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Peacock Pillow Sign for Whitney

This purple pillow with it’s puffy peacock is perfect for little Whitney’s door-it marks the entry into a little girl’s lavender haven. This lavender “linenlike” material shows off a mostly white peacock done in embroidery floss as well as silk ribbon. This girlie peacock has a pretty turquoise ribbon around her neck to match her tail feathers done in the same silk ribbon. Whitney’s name is done in a pretty french font in a dotted wrapped stitch in white. Whitney’s name and the peacock are framed in soft white mini puffballs and the pillow is edged in a crisp white piping. The pillow hangs by a sumptuous lilac velvet ribbon.

For your own custom pillow name signs or other fun coffeycreations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Sophia’s Angels

These little angels each have their own personal cloud and are meant to hang from the ceiling and a canopy over baby Sophia’s crib. The canopy is still in the works, so be sure to check back for the completed project!

Each little handmade angel has different colored hand embroidered eyes and features, a different white dress with embroidery(some with satin ribbon on them), one is brunette, two are blonde, and one is a red headed little angel. All have wings and are resting on a cloud or are hanging below a cloud. The red haired angel has a headband of white roses in her hair, one of the blondes has a pretty blue flower in hers, the other blonde holds a bouquet of gorgeous orange flowers, and the brunette angel has a white satin ribbon in her hair.

I LOVE using these little flowers for Sophia’s angels-you will see more of them on the finished canopy! I purchased the millinery flowers at Sugarpinkboutique.com -I love their truly unique and adorable adornments.

Sophia’s mommy wanted an angel theme for Sophia’s nursery, but had already purchased pretty floral bedding. What could be more sweet than angels with flowers?!

Click here to see Sopia’s angel mini blanket, bib, burp cloth, personalized note cards and custom keepsake boxes, and here to see Sophia’s deluxe personalized notecards and custom hand painted coordinating frames.

For your own custom children and baby’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Personalized Birth Canvas for Hadley

This birth canvas was hand painted to coordinate with baby Hadley’s Serena and Lily Bedding and room decor. To see more of little Hadley’s items click on the following links: Coordinating onesies, mini blanket, bird mobile and personalized note cards, Mommy and baby bird shelf, Handpainted wooden tree playsetand Handpainted frame and matting and Handpainted paper mache decorative birds .

For your own custom Coffey Creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com . Also check out my Etsy shop

Fun easy necklaces for kids to make! Great to give as gifts, too!

These necklaces were so easy to do and I loved letting the kids use their imagination to create their own work of art! I love the Glass Connection on Etsy for their supplies! I used the “adhesive epoxy stickers” which were the 1 inch round size, the ready made 1 inch pendant trays, and the assorted multi colored waxed cotton cords with silver clasps. The adhesive stickers are fantastic for beginners or kids-no messy or dangerous glues- you just peel and stick! Another great thing about the 1 inch circles  is that they also fit perfectly into a bottle cap! So, you could make bottlecap magnets with them or even venture to make your own bottlecap necklaces, bracelets, whatever!

Check out the Glass Connection for lots of other fun ideas-they even have ready made kits for you to purchase!

Sophia’s Deluxe Notecard Set with Custom Painted Frames

This deluxe set of notecards also includes three custom painted coordinating frames-2-5X7’s and 1-8X10. All of the notecards are intended to coordinate with the theme of baby Sophia’s room and have a combination of her first name, full name, and monogram on each one. All notecards are hand cut, and lovingly handmounted. The set includes 25 personalized hand made note cards. Welcome to the world baby Sophia!

Lyla on her rocker!

I love seeing this little cutie on her rocker! I had so much fun doing this rocker-I love being able to go wild with the pink and the flowers-really girly it up! But, the best part is seeing little Lyla enjoying it! Thanks so much Melissa for sharing these adorable photos of your little sweetie on her rocker!

For more pics of Lyla’s rocker click on this link. To check out some other fun rockers-for girls and boys click here!

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Make your own custom photo necklace!

I LOVE being able to use pictures in such a fun way! And let me tell you, these were EASY! I save the little index prints that I get from Shutterfly (my absolute favorite photo website) and always find something fun to do with them. They are perfect mini pictures-that you get free when you order prints of any size!

