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Sam’s Stepstool-Artwork by David!

This fun bright stepstool is unique in many ways-first and foremost the artistry is done by my 6 year old David! He drew Uncle Mel and Aunt Kathy “dreaming” of having a little boy on one side of the step stool, and on the other side he drew Uncle Mel, and Aunt Kathy with little Sam himself! Also on the step stool are a variety of trees, birds, mushrooms, a sun, a rainbow, and their house-all drawn by David himself! Mommy (that’s me) was mainly the colorist-I painted David’s drawings and even consulted him on whether or not to add stripes and dots to the brightly colored color blocked areas. Aunt Kathy wanted bright fun colors for Sam’s step stool-I think we have accomplished that for her!

The steps of the step stool were left mainly solid colors to allow for good visibility of adding in Sam’s actual footprints! Kathy liked the double wide step stool that we made for ourselves with my boys footprints-and both cats paw prints as well! Click here to see our step stool, and here to see little baby Natalie’s Mad about Madeline one as well!

For your own hand painted custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop. I can reproduce your own child’s artwork onto a step stool, or pick a theme and colors and let me do it for you. The options are endless!

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peak of a couple of completed projects for this Christmas! Can’t show you the whole piano or the little guy’s name will show-don’t want to ruin a surprise!!!!!! Check back for updates on these and more projects later!

The piano is a Jaymar brand piano made in the 1950’s, it is in beautiful working condition and the keys sound like little bells. It is truly a remarkable little piano! This little boy has his ABC’s done in animals all over his very own personalized piano. Some letters have more than one animal, some items you can count-jellyfish?! And riding in the seat atop the elephant are a little boy and his sister-a rendition of the little owner to be and his sister!

The mini rocking chair is the perfect size for an American Girl Doll! And, for goodness sakes, she must have a personalized cushion as well! The chair has several “hiding” ladybugs and bumblebees. This chair is personalized with the little girl’s monogram-as is the cushion. The cushion is attached to the chair with coordinating pink gross grain ribbon ties.

For your own custom children’s creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Fun Funky Floral Rocker for Sophia

Truly this has to be my favorite rocking chair so far! (I know I say that every time!) But, I just love the funky feel of the flowers and the fun feeling they give-it reminds me of being a child-I guess of the 70’s! I love the fun colors-the oranges, turquoises, greens and yellow’s. Atypical girl colors, but girlie nonetheless-you certainly can’t dispute that!

Little baby Sophia’s custom cushion is hand embroidered with the same fun colors on a thick linenish fabric of soft turquoise. The flowers are done in silk ribbon and regular embroidery floss in a myriad of stitches and colors. Sophia’s name is centered on the seat cushion in a fun green. The ties to hold the cushion to the chair are made of the same fabric of the cushion itself.

Have fun with your chair baby Sophia!

For your own custom coffey creations contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Lyla on her rocker!

I love seeing this little cutie on her rocker! I had so much fun doing this rocker-I love being able to go wild with the pink and the flowers-really girly it up! But, the best part is seeing little Lyla enjoying it! Thanks so much Melissa for sharing these adorable photos of your little sweetie on her rocker!

For more pics of Lyla’s rocker click on this link. To check out some other fun rockers-for girls and boys click here!

E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com for your own handpainted children’s items. Also, check out my Etsy store!

Natalie on her Rocker!

Check out this little sweetie on her own personalized rocking chair and cushion! The design on the back top of the chair emulates the design in Natalie’s curtains (shown behind her chair). The two “damask” designs flank Natalie’s monogram in the middle of the top of the back part of the chair. To see more of the chair and the fabulous peacock inspired cushion click on the following link.

Happy Birthday little Natalie!

Click here to see some of my other custom rocking chairs-and Natalie’s Mad about Madeline step stool!

For your own custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop.

Madeline Step Stool for Natalie

Doing this Mad about Madeline step stool for little Natalie’s first birthday was a blast! Having three boys, I had only heard of Madeline. I picked up the Mad about Madeline book from the local library and started my research. We loved the Madeline stories and laughed out loud at her silly exploits!

Natalie’s mommy wanted the step stool in fun primary colors-mostly like the original paintings in the stories. We thought Pepito’s birthday cake would be quite appropriate for the top step of the stool. I just put Natalie’s name where Pepito’s name was and added a Happy Birthday bunting to the top sides.

Natalie’s mommy and daddy both play piano and have a grand piano in the house! So, the scene with Madeline and Genevieve at the piano was a must! I added “Chopin” to the music on the piano, and another sheet of music on the ground beside the piano with “Les Mis”, Natalie’s parents favorites!

With some extra space to the left of the piano, I added the scene of Madeline and Genevieve in school. I added more color to this painting (the original was all yellow, black and white), and added Natalie and her big brother Will’s names to the blocks around Genevieve the dog.

The other side of the step stool shows off Madeline getting measured-very appropriate for a growing little girl! And, too cute! Once again a little bit of space left over was just perfect to add the scene of Madeline where she was “not afraid of mice”.

