These little angels each have their own personal cloud and are meant to hang from the ceiling and a canopy over baby Sophia’s crib. The canopy is still in the works, so be sure to check back for the completed project!

Each little handmade angel has different colored hand embroidered eyes and features, a different white dress with embroidery(some with satin ribbon on them), one is brunette, two are blonde, and one is a red headed little angel. All have wings and are resting on a cloud or are hanging below a cloud. The red haired angel has a headband of white roses in her hair, one of the blondes has a pretty blue flower in hers, the other blonde holds a bouquet of gorgeous orange flowers, and the brunette angel has a white satin ribbon in her hair.

I LOVE using these little flowers for Sophia’s angels-you will see more of them on the finished canopy! I purchased the millinery flowers at -I love their truly unique and adorable adornments.

Sophia’s mommy wanted an angel theme for Sophia’s nursery, but had already purchased pretty floral bedding. What could be more sweet than angels with flowers?!

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