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Forest Rocking Chair for Wild Bird Rescue

We became acquainted with the nice folks of Wild Bird Recovery after one of our kitties got to a fledgling bird as it was just learning to fly. Poor little birdie! We wanted to help him, but weren’t sure how. We called the local vets offices and finally one referred us to Wild Bird Recovery. We went in with our little baby bird and met Beth, a local volunteer who donates her time and her heart to helping wild birds.

Sadly, our little birdie did not survive. We learned that early spring through early fall is when the baby birds hatch and attempt to fly from their nests. The babies may not be able to fly well and usually stay close to where they land. The mother does not try to take the little fledgling back to the nest but brings him or her food and waits patiently to see the little birdie eventually fly away. So, this time of the year is the time that the baby birds are at their most vulnerable.

We wanted to help Wild Bird Rescue and thank them for their continued efforts in helping the birds in our area. So, I decided to donate a handpainted children’s rocking chair for auction at their yearly fundraiser. I put lots of birdies-some in flight, some in nests, lots of other woodland animals are hiding amongs the trees and branches. You will even see a bees nest and lots of honey bees flying around.

Thank you again Beth for all that you continue to do!

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Step Stool for Leonard’s Kindergarten Class

My son’s kindergarten teacher was looking for a step stool for the students that was wide enough to be able to stand on while using their Promethean Board (aka Smart Board).  No step stools were made in this width that I could find.  After looking at our own double wide step stool, I started thinking…hmmmm…it can’t be that difficult! And I was right!

With my measurements in hand I went to Lowes. I wanted the top step to be about 3-4 inches longer than the bottom step so that it would sit on top of the side pieces and the bottom step would fit in between them. The ever helpful guys at Lowes cut the pieces to my measurements. When I got home I drew a half circle on the bottom of the side pieces (you don’t have to do this, you could leave them filled in if you wanted to make it even easier), then cut them out with my jigsaw.

I then sanded all of the pieces and attached the middle step to the side pieces at the desired height, then attached the top step on top of the side pieces. (I used wood screws.) Then we primed and painted it!

You may have noticed my little guy, Leonard, helped me along the way! He loved being able to help then take this in to his classroom and tell them all about how we made it!

Our plan to decorate the step stool is to paint a tree in the middle of the top step and have the kids each paint a “leaf” on the tree by making a thumb print. My thought is that I can add other trees without leaves and Leonard’s teacher can repeat this with future classes.

Thank you so much for all that you do Ms. Hoffman! We appreciate it more than you know!

Here’s is our original step stool that we painted with the boys footprints and the kitty cats’, too!





Brynn’s step stool

Check out this cutie making great use of her custom step stool! Brynn had definite ideas about what she wanted-she loved a little cake that she had seen with lime and lemon stripes with hot pink fun dots and yellow and white daisies on it! She didn’t want her name on it, but relented to a fun Dr. Seuss saying for underneath the bottom step. “With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet you’re too smart to go down any not so good street!” I love it!

Hope you’re having lots of fun with your step stool Brynn!

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Delwyn’s Rocking Chair (Doll sized!)

This little doll rocking chair is made for a special little doll-Delwyn. Delwyn’s owner loves all things fall and wanted an autumn inspired chair. Note the fall leaves on the trees, the acorns, a small squirrel and lots of leaves along the ground of the scene on the seat of the chair. The tree also has an owl hiding in it’s branches.

Delwyn’s owner also loves Winnie the Pooh-who doesn’t love that cuddly bear?! So, I incorporated Pooh Bear into the scene and put a bee hive hanging from the tree as well. A bird also flies across the scene toward the tree.

The chair has the leaf/acorn/pooh pattern along the edge of the seat and on the runners of the rocker.

The custom cushion for the chair shows the same scene that is on the seat of the chair with the tree’s leaves done in orange, red, and yellow silk ribbon. Delwyn’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in a dark brown. The cushion is held to the chair with chocolate brown velvet ribbon ties.

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Baby Addie’s Rocking Chair

Oh, I love this little chair for so many reasons! First of all, baby Addie-Adelle Josephine Russell- sits with her back to us on the main scene on the seat of the chair! This image is adapted from a beautiful picture that her photographer mommy took of her. (you can see Sandy’s amazing photos on her site here: http://summerlandphotography.com/ )The little pink dress, the bonnet with the ruffles-too adorable to stand! Then the little bunny stuffed animal that she is holding-this is taken from a gorgeous quilt that Addie’s grandmother (mommy’s mother) made for her! As are the little flower designs along the chair arms, seat rim, runners and the top of the chair seat back.

