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Golden Power Ranger Costume

Go Go Power Rangers! Ahhhh, why is it the Power Ranger they want to be is one that isn’t made?!!!!  Making this costume was definitely worth it to see the look on my little guy’s face.  As I typically don’t use patterns to make my children’s items I was able to look at a picture and make this pretty closely resemble the actual golden ranger’s costume.  One problem I had was not being able to find a gold material that was a little bit stretchy…that would have made this costume perfect-and much easier to make.  Alas, last minute Halloween costume making has me using what is available and stretchy gold fabric is not.

So, the big tip for Halloween Costume making is this, use stretchy fabric wherever possible! It allows the fit to be more comfortable for the child and enables you to not to have to have the fit exactly perfect. Also, velcro closures are easy for kids and moms. The velcro dots are great but be sure to get the NON sticky kind!  Want a costume for your child that is unavailable? I will be happy to help or make it for you!  Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

Art Smock for BOYS! and dry erase cat puppet!

School has officially started-and so begins the accumulation of school supplies. My son’s school requested an art shirt and a sock for dry erasing (among lots of other things). I scoured the internet in search of a really cute art smock for my 6 year old boy. I found lots of cute smocks, but they were all too girly.

What a fantastic repurposing of Daddy’s workshirt-Daddy gets a kick out of his little guy wearing his shirt, David gets a fun paint shirt, and David’s regular clothes stay paint free! I’m not big on machine embroidery (I don’t even have an embroidery machine!)-I did the embroidery years ago on an old sheet at my mother-in-laws-but I LOVE the formal look of it on a faux tie. I made a tie out of the embroidered material, and then sewed it onto one side of the shirt’s opening. I attached velcro to the other side of the tie and to the shirt to make fastening it a breeze for my guy.

As for the shirt itself, I just cut it down and sewed it back together so that it wasn’t overwhelmingly large on my little guy. He loves it! Easy to use, fun and personalized!

Then the little kitty! I know my guy is partial to “tiger cats” and was thinking how fun it would be to turn a sock (the requested item) into a puppet to use for the dry erase boards at school. No sock we had was quite the right color, then I remembered Martha Stewart had once turned old mittens into stuffed animals! I thought, hmmmm, how about a “hand erase puppet”?! It was really quite easy. I cut off the thumb and two middle fingers down to the base of the mitten, the two outer fingers I left a smidge of fabric in a triangular shape (kitty ears). I turned it inside out and sewed the ears and top together. I filled the longer fingers and thumb (to be the tail) with polyfil stuffing and then sewed the legs and tail in place. For the arms of the kitty I made extra holes in the side of the mitten and set the shorter fingers inside (with the kitty inside out) and sewed all around the edges of the finger and to the body of the cat. When finished, I turned it back out and voila! My little guy can put his hand inside and his fingers in the kitty’s arms to make the little kitty actually erase the board! Way too much fun!!!

For your own green items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop! Or, if you’d like to try it out yourself, don’t hesitate to e-mail me for more detailed instructions! Have fun!

Angel baby Sophia

Oh, what a joy to be an Aunt! Baby Sophia’s mommy loves angels-what a perfect excuse for me to make a mini pair of angel wings for this real life little angel!  Daddy Shaun loves the simplicity of his beautiful baby just as she is-nestled in their soft white chair in nothing but her birthday suit! Congratulations Shaun and Rebecca!

Mom, Mr. Gecko needs a coat!

This little chameleon is part of a set by Eric Carle-the book The Mixed up Chameleon is about a silly chameleon who would like to be like many other animals and less like himself. This  is part of the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program-they sell the animal for 5$ and the book for 5$ (what a steal!) and 100% of the net profit goes to programs to help kids. They feature different books and animals throughout the year.

My David took a fancy to his chameleon. He named him “Mr. Gecko” and informed me that Mr. Gecko needed a coat with a hood so that he wouldn’t get cold. Mr. Gecko’s silly little hooded jacket is made out of a turquoise soft pill resistant fleece with a chain stitch accenting the edge of the hood, a multicolored yarn pom-pom on the top of the hood, and a wrapped dotted stitch forming two lines that veer outward a bit on the back of his coat. The tummy of the coat shows off four darker colored teal buttons (so David can take Mr. Gecko’s coat off if he wants to!) and some seaming to make the coat fit Mr. Gecko perfectly!

For your own custom Coffey creations for kids e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com ! I can’t wait to make something extra special for your child!

Play Tiara and Ring of Flowers

What better to go with pretend play wedding dresses (1 and 2) and bridesmaids dresses (keep checking back to see these!)?! For your own fun pretend play wear e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Play Wedding Dress

This little wedding dress is intended for lots of fun pretend play! The dress was fashioned out of scraps left over from the cutting down of an old wedding dress. The bodice of this dress is actually made of one of  the former dress’s cap sleeves, the front body of the dress is made up of scraps of wonderfully heavy satin, pieced together vertically in the front. The back of the dress has lots of elastic gatherings under the arms and on the back top to hold the little dress up, and allow for lots of different little girls sizes! The back bottom of the dress is made up of horizontally placed scrap satin, with the back bow from the original wedding gown, and the “train” is made up of a lighter, filmier, satin. To have your old bridesmaids dresses or a wedding dress (from a consignment store?) turned into multiple fabulous pretend play items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !  (The original dress has made two mini  wedding dresses, a long skirt, and a ruffly shirt (wedding outfit!), and a purse! See the ruffly shirt and long skirt here!)

“Green” Tulle Skirt

I love this fun froofy skirt! It was made to coordinate with the girly Ruffly Satin Shirt. The skirt was fashioned out of layers of tulle and lining material. These materials were leftover scraps from the resizing of a wedding dress. This outfit was made for lots of fun pretend play! Here comes the bride!!! (Hopefully not for another 20 years or so!) For fun green wear email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !

Green-What?! White filmy satin shirt for girls!

Honestly, I want this shirt for myself! The ruffles are slightly asymmetrical slivers of sumptuous thick white satin, the filmy part of the shirt is made out of two layers of a soft white lining material, and the ties on the back are also the satin material. This lovely little blouse was made out of scraps left over from a resized wedding dress! Don’t you love being green?! Send me your scraps or old bridesmaids gowns to make something fabulous for your child! Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com