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Mazie and her basket

What a beautiful little girl!!!! Thank you so much Katherine for sharing your gorgeous little sweetie with me! Mazie got this basket on her first Easter when she was a baby! Click here to see sweet baby Mazie! Now Mazie has a baby brother and I am so lucky to get to make another basket for Katherine’s sweet baby boy!

Have fun with those lovies, Katherine! And, thanks again for thinking of me for your special basket!

****For your own custom Easter basket liners (and baskets) email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop for some premade ones!!!!


Easter Baskets (and more) 2013

Here are some of this season’s completed Easter Baskets! Keep checking back to see more and check out my Etsy shop for some premade ones ready to be personalized for your sweetie!

Email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with any questions-Thank you to all of my great customers for letting me make some fantastic Easter baskets for you and your families!




Storage Basket Liners for baby Lilah’s nursery

What fun to do these storage baskets for baby Lilah! I loved Mommy Susie’s whimsical titles for the baskets, too! “Sweet and Sassy”, “Pampered”, “Book Worm” and “Life Gets Messy” for the laundry basket! Too much fun!

The pretty purples and green stripey fabric coordinates with Lilah’s bedding and room and was provided by Mommy. LOVE it and I loved being able to do lots of fun shades of purple flowers along the baskets rim. The wording was done in a wrapped dotted stitch in a fun Curlz font. The flowers were hand stitched in a combination of silk ribbon and regular embroidery floss.

The “Pampered” and “Sweet and Sassy” storage basket liners were both trimmed in a mini white puffball edging. The interior liners lines were sewn with the lines going in a vertical direction with the exterior portion being laid horizontally to add more whimsy! The “Book Worm” basket’s trim has the larger chenille balls and the basket itself is a bit deeper to hold all of Lilah’s fun books.

The laundry basket already had an ivory interior liner, so I created a panel for the front that can be removed by unbuttoning it from the inside for cleaning, etc. This panel has a trim of a coordinating beautiful plum purple satin ribbon.

Oh what fun was it to do this gorgeous lamp! I got to try my hand at ribbon roses-and I LOVE them! I love the green it just brings everything together!

Thank you SO MUCH Susie for thinking of me for this project! I just loved being able to do all of these baskets to make your sweet little girlie’s room even more special!

For your own custom children’s items email me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my premade items at my Etsy shop!