This dollhouse/bookcase for Hadley was so much fun to paint! The top left bedroom is a replica of her actual nursery-I also included the dollhouse! Several of the rooms have paintings from classic children’s story books-can you find them? From Little Red Riding Hood, the Princess and the Pea, Where the Wild Things Are, and many others! What fun it was to create each room and add the little nick knacks. Hadley’s room theme is pinks and greens with little birdies, you can see those themes repeated throughout the entire doll house. The chandelier in the bathroom even has little birdies on it! Look out the hand painted windows and the canvas wall art in the house-do you spy any birds? Squirrels? Don’t forget to check out the address (plus 1/2), too!

I can imagine the fun baby Hadley will have exploring this dollhouse as she grows!

Check out the replica of baby Hadley’s actual room-from her hand made wooden tree playset, birdie on a branch shelving, custom birth canvas, to her sweet birdie mobile, and lots more! Click on this link to view her custom items, then click on the one that you want to view!

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