I made these little robes for my first little boy-6 and 5 years ago (respectively)! Now little guy number three is wearing the baby blue robe, and guy number two is wearing the striped one. Wish I could find the photo of my first guy in them, hmmpfh! The baby blue bathrobe is made of a soft pill resistant fleece and has white piping detailing. Soft inside and out, these little bathrobes are perfect for just out of the bath time. Especially for my little guys, who don’t like to wear any pajamas. What is up with that?! At least they’ll put on a robe till they’ve warmed up! The striped robe is also made of a pill resistant¬†fleece. Notice the Kool-Aid mustaches-Kook-Aid still gets a smile after all these years! For your own custom baby and children’s items email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com !