Well, I have to say what a fantastic time I have had this year making some gorgeous baskets for lots of little ones! How lucky I feel to have such wonderful customers! Just to share a bit…this year I have been lucky enough to make a basket for a newly adopted little boy-his mom even sent me pics of the whole family with the Judge! What a blessing to the family and for me to be able to be involved in some small way in this wonderful family event! This year I got to make lots of liners for new baby brothers and sisters of previous customers who I had already made baskets for for their first child-how exciting to see new families growing!

Another previous customer emailed me from the hospital as she was there preparing to deliver her second baby girl-and she thought of ME because she wanted another liner for her sweet new baby! How special does that make me feel?! Pretty darn special!

I’ve had wonderful pictures shared from customers-some even professional photographers! I just love seeing the little ones enjoy my creations!!

And this year, I can hardly believe that I am saying this, but I even made baskets for the children of a movie star and her famous musician husband! I’ve got so many feathers in my cap it may be enough to take flight! Of course, my husband says I may not be able to fit through the door because my head is getting so big! HA!

But, as usual, I have just LOVED making so many fun special baskets. I truly love what I do and I thank YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart! As I tell my husband, I just hope I get to keep doing these fun things! Maybe I really do have a chance!!!!!

Please keep checking back for lots more fun pics of lots of different projects. I am desperately behind updating my blog but hope to continue to update now that the craziness of Easter has abated somewhat. I am still making Easter baskets (and other things!) for next year so if you are thinking about it-it is never too early to inquire!

Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with any questions ! And have lots of fun with those little ones!!!