One of my favorite customers gave me the idea to make an Advent Calendar-I’d been wanting to get one for years, just hadn’t found the “right” one. Karen loved one that was a bunch of different little mittens hung on a line.

I had gotten rid of a lot of my Christmas ornaments over the years-all of the glass ones due to worry about one of the boys getting hurt. So, the thought of doing an Advent Calendar as Tree Ornaments was perfect for us. Not to mention the “teaching” aspect of it as an added bonus!

Each number has a little pocket to place a small candy (or three).  I made Christmas trees, stockings, mittens, presents, and Santa Hat shapes, of different colors of green,  tan, and red. I embellished each item with embroidery floss, ric rac, mini puff balls, ribbon, ultra cuddle fleece and white pom poms.

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