The bottom step step of the step stool was a combination of many scenes from the Mad about Madeline stories, but the carousel was a completely new addition! Natalie’s mommy loves carousels, so we turned the gazebo in one painting into a carousel complete with horses. I added the little boy (big brother Will!) getting a balloon from the balloon man to this scene, a man on a bench feeding the pigeons, a fountain with more pigeons, and Madeline and Pepito riding the horse. And, of course, we had to put in Miss Clavel with the rest of the little girls, too!

To finish off the step stool is a special wish from Natalie’s Babcia (grandma)-hand written inside on the back.

Happy first birthday Natalie!

For your own custom handpainted items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Natalie’s Rocking Chair and Cushion

I love the old world European feel of this dainty little rocking chair! The soft white gloss of the chair has a smidge of gilt gold edging, and the back middle of the rocker shows off Natalie’s monogram in a fancy French font. Flanking the monogram are two damaskish flourishes done in the same limey green and raspberry hot pink as the monogram.

But, honestly, the cushion entirely steals the show in my opinion! The stark white of the cushion with the bright raspberry piping-LOVE it!  Natalie’s mom loved the peacock scene from this Serena and Lily bedding.  So, we changed the colors to the fun lime green, raspberry, a bit of  Tiffany blue, and even a touch of gold to coordinate with Natalie’s room. The large flourish above the peacocks is done in the lime green and the raspberry as well. Natalie’s name is nestled between the peacock’s feet and done in a straight stitch in the same fun French font.

What a great first birthday gift-Happy Birthday little Natalie! I hope you enjoy your special rocker!! I know you’ll have a great birthday party-those ice cream lollipops looked too good to wait for! Hopefully big brother Will only had one!

To check out some of my other rocking chairs and cushions click on this link then scroll down to see them!  For your own custom children’s and babies gifts e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com Also check out my Etsy shop !

Double Wide Step Stool

This double wide stool is absolutely one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time! My two guys love to help in the kitchen, serve themselves from the refrigerator and the pantry, and they love being able to do it on their own special stool! I painted this step stool two shades of fun orange-to coordinate with our kitchen walls and chairs. Then we put David (6) and Leonard’s (4&1/2) footprints on the top step, and Cole’s (10&1/2) and Cassie (apprx. 15 human years) and Tiger cat’s (apprx. 3 human years) paw prints on the bottom step on each side of Cole’s footprints. I then sealed the painted prints with an acrylic sealer to help make clean up easier and preserve the prints!

Contact me for your own hand painted step stool-pick your theme and colors, or try it yourself and preserve those little tootsies! E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with questions or custom order information.

Marlee’s Painted Rocking Chair and Cushion

What a joy to do this chair and cushion for little Marlee Ann! Marlee’s parents have had Olive in the family and Aunt Suzanne wanted to incorporate her into the chair somehow-what could be cuter than a bigger Marlee with her dog Olive in a doghouse?

Marlee’s room is done in soft greens and yellows, so we decided on the soft minty green for the chair color and the coordinating soft green with polka dots for the cushion. The chair has a tree with a yellow rose bush at it’s base, with roses trailing along the tree itself. White daisies with yellow centers adorn the base of another tree. The tree middle on the left arm of the chair has a hole for a squirrel to nest in. The front back of the seat has trees branching inward to show off “Marlee Ann” right in the middle and one of these branches contains an owl looking out. The branches below contain two birds and a bird nest with baby birds in it! Other things are “hidden” throughout the chair and as Marlee gets older I trust she will delight in finding them! There is a bee’s nest with bees scattered throughout the whole chair (let’s count the bee’s Marlee!), a little rabbit, an owl, and hmmm..have I forgotten anything?

Oh! My favorite part of the whole chair-except for the cushion!-is the “hidden painting” on the seat of the rocking chair. The scene shows an older Marlee holding a dog bone in one hand and a flower in the other. Marlee is wearing a soft green dress with white polka dots.  To the left of Marlee sits Olive in her dog house, a pretty pink flowering tree, and a hydrangea bush. To the right of Marlee are yellow tulips and a pink rose bush. The grass underneath this scene holds a special message for Marlee herself: “With love from Uncle Jared and Aunt Suzanne”. What a special little girl and how lucky to be so loved!

The cushion of the chair is hand embroidered to match the scene on the seat bottom.  The cushion is made of a soft minty green polka dotted cotton fabric and has piping along it’s edges and is held in place with fabric ties at the back of the cushion.

How fun to see little Marlee Ann sitting in her chair-and also to see Olive herself with her! Thank you so much Suzanne for sharing your precious photos and for allowing me to make such a special little chair!

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For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Lyla’s Rocking Chair

I love the pretty little flowers and designs on this sweet little rocker! This rocking chair was painted to resemble a little bench that Lyla’s mommy had bought for her. She also loved the design and wanted a rocking chair to match! I painted the rocker then sketched in and hand painted the flowers, designs, and paisley’s. I can’t wait to see little Lyla having fun in it!

For your own painted child’s rocking chair e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !