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Princess Bed Canopy

So, funny story, well, frustrating really, the reason I have extra pictures of this canopy is because I tried to do my own photo shoot of it out in the forest…Well, once again, a painful reminder that I am not a professional photographer! I love photography-I think I have an “eye”-but I am definitely technically challenged! After realizing that I had not taken into account the weather-the wind was blowing so much that the ideal spot just didn’t work, and another gorgeous spot had snow dripping all over the place and would have soaked the canopy and ruined the picture. Seriously, I lost a pair of scissors, because of that couldn’t cut my twine the way I wanted-so it was wrapped up all over the place, and generally was pretty frustrated.  But, I finally found a “good enough” spot and was lucky to get a few good pics of it at least. See what you think! And here is a little more information on the canopy itself:

This canopy is definitely fit for a little princess! I worked with mom to create the perfect castle canopy for her little sweetie. Lauren’s first initial is hand embroidered in pink silk ribbon on the front center of the castle. Lauren loves butterflies so I put butterflies here and there all over the canopy-and even through the tulle front panel that was made to hang over her full sized bed.

The castle has scroll designs along each panel-a beautiful pearly white cording brings out these scroll designs perfectly. Jewels are also positioned throughout the canopy’s castle to add even more girliness to it!

The 4 panels can be tied back with a gorgeous chevron pink and white ribbon, or the front two tied, or all left untied to totally enclose the castle-depending on the princess’s whim of the moment. One of the panels has a secret pocket on the inside for Mommy or Daddy to leave a special note to their little princess-or maybe for Lauren to put in a special small book or stuffed animal.

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Check out more pics of this canopy and some of my other canopies here or by clicking on the link to the left.

And thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your picture of the canopy in place! It looks amazing!


Castle Princess Bed Canopy with Butterflies and Jewels!

What fun I have had working on this Castle Bed Canopy for little Lauren! She has a full sized bed that we got using Laura Ashley voucher codes, so this one is a bit larger and has extra long panels as her room has a very high ceiling. This Castle Bed Canopy has lots of pearly white cording to emphasize the quilting and castle pattern, it also has lots of pink and green jewels to add even more girliness to it! Lauren loves butterflies so they are incorporated through out the jeweled tulle panel that will extend out over top of the length of the bed as well as throughout the entire canopy.

The top of the canopy is done in a rich lime green cording that hangs from a ribbon covered circle to be able to attach to a hook on the ceiling. There are hand strung  jewels draping underneath the green cording to give the canopy an almost chandelierish effect!

The top edge of the canopy is finished off with a lime green and white chevron twill ribbon and the bottom edge of the top panels are finished off with a batting filled braiding of the same tarragon green as the main canopy.

The butterflies are hand cut, painted and even have glitter and glow in the dark paint for added effect for Lauren at night time! There are several little flowers- which may be what are attracting the butterflies to the canopy-interspersed throughout the top part of the canopy.

Four panels drape down from the canopy and can all be tied back, or just a couple depending on Lauren’s whim! They can be tied back with included pink and white chevron ribbon-so pretty!!!

There is also a “secret” pocket in the front panel of the canopy for Lauren’s mommy or daddy-or maybe a fairy?! to leave her occasional surprises or special letters!

This canopy has been a thrill for me to work on and I hope Lauren has lots of fun with it!

This bed canopy was designed and created by me. If you would like your own custom Coffey Creation please contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my etsy shop for my premade items!




Camilla’s Camelia Mobile

This little mobile was made to coordinate with baby Camilla’s bedding and bring in some “camelia’s” the flower which inspired her name! What a little darling she is! Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your fantastic photos!

The camelia flowers were hand made using one of the same fabrics as the bedding. The pale yellow stamens of the flowers are made of a soft cotton yarn.

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The Princess Canopy at Koreshan State Historic Site in Florida

Wow! What beautiful babies and what a talent photographer Missy of Missy K Photography in Naples, Florida has! And what a gorgeous site for my lovely canopy! This canopy was made specifically for Missy to photograph all of her adorable little princesses. For more details about the canopy itself click here, to see my other custom canopies and mobiles click here.

Also check out Missy’s facebook page for lots more gorgeous photos!

Thank you so much for everything Missy! You were a pleasure to work with and your little princesses parents must be thrilled with their gorgeous photos!!!

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Hadley’s Sweet Birdie Mobile!

Oh, look at this little sweetie with her birdie mobile! I love it! Hadley’s mommy got this gorgeous bedding from Serena and Lily-the Lola pattern-and wanted a pretty mobile to go with it. The center of the mobile is a flower in the same design as the flowers on the bedding, it has lots of hand embroidered accents, chenille puffballs and mini puffballs adorning it. The mobile has little birdies hanging down that coordinate with the bedding as well. Each hand made birdie has embroidered accents on it’s body, wings and head. Both the birdies and the flower of the mobile are made up of several different fabrics to coordinate with Hadley’s bedding.

To see some of baby Hadley’s other coordinating items or the original post of Hadley’s Birdie Mobile with all of the details, click here!

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Prince and Princess Castle Canopy with Birdies and nests

This castle canopy is certainly fit for a princess-or a little prince! The canopy comes with 10 birdies that can be positioned wherever you would like them-on or off of the canopy, 4 braided closures (one for each panel), a mommy birdie with 4 eggs in her nest and a nest with 3 baby birdie hatchlings waiting to be fed!

The canopy’s castle measures approximately 3ftX3ft and the panels hang down approximately 7&1/2 feet from the 14 inch high castle. The castle and canopy are made of a beautiful tarragon cotton broadcloth, with windows and scrollwork quilted onto the castle portion. The castle is edged in a braiding made of the same fabric. The panels can be closed or held open with the braided closures, however you desire!

