Here is a sneak peak of a couple of completed projects for this Christmas! Can’t show you the whole piano or the little guy’s name will show-don’t want to ruin a surprise!!!!!! Check back for updates on these and more projects later!

The piano is a Jaymar brand piano made in the 1950’s, it is in beautiful working condition and the keys sound like little bells. It is truly a remarkable little piano! This little boy has his ABC’s done in animals all over his very own personalized piano. Some letters have more than one animal, some items you can count-jellyfish?! And riding in the seat atop the elephant are a little boy and his sister-a rendition of the little owner to be and his sister!

The mini rocking chair is the perfect size for an American Girl Doll! And, for goodness sakes, she must have a personalized cushion as well! The chair has several “hiding” ladybugs and bumblebees. This chair is personalized with the little girl’s monogram-as is the cushion. The cushion is attached to the chair with coordinating pink gross grain ribbon ties.

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