I found these lockets at Michaels for under 10$ each. You open the necklace and insert your trimmed photo. How easy is that?! Not sure about exactly how to trim the photo? Take the sample photo out and use it as your template. With these necklaces you can actually put one photo on the front and one on the back. AND when your little one grows up a little more? Or you get a new favorite photo? Just switch it out! Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Also check out my “micro mini” photo books. Fun to make with scraps of card stock, odds and ends and those great index prints! Here I’ve also used a bit of clip art of some of my guys’ favorite things! Create your own mini photo album, alphabet book, kid brag book (your little one’s favorite things), the ideas are endless. And, let me tell you, the kids LOVE them!

Have fun! E-mail me for your own custom children or baby items or for any questions or tips on how to create your own fun albums. Also check out my Etsy shop!

Art Smock for BOYS! and dry erase cat puppet!

School has officially started-and so begins the accumulation of school supplies. My son’s school requested an art shirt and a sock for dry erasing (among lots of other things). I scoured the internet in search of a really cute art smock for my 6 year old boy. I found lots of cute smocks, but they were all too girly.

What a fantastic repurposing of Daddy’s workshirt-Daddy gets a kick out of his little guy wearing his shirt, David gets a fun paint shirt, and David’s regular clothes stay paint free! I’m not big on machine embroidery (I don’t even have an embroidery machine!)-I did the embroidery years ago on an old sheet at my mother-in-laws-but I LOVE the formal look of it on a faux tie. I made a tie out of the embroidered material, and then sewed it onto one side of the shirt’s opening. I attached velcro to the other side of the tie and to the shirt to make fastening it a breeze for my guy.

As for the shirt itself, I just cut it down and sewed it back together so that it wasn’t overwhelmingly large on my little guy. He loves it! Easy to use, fun and personalized!

Then the little kitty! I know my guy is partial to “tiger cats” and was thinking how fun it would be to turn a sock (the requested item) into a puppet to use for the dry erase boards at school. No sock we had was quite the right color, then I remembered Martha Stewart had once turned old mittens into stuffed animals! I thought, hmmmm, how about a “hand erase puppet”?! It was really quite easy. I cut off the thumb and two middle fingers down to the base of the mitten, the two outer fingers I left a smidge of fabric in a triangular shape (kitty ears). I turned it inside out and sewed the ears and top together. I filled the longer fingers and thumb (to be the tail) with polyfil stuffing and then sewed the legs and tail in place. For the arms of the kitty I made extra holes in the side of the mitten and set the shorter fingers inside (with the kitty inside out) and sewed all around the edges of the finger and to the body of the cat. When finished, I turned it back out and voila! My little guy can put his hand inside and his fingers in the kitty’s arms to make the little kitty actually erase the board! Way too much fun!!!

For your own green items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop! Or, if you’d like to try it out yourself, don’t hesitate to e-mail me for more detailed instructions! Have fun!

Natalie on her Rocker!

Check out this little sweetie on her own personalized rocking chair and cushion! The design on the back top of the chair emulates the design in Natalie’s curtains (shown behind her chair). The two “damask” designs flank Natalie’s monogram in the middle of the top of the back part of the chair. To see more of the chair and the fabulous peacock inspired cushion click on the following link.

Happy Birthday little Natalie!

Click here to see some of my other custom rocking chairs-and Natalie’s Mad about Madeline step stool!

For your own custom children and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop.

Hand painted Frame/matting and Paper Mache Birdies for Hadley

Baby Hadley’s room has Serena and Lily’s Lola bedding and these hand made items continue with that theme. The hand painted paper mache birds are all painted differently, with ornate designs of pinks, greens, and yellow. The 11X14 frame (matted to fit a 8X10 photo) has been accented with pink along the wooden beaded edge and green along the inner part of the frame. The matting has been custom painted with Hadley’s full name along a flowering tree branch. The painted mat also includes the mommy and baby bird theme that is present in her room.

Oh! I can’t forget the personalized notecard! This little hand cut card shows a mommy and baby birdie each on their own branch looking at each other. The branches show off the same fun pink and green flowers as Hadley’s bedding. Hadley’s first name is “framed” at the bottom of the card in coordinating cardstock. The branches, birdies, flowers and Hadley’s name are all set on mounting tape to give a sense of depth the the card.

Check out baby Hadley’s other custom items-the mommy and baby bird mini blanket, onesie trio set, custom flower and bird mobile, mommy and baby bird shelving, custom coordinating canvas (all on one link) and the hand made wooden tree play set (link number two)!  Oh, I can think of so many more fun things to make for little Hadley!

For your own custom creations e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids or check out my items on my Etsy shop !