I envision this type of canopy above a little girl or guys bed-giving it a four poster look! Add to this look by having me hand embroidery your child’s monogram into the scrollwork!

Check back for more pics on this fun project as this one was for Missy Kettler of Missy K Photography located in Naples, Florida. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with with all of the little prince and princesses she takes photos of!

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Sophia’s Angel Mobile/Canopy

Sophia’s custom canopy embraces her mommy’s love of angels, coordinates with her floral bedding, and is fit for the little princess Sophia herself! This canopy is made of a soft sagey or dark mint green with a white middle backing hanging from a braided ring of the same green fabric. The canopy opening edges are trimmed with white silk ribbon hand embroidered roses linked with a darker forest green vine in a wrapped dotted stitch. The canopy itself hangs from the ceiling with sage satin ribbons and a softer green mint ribbon.  The ribbons are twisted to add to the braided effect.

Sophia’s angels hang from clear lines to add to the effect that they each have their own cloud! For more pics and information about the hand made angels themselves click on this link. The red haired angel hangs from the top, showing off her crown of white roses that coordinate with the roses on the canopy, the three other angels hang inside of the canopy providing lots of visual interest for baby Sophia! They twist and turn on their lines keeping watch over their little princess. How lucky can you be to have four guardian angels watching over you?!

For your own custom canopy or children’s mobile contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop and convo me there!

Sophia’s Angels

These little angels each have their own personal cloud and are meant to hang from the ceiling and a canopy over baby Sophia’s crib. The canopy is still in the works, so be sure to check back for the completed project!

Each little handmade angel has different colored hand embroidered eyes and features, a different white dress with embroidery(some with satin ribbon on them), one is brunette, two are blonde, and one is a red headed little angel. All have wings and are resting on a cloud or are hanging below a cloud. The red haired angel has a headband of white roses in her hair, one of the blondes has a pretty blue flower in hers, the other blonde holds a bouquet of gorgeous orange flowers, and the brunette angel has a white satin ribbon in her hair.

I LOVE using these little flowers for Sophia’s angels-you will see more of them on the finished canopy! I purchased the millinery flowers at Sugarpinkboutique.com -I love their truly unique and adorable adornments.

Sophia’s mommy wanted an angel theme for Sophia’s nursery, but had already purchased pretty floral bedding. What could be more sweet than angels with flowers?!

Click here to see Sopia’s angel mini blanket, bib, burp cloth, personalized note cards and custom keepsake boxes, and here to see Sophia’s deluxe personalized notecards and custom hand painted coordinating frames.

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Sweet Bird and Flower Mobile, Mini Blanket and more!

This sweet Bird and Flower mobile was made to coordinate with the Lola Baby Bedding by Serena and Lily. This mobile and birds are all hand made with lots of hand embroidered accents. The main part of the mobile is the flower in the Lola design and has some white satin rope cording and soft pink chenille balls on it’s edge. The flower also has several smaller flower appliques with borders of hand embroidered chain stitches, wrapped dotted stitches, and stem stitches. The birds have appliques on their tummies and back, embroidered stem stitching, and some pink mini puff balls on their backs. The birds wings are attached separately and have a dotted straight stitch accenting them. The flower hangs from the ceiling with a clear plastic line as do the birds so they appear to be flying!

The custom hand painted canvas was also meant to coordinate with the baby-to-be’s bedding and is intended to be personalized with the baby’s birth information. The adorable little wooden birdhouse is also hand painted to coordinate with the bedding and decor and shows off a mommy and baby birdie along with the colors and theme of the Lola bedding.

Oh, the mini blanket! I love the smaller size of these blankets-perfect for sitting that little one on or covering up the car seat from the weather with a touch of flair! This mini blanket has two hand embroidered birds-a mommy and baby bird with some appliques on the mommy bird. The birds are detailed with stem stitches in several different colors and a dotted wrapped stitch.  The inner framing of the blanket is edged in mini ballet pink puff balls, and the outer framing of the blanket is the same soft corally rose pink (punch!) of the bedding. The mommy and baby bird are set on a soft white cotton, as is the backing of the blanket. The blanket has a light batting interior to give it a bit of puff!

The trio of sweet little onesies also reflect the colors and theme of the Lola bedding. The soft pink one has white silk ribbon roses hand embroidered on the front with a stem stitched soft green stem with little white rose buds interspersed between the roses. One of the white onesies has a mommy bird and baby bird embroidered in the same colors and theme as the bedding, the other white onesie has the large flower design from the bedding with two smaller flowers on either side.

It  was so much fun to make these things for Adrea’s new baby-to-be! I loved being able to get a sneak peak of the bedding and getting to create something fun and whimsical! Oh, if only I hadn’t run out of time! Have fun Adie!

For your own custom coordinating baby or children’s items contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Hot Air Balloon Bunny Mobile

This Hot Air Balloon Bunny Mobile was made to coordinate with baby Lyla’s bunny bedding. Of course, I had to make the little bunnies as girly as possible-perfect for a little Princess! Each bunny has a special dress, different colored eyes, a flower for her hair or in her hand. The bunny in the Hot Air Balloon has a white satin dress, a tiara, and a bouquet of flowers. The bunnies and hot air balloon were all hand sewn and have hand embroidered detailing-some with embroidery floss and some with silk embroidery ribbon. Satin ribbons also detail the hot air balloon as well as some of the bunnies dresses. The hot air balloon has the letter “L” -for Lyla-hand embroidered in french knots in a french script. The mobile is hung from soft clouds fashioned out of soft baby batting, to give the feel that the balloon is floating in the sky! For your one of a kind baby and children’s items email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !