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Steve’s Easter Basket-with piggie and beaver!

This Easter basket is definitely my favorite so far! I loved being able to do the bunny sitting under a tree and adding the piggie and the fun beaver on the back. The piggie was added because Steve’s daddy owns a Pork BBQ Restaurant. I hope to get down that way to taste some of that BBQ myself! The beaver was put on the basket to honor little Steve’s grandma who’s nickname was “The Beave” in high school-I never did hear the whole story about that one.

The little brown and ivory bunny sits under a tree done in varying shades of brown in stem stitches. The leaves of the tree are several colors of sage and green in silk ribbon and a few limey green french knot leaf buds. There are several eggs hidden in the grass as well as several bright orange carrots. I love the mommy birdie and baby birdie in the nest on the tree branch above the bunny. There’s even a daddy birdie watching from across the way.  The little piggie is looking up at the daddy bird perched on the top of fence post.

I loved being able to create this basket for little Steve! It was so fun incorporating all of Steve’s mommy’s ideas onto the basket and bringing them into reality. This basket is a snapshot of their family right now and will be a treasured heirloom to last throughout the years. Little Steve’s Grandmommy summed it up best with this statement: “Love doesn’t spoil!” I like her style!

Thanks so much Ashlie for sharing your family with me through the making of this basket. I hope someday to get down to Bill Spoon’s BBQ Restaurant to try out some of your husband’s Eastern North Carolina Style BBQ! Sounds tasty!!!!!

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Baby Shower Easter Basket!

What a fantastic baby shower gift! Something created just for your sweetie-to-be, personalized especially for him or her to bring out year after year!  Baby-to-be Michael’s Aunt is already spoiling him rotten!

Michael’s Easter basket has a little brown and ivory bunny holding an Easter egg in his paw and looking out over Michael’s name which is done in a wrapped dotted stitch in a fun limey green. There are several other Easter eggs scattered before and after his name. The white exterior part of the basket’s liner is framed in a stem stitch done in a teal silk ribbon. The interior liner has a fun geometric diamond shaped print showing off fun browns, blues, and greens. The basket itself is a pale aqua that matches one of the pale blues in the liner.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mommy, I want marshmallows with sprinkles!” said my now 6 year old David. That’s how it all started! We used vanilla melts to start, just melted them according to the package directions, dipped in the marshmallow, then topped it off with sprinkles (we used pretty pastel colored nonpareils). It was literally that easy! Then, we wondered, how would they taste in peanut butter?! Even better! Once they were done and I saw how cute they looked we decided to send them to the special mom’s in our lives for Mother’s Day. After we read this blog here we decided to make another set of milk chocolate ones and found some pretty boxes and were sure to include the above photos of my silly guys enjoying the marshmallow treats themselves! (I found the vanilla melts, peanut butter melts, and milk chocolate melts at JoAnn Fabric’s!)

Oh, I can’t forget Leonard’s comment-“Can I have a candle in mine?” Too cute! I thought they looked like little mini birthday cakes! What fun for a special treat at school or for a birthday!

One tip if you’re thinking of doing these-check out the marshmallows carefully before buying them! I got a couple of bags where they were all smushed and they wouldn’t stand up right. It was awfully messy and they didn’t look nearly as cute.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mom’s out there!

Natalie and Will’s baskets!

Oh my-were these two baskets fun to make!!! What I love the most?! The fact that they actually coordinate with the little girl and guy’s rooms! Natalie has new bedding with a medium pink ric rac and Will’s bedding has a similar plaid! Also, I loved that mommy Karen had ideas of her own to add to the liners-she loves hydrangeas, so we had Natalie’s bunny holding a large hydrangea on her liner and she wanted William’s bunny to hold a basket! I love it! I also love that both baskets obviously go together-the ric rac-one in pink and one in navy, pulls it all together!

Natalie’s outer liner is done in a soft white muslin fabric and shows off a girlie bunny holding a huge hydrangea flower as she is sitting amidst lots of other flower hand embroidered in silk ribbon. There are also a few eggs hiding among the flowers! Natalie’s name is done in a wrapped dotted stitch of a lighter pink and a darker pink in a Harrington font. Funny, this font just makes me think of Peter Rabbit and his escapades-then I noticed that a Peter Rabbit book we had actually has the same font!  Natalie’s inner liner is a gorgeous thicker woven fabric of a Tiffany blue. Mommy wanted a bit of the pink on the inner liner so I added some medium pink flowers done in a lazy daisy stitch with a lighter pink french knot center and some darker pink french knots in between. LOVE it! And, I loved using the wider Tiffany blue satin ribbon ties for the sides. They really went perfectly!

As for William’s liner, his bunny is sitting amidst eggs and carrots and holding a little basket full of more carrots! His eggs coordinate with the navy, green and yellow of his inner liner and his name is done in a navy dotted wrapped stitch in the Harrington font also. Will’s bunny and name are framed in a navy ric rac and he has adorable green buttons with navy cording to hold the liner in place. I love this little basket and liner-it will be perfect for Will for many more egg hunting years to come!

Thanks so much to Karen for all of your great ideas and helping me make these baskets even more perfect for your little ones. And especially for wanting me to make them even though we couldn’t make the Easter deadline for this year.

The perfect Easter basket is a great gift anytime-for new Mommie’s, for that little niece or nephew?! For your own custom heirloom basket e-mail me at shannon@coffeycreationsforkids.com or convo me at my Etsy shop!

Girlie Bunnies

I had to put these little girlie bunnies on here all by themselves! They were too much fun to make-and to be able to coordinate them with their little girls’ baskets-then make them baskets of their own?! Ahhh!!! Thanks so much to Yohonna for allowing me to make these cuties for her sweet little girls!

Each little mini girlie bunny has a silk embroidered hair flower to coordinate with her little girl’s basket. The dresses and mini baskets are made of the same fabrics as the larger basket’s liners. The fun pom poms make the little dresses even more fun! The bunnie’s each also have blue eyes-just like their little girlie owners! Each bunny comes with a soft white cotton yarn pom pom tail-peeking out from their sweet dresses!

I hope you and your girls had a great Easter Yohonna! I loved making their baskets and little girlie bunnies! Thanks again so much!!!

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Natalie and her basket!

Check out this little beauty! I love seeing her grinning with her special Easter basket! Thanks so much for sharing your photo with me Laura! I hope you guys had a great Easter!

This Easter basket is one of my favorites! I love the pretty hot pink floral pattern inside the basket and the matching hand embroidered silk ribbon flowers on the outer liner. The dotted wrapped stitch frames Natalie’s name and the embroidery, and you can’t forget that sweet little bunny holding one of the hot pink flowers! I hope Natalie has lots of fun hunting eggs with this basket every year!

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