Doing this Mad about Madeline step stool for little Natalie’s first birthday was a blast! Having three boys, I had only heard of Madeline. I picked up the Mad about Madeline book from the local library and started my research. We loved the Madeline stories and laughed out loud at her silly exploits!

Natalie’s mommy wanted the step stool in fun primary colors-mostly like the original paintings in the stories. We thought Pepito’s birthday cake would be quite appropriate for the top step of the stool. I just put Natalie’s name where Pepito’s name was and added a Happy Birthday bunting to the top sides.

Natalie’s mommy and daddy both play piano and have a grand piano in the house! So, the scene with Madeline and Genevieve at the piano was a must! I added “Chopin” to the music on the piano, and another sheet of music on the ground beside the piano with “Les Mis”, Natalie’s parents favorites!

With some extra space to the left of the piano, I added the scene of Madeline and Genevieve in school. I added more color to this painting (the original was all yellow, black and white), and added Natalie and her big brother Will’s names to the blocks around Genevieve the dog.

The other side of the step stool shows off Madeline getting measured-very appropriate for a growing little girl! And, too cute! Once again a little bit of space left over was just perfect to add the scene of Madeline where she was “not afraid of mice”.

The bottom step step of the step stool was a combination of many scenes from the Mad about Madeline stories, but the carousel was a completely new addition! Natalie’s mommy loves carousels, so we turned the gazebo in one painting into a carousel complete with horses. I added the little boy (big brother Will!) getting a balloon from the balloon man to this scene, a man on a bench feeding the pigeons, a fountain with more pigeons, and Madeline and Pepito riding the horse. And, of course, we had to put in Miss Clavel with the rest of the little girls, too!

To finish off the step stool is a special wish from Natalie’s Babcia (grandma)-hand written inside on the back.

Happy first birthday Natalie!

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