can create with cardboard is time!!! Mommy, can we make a Rhino, too?!