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Pumpkin Baby Brennan Gift Set

Brennan’s mommy LOVES orange and pumpkins! This set was custom made just for baby Brennan in honor of his mommy’s favorites. The mini blanket has a tree with silk embroidered green and orange leaves, the tree also has a squirrel holding an acorn sitting atop one of the branches, and one down below in it’s hollow base. The framing of the white part of the blanket is done in a forest green dotted wrapped stitch and each corner shows off a little pumpkin with silk embroidered leaves.  The center of the blanket shows off Brennan’s monogram in a dark brown. The outer edge of the mini blanket is a soft khaki and the blanket’s back is in the same white cotton as the blankets’ center front.

This special gift set includes the mini blanket, handprint/footprint kit, deluxe custom keepsake box, coordinating onesie and hat, and handpainted personalized notecard.

The Handprint/footprint kit comes with three personalized notecards, 5 embellished watercolor papers (in case one or two get smudged), two pots of coordinating paint, and a sponge brush. The embellished water color papers are to put the little guy’s handprints or footprints on. They each have a handpainted pumpkin or squirrel with leaves and or acorns to coordinate with all of Brennan’s fun things!

The onesie has a little squirrel holding an acorn and several pumpkins along it’s collar, and a fun orange dotted wrapped stitch around the cuffs. The matching hat has a larger pumpkin on the left, a few acorns atop a forest green dotted wrapped stitch leading to a squirrel sitting atop a pumpkin holding his own acorn.

All of Brennan’s gifts were contained in a personalized custom keepsake box. Brennan’s box shows the same squirrels and tree scene as on his mini blanket, and his full name is framed off to the side in a fun font.   A handpainted personalized card was also included in little Brennan’s set.

For your own custom hand made children’s items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out some of my premade items at my Etsy shop.

Lyla’s Dress, Purse, and Hair Accessory (not to mention panties, too!)

I can’t believe little Lyla just turned 2!!! Lyla’s mommy loved this fabric-who wouldn’t?! It is too darn cute! This little dress was made in the same style as a dress that Lyla’s mommy loved. I recreated the dress in the new fabric and added a pretty white crocheted lace to the sides. I decided that a purse and hair accessory were an absolute must!

With the left over material I was able to make a 6 month size swing shirt and boy pants. To purchase these items go to my Etsy shop.  Sorry, the little dress and purse are unavailable.

For your own custom children’s and babies items e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com

The photos of Lyla were provided courtesy of Melissa at MelissaRieser.com Thank you so much Melissa!!!!

Little Boy Summer Fun Crab Gift Set

Ahh, little boys and summer-what could be more sweet? This adorable Birthday Gift Box for Her set comes with a mini blanket, a coordinating onesie and hat, a footprint/handprint set and a hand painted personalized notecard. I found many such gift sets on a website online. But I wouldn’t imagine that everyone would be looking for the same gift sets. I’ve found many different kinds of gift sets. You can find them here.

The onesie has a crab and some bubbles along it’s neckline and a crab crawling up the bum on the back of the onesie! The hat has a few crabs and bubbles to match. The crabs are done in a light aqua with a darker teal a bit of lime green and orange.

The coordinating mini blanket has Lincoln’s name done in a dotted wrapped stitch right in it’s center. The framing of the blanket is a soft cotton fabric with blue and the occasional tan dot.The same material is used on the the back of the blanket. Mini blankets are the perfect size for new babies and later as lovies for little ones.

The handprint/footprint set comes with three notecards, 5 watercolor papers-with little hand painted crabs and bubbles on each one, a pot of coordinating paint and a sponge brush.The extra watercolor papers are for-oops-smudges of little hands or feet, or to share extra prints with family members and friends. Each notecard has Lincoln’s name or monogram on it and a label that says 3 months, 6 months and 1 year old, to keep track of just how small those little feet were.

This gift set also includes a hand painted personalized note card with Lincoln’s name on it. The crab was painted in the same colors as the blanket, onesie and hat, and as the handprint/footprint cards.

Welcome to the world little Lincoln!

For your own custom baby gift sets e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or check out my Etsy shop!

Natalie’s Rocking Chair and Cushion

I love the old world European feel of this dainty little rocking chair! The soft white gloss of the chair has a smidge of gilt gold edging, and the back middle of the rocker shows off Natalie’s monogram in a fancy French font. Flanking the monogram are two damaskish flourishes done in the same limey green and raspberry hot pink as the monogram.

But, honestly, the cushion entirely steals the show in my opinion! The stark white of the cushion with the bright raspberry piping-LOVE it!  Natalie’s mom loved the peacock scene from this Serena and Lily bedding.  So, we changed the colors to the fun lime green, raspberry, a bit of  Tiffany blue, and even a touch of gold to coordinate with Natalie’s room. The large flourish above the peacocks is done in the lime green and the raspberry as well. Natalie’s name is nestled between the peacock’s feet and done in a straight stitch in the same fun French font.

What a great first birthday gift-Happy Birthday little Natalie! I hope you enjoy your special rocker!! I know you’ll have a great birthday party-those ice cream lollipops looked too good to wait for! Hopefully big brother Will only had one!

To check out some of my other rocking chairs and cushions click on this link then scroll down to see them!  For your own custom children’s and babies gifts e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com Also check out my Etsy shop !

Double Wide Step Stool

This double wide stool is absolutely one of the best purchases that I have made in a long time! My two guys love to help in the kitchen, serve themselves from the refrigerator and the pantry, and they love being able to do it on their own special stool! I painted this step stool two shades of fun orange-to coordinate with our kitchen walls and chairs. Then we put David (6) and Leonard’s (4&1/2) footprints on the top step, and Cole’s (10&1/2) and Cassie (apprx. 15 human years) and Tiger cat’s (apprx. 3 human years) paw prints on the bottom step on each side of Cole’s footprints. I then sealed the painted prints with an acrylic sealer to help make clean up easier and preserve the prints!

Contact me for your own hand painted step stool-pick your theme and colors, or try it yourself and preserve those little tootsies! E-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com with questions or custom order information.

Corkboard Name Art

These cork boards are fun to make and look cute, too! I found a pack of four of these 12X12 squares at Walmart for 5$. What a deal! I wrote in the names in bubble letters and set to coloring them in with sharpies. I then drew swirlies and funny shapes to fill in the rest of the cork board area. Leonard wanted his in “rainbow” colors, and David wanted to color his in himself! Next, I’m thinking of cutting these up and making cork squares with kid art on them for coasters (for ourselves Christmas gifts!

This would be a great activity for a birthday party or scout meeting. And, how great for your child to be able to put to use one of his (or her) own creations!

Angel baby Sophia

Oh, what a joy to be an Aunt! Baby Sophia’s mommy loves angels-what a perfect excuse for me to make a mini pair of angel wings for this real life little angel!  Daddy Shaun loves the simplicity of his beautiful baby just as she is-nestled in their soft white chair in nothing but her birthday suit! Congratulations Shaun and Rebecca!