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When Todd Tewksbury set out for his routine daily jog back in August of 2014, everything about it felt normal
from lacing up his cross-trainers to the feel of his old t-shirt, nothing stood out as odd to him as he said goodbye to his
mother and set out along his route. He couldn’t have known that in just a few minutes and a few miles, his life was
about to change forever and if not for some quick thinking onlookers, he may have lost it entirely. Of course, how could
he have known? There was no reason to consider that as he approached JFK by the art museum on his typical path, he
would suffer joggerfrom cardiac arrest and fall to his knees. After all, Todd, a 27-year-old athlete, had no reason to consider
something like heart failure could even happen to him, let alone that it would find himself suddenly slumped on all fours
that summer day along the waterfront.
According to the Mayo Clinic, “Cardiac Arrest is the unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and
consciousness. Sudden cardiac arrest usually results from an electrical disturbance in your heart that disrupts its
pumping action, stopping blood flow to the rest of your body.” Although there is potential to survive an attack it
becomes incredibly minimal if emergency medical treatment is not performed immediately. Because the heart is no
longer pumping blood and vital organs are deprived of oxygen, it is imperative that the individual suffering the attack
receives CPR or treatment with a defibrillator within seconds. Although only 11% of people survive an attack nationally,
that number could greatly improve to 38% if more people to knew CPR from Toronto Coast2Coast First Aid/CPR. Lucky for Tewksbury, he fell into the 11%
survival rate thanks to a group of strangers who also had a mind to enjoy the Schuylkill River Trail that day.

Dr. Aaron Mendelson and his wife were a few yards away when they rushed to Todd’s side upon seeing him fall to the ground, they assumed he was having a seizure given that he was a fairly young and athletic man. Once they reached him however, it became evident that he did not have a pulse and they knew it had to be a heart issue. Arron, a resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and his wife, an ER doctor were very well trained in the emergency care of Cardiac Arrest and began to administer CPR in attempt to provide Tewksbury’s vital organs the oxygen they desperately needed. Meanwhile, another concerned individual, part of the small crowd that had gathered around, used Todd’s phone to call his mother Louis, alerting her to what was happening to her son. As Louis and her family rushed to the hospital to meet Todd upon his arrival, the group with him on the waterfront administered CPR for a total of 11 minutes at which point two women brought over a defibrillator from a nearby recreational center, delivering a lifesaving dose of electric current in order to start his heart back up. Todd is alive and well today and he along with his family are incredibly grateful to the Mendelson’s and others that stepped in and took action that day. It was incredibly lucky that there were trained medical professionals within the general vicinity of where the incident occurred, however, Dr. Mendelson says that anyone could have done what he did to save Todd’s life. The doctors treating him in the days following the attack, noted that CRP was the main factor in his survival and his ability to walk out of the hospital, without it Todd surely would have died. No small detail to Tewksbury who noted he would be learning CRP and educating himself in emergency care and other subjects, so he would be able to pay it forward and save another’s life.

Thanksgiving Food Toss Game for Kids-Wooden!

The food toss game was such a hit I decided to “upgrade” it to a wooden toss game instead of the cardboard box! I actually made this last year and forgot to put it on the blog! How nice to be able to pull this out again and let the kids and their friends have a blast throwing “food” into the pilgrim’s tummy, mouth and hat! And “stuffing” the turkey! HA! Then I talked to them about how important is to eat healthy food for you and your pets, and give your dog the best calming treats for dogs.

The board is approximately 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. It is propped up by two hinged angled “legs” in the back so that it lays slanted (like cornhole boards!) when in use. Then when it’s time to put away the legs fold behind making it easy to store.

To check out the play food and the original cardboard Food Toss Game, click here.  For lots of other fun Thanksgiving ideas, click here.  Not the crafty type? Woodworking not your bag? Contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com and I’ll make one for you!

Thanksgiving fun!

Oh, my little boys are getting so big! These Felt Turkey Handprints are a joy to bring out year after year-my boys love comparing how their hands have grown and I love looking at how little they were!

Thanks to Craftgossip.com for putting my little Turkey’s on their site! I love to be able to share my fun creations with all! Click on this link Felt Turkey Handprints for the original post with the directions for how to make them for your own lovies!

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Fun Funky Floral Rocker for Sophia

Truly this has to be my favorite rocking chair so far! (I know I say that every time!) But, I just love the funky feel of the flowers and the fun feeling they give-it reminds me of being a child-I guess of the 70’s! I love the fun colors-the oranges, turquoises, greens and yellow’s. Atypical girl colors, but girlie nonetheless-you certainly can’t dispute that!

Little baby Sophia’s custom cushion is hand embroidered with the same fun colors on a thick linenish fabric of soft turquoise. The flowers are done in silk ribbon and regular embroidery floss in a myriad of stitches and colors. Sophia’s name is centered on the seat cushion in a fun green. The ties to hold the cushion to the chair are made of the same fabric of the cushion itself.

Have fun with your chair baby Sophia!

For your own custom coffey creations contact me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Penguin Onesie and Matching Hat

After I made the Ornery Penguin Set for baby Miles, I just couldn’t stop! Penguins are just too darn cute! I made this coordinating hat and onesie set with the cute little penguin who was holding a snowball-just where he is intending to throw it I don’t know!

To purchase this hat and onesie set check out my Etsy shop. Also check out the coordinating Snow Day canvas for sale at my shop!

To see the Ornery Penguin Snow Day Canvas click here. To see the custom set for baby Miles-including the mini blanket, penguin stuffed animal, 5 little penguin cardstock book with 5 little penguin finger puppets, keepsake box and hand painted card (all personalized for baby Miles!), click here!

Penguin Canvas-to be personalized for baby or child

Oh, the fun of a snow day! These penguins are having a blast! One holds a snowball ready to let fly-watch out! A baby penguin looks lovingly up at his mommy as the melee all around them ensues. Several other penguins are sliding down the hills on their tummies as the snow laden clouds let a little more snow fall onto the scene. Personalize this canvas for your little one or have it personalized as a perfect baby, child, or nursery gift!

To purchase this hand painted canvas item go to my Etsy shop!