“Mommy, I want marshmallows with sprinkles!” said my now 6 year old David. That’s how it all started! We used vanilla melts to start, just melted them according to the package directions, dipped in the marshmallow, then topped it off with sprinkles (we used pretty pastel colored nonpareils). It was literally that easy! Then, we wondered, how would they taste in peanut butter?! Even better! Once they were done and I saw how cute they looked we decided to send them to the special mom’s in our lives for Mother’s Day. We made another set of milk chocolate ones and found some pretty boxes and were sure to include the above photos of my silly guys enjoying the marshmallow treats themselves! (I found the vanilla melts, peanut butter melts, and milk chocolate melts at JoAnn Fabric’s!)

Oh, I can’t forget Leonard’s comment-“Can I have a candle in mine?” Too cute! I thought they looked like little mini birthday cakes! What fun for a special treat at school or for a birthday!

One tip if you’re thinking of doing these-check out the marshmallows carefully before buying them! I got a couple of bags where they were all smushed and they wouldn’t stand up right. It was awfully messy and they didn’t look nearly as cute.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mom’s out there!