Oh, I love this little chair for so many reasons! First of all, baby Addie-Adelle Josephine Russell- sits with her back to us on the main scene on the seat of the chair! This image is adapted from a beautiful picture that her photographer mommy took of her. (you can see Sandy’s amazing photos on her site here: http://summerlandphotography.com/ )The little pink dress, the bonnet with the ruffles-too adorable to stand! Then the little bunny stuffed animal that she is holding-this is taken from a gorgeous quilt that Addie’s grandmother (mommy’s mother) made for her! As are the little flower designs along the chair arms, seat rim, runners and the top of the chair seat back.

Also pictured with Addie are the two family cats-Quill, the long haired orange cat, and Lilly the grey, black and white tabby, as well as the family dog Colt.  There are several birds in the scene, lots of flowers, and an owl in one of the trees.  If you look closely you can see Addie’s full name “hidden” in the tree’s leaves on the left and her birthdate hidden in the tree on the right.

On the scene above on the seat chair back you see two “real” bunnies (I’m imagining that Addie loved her play bunny so much that it became real just like in the Velveteen Rabbit!), one bunny is meant to be Addie and the other is meant to be her big brother Mason-see how he is bringing her flowers? Oh, big brothers! This scene shows a dusky pinkish sky with a red fox sneaking a peak through the bushes of flowers. Hiding in the grass and flowers are a couple of field mice and in the trees are more birdies and another owl.

It was such a treat to do such a fun rocking chair for little Addie!  I can’t wait to see the fun pictures her mommy gets of her enjoying her special rocker!

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