Also pictured with Addie are the two family cats-Quill, the long haired orange cat, and Lilly the grey, black and white tabby, as well as the family dog Colt.  There are several birds in the scene, lots of flowers, and an owl in one of the trees.  If you look closely you can see Addie’s full name “hidden” in the tree’s leaves on the left and her birthdate hidden in the tree on the right.

On the scene above on the seat chair back you see two “real” bunnies (I’m imagining that Addie loved her play bunny so much that it became real just like in the Velveteen Rabbit!), one bunny is meant to be Addie and the other is meant to be her big brother Mason-see how he is bringing her flowers? Oh, big brothers! This scene shows a dusky pinkish sky with a red fox sneaking a peak through the bushes of flowers. Hiding in the grass and flowers are a couple of field mice and in the trees are more birdies and another owl.

It was such a treat to do such a fun rocking chair for little Addie!  I can’t wait to see the fun pictures her mommy gets of her enjoying her special rocker!

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Sam’s Stepstool-Artwork by David!

This fun bright stepstool is unique in many ways-first and foremost the artistry is done by my 6 year old David! He drew Uncle Mel and Aunt Kathy “dreaming” of having a little boy on one side of the step stool, and on the other side he drew Uncle Mel, and Aunt Kathy with little Sam himself! Also on the step stool are a variety of trees, birds, mushrooms, a sun, a rainbow, and their house-all drawn by David himself! Mommy (that’s me) was mainly the colorist-I painted David’s drawings and even consulted him on whether or not to add stripes and dots to the brightly colored color blocked areas. Aunt Kathy wanted bright fun colors for Sam’s step stool-I think we have accomplished that for her!

The steps of the step stool were left mainly solid colors to allow for good visibility of adding in Sam’s actual footprints! Kathy liked the double wide step stool that we made for ourselves with my boys footprints-and both cats paw prints as well! Click here to see our step stool, and here to see little baby Natalie’s Mad about Madeline one as well!

For your own hand painted custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop. I can reproduce your own child’s artwork onto a step stool, or pick a theme and colors and let me do it for you. The options are endless!

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peak of a couple of completed projects for this Christmas! Can’t show you the whole piano or the little guy’s name will show-don’t want to ruin a surprise!!!!!! Check back for updates on these and more projects later!

The piano is a Jaymar brand piano made in the 1950’s, it is in beautiful working condition and the keys sound like little bells. It is truly a remarkable little piano! This little boy has his ABC’s done in animals all over his very own personalized piano. Some letters have more than one animal, some items you can count-jellyfish?! And riding in the seat atop the elephant are a little boy and his sister-a rendition of the little owner to be and his sister!

The mini rocking chair is the perfect size for an American Girl Doll! And, for goodness sakes, she must have a personalized cushion as well! The chair has several “hiding” ladybugs and bumblebees. This chair is personalized with the little girl’s monogram-as is the cushion. The cushion is attached to the chair with coordinating pink gross grain ribbon ties.

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Fun Funky Floral Rocker for Sophia

Truly this has to be my favorite rocking chair so far! (I know I say that every time!) But, I just love the funky feel of the flowers and the fun feeling they give-it reminds me of being a child-I guess of the 70’s! I love the fun colors-the oranges, turquoises, greens and yellow’s. Atypical girl colors, but girlie nonetheless-you certainly can’t dispute that!

Little baby Sophia’s custom cushion is hand embroidered with the same fun colors on a thick linenish fabric of soft turquoise. The flowers are done in silk ribbon and regular embroidery floss in a myriad of stitches and colors. Sophia’s name is centered on the seat cushion in a fun green. The ties to hold the cushion to the chair are made of the same fabric of the cushion itself.

Have fun with your chair baby Sophia!

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Lyla on her rocker!

I love seeing this little cutie on her rocker! I had so much fun doing this rocker-I love being able to go wild with the pink and the flowers-really girly it up! But, the best part is seeing little Lyla enjoying it! Thanks so much Melissa for sharing these adorable photos of your little sweetie on her rocker!

For more pics of Lyla’s rocker click on this link. To check out some other fun rockers-for girls and boys click here!

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Natalie on her Rocker!

Check out this little sweetie on her own personalized rocking chair and cushion! The design on the back top of the chair emulates the design in Natalie’s curtains (shown behind her chair). The two “damask” designs flank Natalie’s monogram in the middle of the top of the back part of the chair. To see more of the chair and the fabulous peacock inspired cushion click on the following link.

Happy Birthday little Natalie!

Click here to see some of my other custom rocking chairs-and Natalie’s Mad about Madeline step stool!

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