These canvases all have personalization of some sort. I love being able to make a canvas unusual and personalize it in some way for it’s recipient.

The first canvas is Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Florida. With the central feature being the new fountain that Grandpa put in all by himself! Making the fountain the center focus made the painting of the house seem a bit more whimsical as you see most of the house as the background, not the central focus.  This painting was done by “morphing” two photos together.

The second painting shows off Virginia and TJ scaling the double black diamond trail “True Grit”! Whew! I know I would have gone down the “No Grit” one myself. This painting was done by morphing three different photos together and using a bit of imagination to incorporate both kids on the same trail in different locations. I envisioned Virginia swooshing back and forth down the trail with TJ ahead a bit and launching himself off of the snow ramp into the air!

The third painting was a request from Lori for sunflowers.  Hidden inside each of the flowers is a different name-Elizabeth and Elijah, her twins, and Joshua, her oldest child. The middle two larger sunflowers are for herself-Lori, and her husband Brad. I loved the quote from Helen Keller, and found it a perfect fit for this canvas.

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