Oh my goodness! I swear I think my favorite thing is to be able to make such fun coordinating items! Not only do I love the girlie basket and liner but to be able to make the mini bunny with her own mini basket! Way too much fun!!!

This custom liner for baby Alli Claire has a pretty hot pink and white floral design soft cotton inside and a soft white cotton on the outside. The exterior liner features a mostly white hand embroidered bunny holding flowers and surrounded by lots of flowers as well. Alli Claire’s name is done in a dotted wrapped stitch in the same hot pink color. Some of the flowers you will see on Alli’s liner include daisies-mommy’s favorite, tulips, roses, lilly of the valley, snapdragons…hmmm..have I forgotten anything?! Oh, I love the purple wild flowers! And don’t forget the little turquoisey blue birds perched on Alli’s name. One is bringing her little bunny a daisy!

Alli’s basket is also hand painted a soft turquoisey aqua and the liner has fabric side ties of the same hot pink and white patterened fabric as the inner liner.

And, oh, the little mini bunny…I think my favorite part is her fabric rose on the back of her dress! Her dress is made of the same fabric as the inner liner of Alli’s basket. The mini bunny’s dress (like Alli’s basket) is trimmed in  mini white puffballs and has gathered soft pleating on the front bodice falling away to a whimsically long sundress.I can just see the little bunny twirling around in her dress!  The bunny’s features are hand embroidered and she has a silk ribbon hot pink flower embroidered in her “hair” right below one of her ears. Little Mini bunny also has her own basket-of course! Her little basket is made of the same fabrics as Alli Claire’s as well, the white soft cotton and the hot pink printed fabric. The mini basket has a silk ribbon flower just like the one in the bunny’s hair right on it’s center front. The bunny’s tail is made of a soft white cotton yarn.

Right now little Alli is a baby-but I can just imagine the fun she’ll have playing with her little bunny and  mini basket when she gets older! Jelly beans will fit perfectly in it! The bunny should get a few treats, too, I think!

Have a great first Easter baby Alli!

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