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Finger Puppet Theater for Lily Sophia

I so loved being able to make this finger puppet stage! I had been wanting to do one for ages when Lily Sophia’s mommy mentioned wanting to do something extra fun for her little girlie’s first birthday! She mentioned how much she loved the Dream Big Little Pig book by Kristi Yamaguchi and I saw the perfect opportunity! Little piggy finger puppets- a mommy, daddy, Poppy pig and other piggies to show all the fun things that Poppy pig tried out while she was dreaming big!

I wanted the puppet theater to resemble the amazing theaters of the past. I made the soft baby pink curtains pleated with lots of draping and finished them off with mini puffballs. The theater itself is trimmed with a lime green satiny rope piping-along the edges and along the inside of the opening of the theater itself.  Jewels adorn the stage along it’s parapets and underneath the opening of the stage (resembling the lighting of the stages of days past). Lily Sophia’s monogram is hand embroidered in a dotted wrapped stitch on the middle front of the stage, and hand embroidery accents the top front of the stage as well as along the scroll designs on the sides.

Now, you can have a great looking puppet theater, but to make it even better, I wanted it to be portable! For a growing little girl, mommy’s love to be able to take things along for their little ones! So, I made lots of pockets for the puppets to go in on the back-with plenty of room to add more finger puppets for Lily Sophia’s growing collection!

The puppet theater is held together by a pretty ribbon tied in a bow, and then is held by a gorgeous chevron striped baby pink and white ribbon handle.

Mishelle, thank you so much again for thinking of me for this great project! I LOVED doing it and hope to get to do more fun puppet theaters in the future! Speaking of which, I’ve finished off two since doing this project! Check back to see my updates as I am slowly trying to catch up!!

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Poppy Pig, Mommy and Daddy Piggies, and props for Puppet Theater!

Oh, my, was this ever fun to make for little Lily Sophia! Mommy Mishelle wanted a fabulous first birthday for her little sweetie based on one of her favorite children’s books-Dream Big Little Pig by Kristi Yamaguchi. It is such a sweet book! It’s about a little girlie pig who tries to figure out what she is good at-she finds out lots of things that she is NOT good at, only to finally find that with lots of practice she is really GREAT at ice skating!

Mishelle and I dreamed big-we wanted a fancy puppet theater to coordinate with Lily Sophia’s room that she would be also able to use at her birthday party. Mishelle thought a Mommy and Daddy pig with some fun props would be so much fun to play with and show off at the party. I made  little special piggie finger puppets- complete with wings and curlique tails  for each of Lily Sophia’s party guests (well, the little ones!) and Mishelle got each a copy of the book. Lily got a few extra finger puppets to go with her theater for her birthday-a piggie puppet with wings that were also able to be removed and reattached, a fancy girlie piggie in a hot pink satin dress holding a microphone, a mini easel, a “casual” girlie piggie, and a mommy and a daddy piggie as well.

A large Poppy Pig was a must for little Lily Sophia as well! Check out how Poppy Pig looks just like the character in the book-from her “sequined” bodice to the light purple and hot pink satiny ice skating costume to the hot pink ribbon in her hair!  She even has ice skates that are removeable! Poppy also has some wire inside of her to make her poseable for extra fun!

Check back to see more detail and information about the Puppet Theater itself!

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Yellow Doll/Small Child Chair

This sweet little antique chair was literally in pieces! One of the small dowel shaped rods was broken, and another was missing. The seat was in tatters-unusable. I took the woven seat off, sanded and repaired the rest of the chair, then painted it a soft yellow with some fun floral designs. I love the turquoise, greens, yellows, and a bit of red in the flowers!

Then I decided on a simple woven pattern for the seat. I attached the sides and back with a staple gun for added security, but the sizing of this chair is really more for a large doll or several small ones.

This chair can be personalized for your child for lots of play time fun! Contact me at shannon@coffeycreations for you own custom made items or check out some of my premade items at my etsy shop!

Here is the link to the above chair!  https://www.etsy.com/listing/110797217/hand-painted-soft-yellow-large-doll-or