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The Princess Canopy at Koreshan State Historic Site in Florida

Wow! What beautiful babies and what a talent photographer Missy of Missy K Photography in Naples, Florida has! And what a gorgeous site for my lovely canopy! This canopy was made specifically for Missy to photograph all of her adorable little princesses. For more details about the canopy itself click here, to see my other custom canopies and mobiles click here.

Also check out Missy’s facebook page for lots more gorgeous photos!

Thank you so much for everything Missy! You were a pleasure to work with and your little princesses parents must be thrilled with their gorgeous photos!!!

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Hadley’s Sweet Birdie Mobile!

Oh, look at this little sweetie with her birdie mobile! I love it! Hadley’s mommy got this gorgeous bedding from Serena and Lily-the Lola pattern-and wanted a pretty mobile to go with it. The center of the mobile is a flower in the same design as the flowers on the bedding, it has lots of hand embroidered accents, chenille puffballs and mini puffballs adorning it. The mobile has little birdies hanging down that coordinate with the bedding as well. Each hand made birdie has embroidered accents on it’s body, wings and head. Both the birdies and the flower of the mobile are made up of several different fabrics to coordinate with Hadley’s bedding.

To see some of baby Hadley’s other coordinating items or the original post of Hadley’s Birdie Mobile with all of the details, click here!

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Baby Addie’s Rocking Chair

Oh, I love this little chair for so many reasons! First of all, baby Addie-Adelle Josephine Russell- sits with her back to us on the main scene on the seat of the chair! This image is adapted from a beautiful picture that her photographer mommy took of her. (you can see Sandy’s amazing photos on her site here: http://summerlandphotography.com/ )The little pink dress, the bonnet with the ruffles-too adorable to stand! Then the little bunny stuffed animal that she is holding-this is taken from a gorgeous quilt that Addie’s grandmother (mommy’s mother) made for her! As are the little flower designs along the chair arms, seat rim, runners and the top of the chair seat back.

Also pictured with Addie are the two family cats-Quill, the long haired orange cat, and Lilly the grey, black and white tabby, as well as the family dog Colt.  There are several birds in the scene, lots of flowers, and an owl in one of the trees.  If you look closely you can see Addie’s full name “hidden” in the tree’s leaves on the left and her birthdate hidden in the tree on the right.

On the scene above on the seat chair back you see two “real” bunnies (I’m imagining that Addie loved her play bunny so much that it became real just like in the Velveteen Rabbit!), one bunny is meant to be Addie and the other is meant to be her big brother Mason-see how he is bringing her flowers? Oh, big brothers! This scene shows a dusky pinkish sky with a red fox sneaking a peak through the bushes of flowers. Hiding in the grass and flowers are a couple of field mice and in the trees are more birdies and another owl.

It was such a treat to do such a fun rocking chair for little Addie!  I can’t wait to see the fun pictures her mommy gets of her enjoying her special rocker!

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Prince and Princess Castle Canopy with Birdies and nests

This castle canopy is certainly fit for a princess-or a little prince! The canopy comes with 10 birdies that can be positioned wherever you would like them-on or off of the canopy, 4 braided closures (one for each panel), a mommy birdie with 4 eggs in her nest and a nest with 3 baby birdie hatchlings waiting to be fed!

The canopy’s castle measures approximately 3ftX3ft and the panels hang down approximately 7&1/2 feet from the 14 inch high castle. The castle and canopy are made of a beautiful tarragon cotton broadcloth, with windows and scrollwork quilted onto the castle portion. The castle is edged in a braiding made of the same fabric. The panels can be closed or held open with the braided closures, however you desire!

I envision this type of canopy above a little girl or guys bed-giving it a four poster look! Add to this look by having me hand embroidery your child’s monogram into the scrollwork!

Check back for more pics on this fun project as this one was for Missy Kettler of Missy K Photography located in Naples, Florida. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with with all of the little prince and princesses she takes photos of!

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Hampton with his Piano and Hadley with her Dollhouse/Bookcase

I love being able to see little Hampton and baby Hadley enjoying their fun Coffey Creations! Thank you mommy Adrea so much for sharing your photos with me!

If you look really closely you can see Hampton’s quilt draped over the corner of the bed with a camel showing! Similar to the camel on his piano! He also has an awesome wall hanging behind the head of his bed that goes with his bedding. This little piano was made to coordinate with Hampton’s room colors and bedding, but it also includes his ABC’s and lots more animals for him to find and have fun with! To see Hampton’s mini piano in more detail click here.

Hadley’s dollhouse/bookcase is full of lots of fun things to find as well. There are lots of fun scenes from several classic children’s stories. I am imagining the fun mommy Adrea will have reading these stories to little Hadley and then showing  her the scenes in her own dollhouse! Hadley’s dollhouse/bookcase also has a replica of her very own nursery in the top left room. The replica includes her crib, bedding, photos in frames on the walls, her special Coffey Creations tree and animal playset, her birdie on a branch shelving, and lots more! To see all of the rooms in more detail, or to see  if you can locate all of the special scenes in Hadley’s doll house, click here. The scenes are from the following children’s stories: Where the Wild Things Are, Madeline in Paris, Lyle Lyle Crocodile, The Princess and the Pea, Eloise in Paris, and Red Riding Hood.

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