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Queen ‘O the Sea Crown

This crown is fit for a queen! Virginia decided she liked the look of a few special sea shells and lots of sand in between. I found this fun craft for kids at Disney Family fun. However, if you used  regular glue for the seashells you may never actually get it done-it would take forever to dry and you’d have to hold the shells in place…..uggh. We used a glue gun (which Aunt Shannon had to do to be safe!) and Virginia applied the seashells. We also liked the neat effect of using the glue gun to adhere the sand-lots of swirls! We filled in some spaces using the Elmer’s glue. I cut the pattern for the crown out of a cardboard yogurt box that was going to be thrown away, carefully measured it on Virginia’s head and then hot glued it together.  All-in-all a fun craft and one that you can play with at the beach and take home for more fun pretend play!!

Update!-Girls Floppy Hats and Boys Fun Hats

Here they are! On the beach and having fun-in their hats! That beach in France looks beautiful-wish I was there!

What a fun project this was! And, honestly, isn’t Manon beautiful?! These hats were handmade for children who are from France, Germany and right here in the United States. These little guys and gals are already world travelers and they’re meeting up in France this summer. How exciting that they will be wearing their very own Coffey Creation! The mom who ordered these loved the french knot embroidery and wanted to use multiple colors for each name-what a fabulous idea!  I love the result! With handmade products each one is completely unique and the slightly different shapes allow for extra fun and jaunty hats. I hope to be able to pass along some photos later this summer of these little guys and gals wearing their hats-so keep checking back to see them. Hats look much better on heads, don’t you think? E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com to order your own personalized fun hats!

Soft white Flower Dress and Headband

Hello baby Lyla! What a little sweetie she is-I just want to squeeze those cute little chubby baby cheeks! This dress is made of such a soft cotton that you’ll want your little baby in it all the time! The flowers on the dress and on the headband make it perfect for a little princess!

St. Pat’s Clips

These fun St. Pat’s clips can be worn in the hair or clipped to a shirt to show your St. Pat’s Day spirit! A french knot secures the shamrock a sage satin ribbon that is attached to the silver hair clip.

Flowers for the Hair!

These beautiful flowers have hand embroidered stamens (I used a french knot stitch)  and are attached to headbands and clip barretts for extra fun. The flowers are sewn onto a coordinating satin ribbon then attached to the hair clip. Seen here are pink and blue hydrangeas and a big daisy! For your own custom made flowers for the hair e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !