This castle canopy is certainly fit for a princess-or a little prince! The canopy comes with 10 birdies that can be positioned wherever you would like them-on or off of the canopy, 4 braided closures (one for each panel), a mommy birdie with 4 eggs in her nest and a nest with 3 baby birdie hatchlings waiting to be fed!

The canopy’s castle measures approximately 3ftX3ft and the panels hang down approximately 7&1/2 feet from the 14 inch high castle. The castle and canopy are made of a beautiful tarragon cotton broadcloth, with windows and scrollwork quilted onto the castle portion. The castle is edged in a braiding made of the same fabric. The panels can be closed or held open with the braided closures, however you desire!

I envision this type of canopy above a little girl or guys bed-giving it a four poster look! Add to this look by having me hand embroidery your child’s monogram into the scrollwork!

Check back for more pics on this fun project as this one was for Missy Kettler of Missy K Photography located in Naples, Florida. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with with all of the little prince and princesses she takes photos of!

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